Tuesday, May 03, 2011

15 Minutes a Day Challenge

I've discovered there's nothing like almost slicing the top of your finger off to put a crimp in your crafting plans. There hasn't been a lot of sewing going on around here since that unfortunate incident  but I've had a lovely time dreaming about projects and planning. Sometimes it's nice to do that. 

My project for  the paper piecing quilt along is almost done. I haven't decided yet whether this is a wall hanging, new born baby quilt or table topper. Originally this project was going to be 4 full stars but after tracing the templates, cutting the fabric and piecing and sewing another 12 of these blocks to 3/4 finished I realised I had sewn the wrong fabric to piece number 3 on every single block.  Sometimes you have to know when to pack something away to try again another time. Having been introduced to paper piecing I'll definitely try it again at some point with a larger project (and this time I'll number my fabrics !)

The Dresden Blocks have come out of hiding as I contemplate how to attach circles to the centres with the least amount of pain. I keep reading that people do this before they put them on the backing blocks. The fabric I thought I'd use for the centres is not really "right" (far left ) and I set about auditioning and choosing a new fabric. I've decided on the blue because I think that's the most striking of these choices.

I finished another block for the Tis The Season Project. Yes ...those are blind mice. And ironically there are three of them.

The Australian dollar continues to do magical things which surely can't last forever so I felt justified  in indulging in a spot of shopping this past week. I bought backing for future quilts using Verna

 and Wild Thyme

And I treated myself to a fat 8th pack of  40 bits of Collections for a Cause - Faith fabric. I love this line more than anything I've bought since I went Meadowsweet mad about 15 months ago.

And this fabric is for the 'Tis The Season Blocks. And I went to an actual store to buy it!

 I'm on a shopping hiatus for a while now. No.... seriously.

Pop on over to Life in Pieces for the scoop on what other crafty peeps have been up to this week. Thanks for hosting Kate. Barring further unforeseen medical emergencies we'll see what I can come up with for next week!


Sara said...

I love that Wild Thyme fabric - I got a yard about 4 months ago but still haven't worked out what I want to do with it. I'd love to make a quilt using solids in the colours of it too - the brown, pink orange and lime go great together.

Kirsten said...

Love your fabrics. And I honestly don´t like the blue with the dresden plates, I think the pink fabric looks a lot better. But that is just my opinion.
Hope your finger is better really soon!

Brenda said...

Thank goodness you can still shop with your poor finger...

Elizabeth said...

I love your lovely Dresdens! Gorgeous! And if you'd like a suggestion on how to do the center circles, I'm always happy to butt in with advice.

Your paper-piecing quilt-along is really pretty. I love the colors!

Your stitch work is coming right along. Are all your animals blind because you don't know how to do French Knots (lol), or do you have some grand finale planned to wow us all?

Your fabric purchases are so much fun (I'm living vicariously through you, because even though we both have jobs now, things are still pretty tight). I think my favorite is Wild Thyme.

Hope your finger is on its way to being fully functional again.

xo -El

AnnieO said...

Shay, you're making beautiful quilt music even with a gaping wound, love it!

I concur with the blue for the Dresdens.

Sweet blind mice, didn't even need eyes, right?

Yummy fabric! I love all the Collections for the Cause lines. The fabric is such great quality and all the colors lovely.

Michelle said...

Looks like you're getting a lot done in spite of your unfortunate pinky incident! Those Dresden plates are just stunning.

Ack on the paper-piecing snafu. :-(

thea said...

Looks like you still accomplished some crafty goodness inspite of the pinky .. which I presume is on its way to healing (since we didn't get a blog post showing half a pinky).

The paper piecing is really nice .. bummer on the other blocks.

Honestly, for the dresden plates, I wouldn't be able to decide, I think they all look great. Can you do all three? they look kind of cool together.

And, I love the three blind mice .. your stitching looks great. can't wait to see how the quilt comes together.

I see you're up to 90 yds of fabric .. what are you going to do?

Kris said...

The Aussie dollar continues to amaze! I haven't bought anything since it started it's meteoric rise. Too broke, and that looks like continuing for a little while yet so I'm sure it will stay high for a while. (It's the way of things. Murphey's law you know!)

I like the blue too.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Not bad for a woman with half a finger missing!!! I am impressed! Love all your new fabrics. I feel a fabric fix coming on....

Kate said...

The paper piecing looks great, I would never have guessed he fabrics were misplaced. I concur the blue works for the Dresden plates (and not just because it's my favorite color). I see your mice still have their tails, so this must be the "before" the farmer's wife shot. Looks great.

Pretty, pretty fabrics. I'm trying so hard to live vicarously through your fabric purchases. The Hancock's catalog came yesterday! My resistance is getting low.

Looks like you managed to get some stuff done. Are you still on a "no sewing" restriction?

Thanks for linking up to the 15 Minute Challege!

Unknown said...

Your bung finger sure hasn't stopped you shopping ! I hope it heals quickly or just drops off so then you can sew again .

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I'm so happy your paper-piecing experience hasn't been too horrible. (And I have determined this because I have not seen complaints via blog or email!) I'm sorry your finger is still causing issue but well, duh!

Love the fabrics, and I'm always a fan of blue so Ican't disagere with blue for your dresdens if you want an overall soft, antiquey (my new word, shush) feel. However, I do like the red which gives the reds a new flair. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to do it myself but I can see how great it could look.

Anyway, I hope healing progresses fast and good for you for still being so productive. :D

Unknown said...

Your Dresden plates are beautiful and I am also a fan of the blue.

I am really enjoying your stitching! You are doing a great job with it. I have been inspired to pick up needle and thread again! (Thanks for forcing me to start yet another project!!!)

Glad to hear your finger is doing better!

Lisa said...

Love all your fabrics, and as before- those dresdens are awesome! Please be careful so you can get back to sewing. =)

melissa said...

Hope your pinky is feeling better, Im glad you bought the dresdens out of hiding, cant wait to see it finished - its gorgeous no matter what colour you choose.

Im having a giggle at the vows to not buy fabric - yeah right!

Marg said...

I love the Wild Thyme fabric too, but unfortunately when I tried to buy it someone, cough cough, had bought every last inch of it. I hope you didn't buy it all out this time too.
I like the blue sashing with your gorgeous dresdens.
Bummer about the paper piecing blocks that didn't work, maybe you can play around with them and create a different pattern.
You have chosen very pretty fabric for the Tis The Season blocks.

quiltygal said...

Weeeeelllllll look whos been secretly stashing Dresden plates !!! are we going to have a Plate-off!!! ...hope the finger continues to improve ...Glad you are shopping for most of us I have tried to resist as Queensland is looming large ( along with the new kitchen!!)....Will have to get together again pretty soon ....Have a great weekend xxx
PS: I think the blue is good its safe ...not the pink...but that orange/red really makes them pop I say go for that !!!