Friday, May 27, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Blogger is still being selective about which blogs it will deign to let me post comments on so if I haven't  commented on yours lately that's probably because Blogger is holding your blog hostage.  I'm still reading your posts and hoping normal commenting will resume soon.

On to Favourite Things Friday. If you'd like to show off one of your Favourite Things this week -you can. I'd love to have you join us! Just write your own post about a favourite thing and link it up at the bottom of this post so other participants know who to come and visit.

When I was little and I used to visit my Nanna's house I used to marvel at some of her treasures.  She had a huge wooden spoon and fork set attached to the wall and lots of old glassware. She had chenille blankets on the beds and she had lots of pretty vases and crochet rugs. Sometimes she would let us have a cup of tea from tiny little tea cup set she owned. This treat didn't happen very often so we felt very grown up and princess-y when it did.

In my teens and 20's I thought all her "junk" was old fashioned. That was when I was going through my "I'm so trendy  and anything old is stupid and unworthy of my attention" phase.  I thought nobody but ancient  people actually liked doilies and salt and pepper shakers  and tea cups and vintage items.  And I vowed never to collect bric a brac and never ever to have a china cupboard. What's that saying about the impudence of youth?

At some point in my late 30's I got bitten by the vintage bug. I realised that old things can be beautiful and my love of op shopping was born. Very selectively I have since brought loads of old glassware, juicers,  china and crockery into my house.

About 5 years ago I decided to make Sister of Pyjamas a crazy tea set from odds and ends because she likes pretty vintage things.  So I set about collecting old and vintage tea cups, saucers and plates so that she could have her own tea party when ever she wanted.

And somehow during the process some of those tea cup sets made their way into my house. Into my china cabinet.

I've never used them ...and maybe I should.

I just sit and look at how pretty they are

I wonder about the people that owned them before I did

And hope they got as much pleasure from them as I do.

And even though my house doesn't really go with vintage , I think they add a touch of quirkiness to my dining room.

Would anyone like to come over for  high tea at my place just so I have a reason to use them?  I'm sure they don't like sitting in the cupboard being stared at all day.

Lord help me - I've  turned into a grandma. I even think lace doilies are pretty.

Have a fantastic Friday and thanks for dropping by to visit FTF this week.  Only one more day to the weekend and for some of you it's a long one! Happy Memorial Day weekend.


Paulette said...

You can bet that if I lived closer, I would come over for tea and encourage you to break out the pretty teacups. And you are in good company with purging the vintage things. Only about a dozen years ago, I inherited a miscellaneous teacup collection from Norm's parents and gave it all away to the thrift stores. We can't keep everything, Circle of Life (or Thrift), yada yada. I'm glad you have what you enjoy, even if it's just gazing at them. They're very pretty!

Paulette said...

P.S. - Teacups hold wine too, if that makes you feel more subversive and less like a grandma. :)

Marg said...

Hate to point it out to you but you are a "g" well, let's say Bella.
I love your collection of tea cups, they are so pretty. I think my favourite would be the bottom one.
Bitchypoo started collecting them too about a year ago. She has a couple of very pretty ones and a couple of fifties retro cup and saucer sets, very cute.
I love lace doilies and have been snapping them up when I see them at the local op shop, but I have crafting in mind with them, I won't be using them as a doily.

Kristie said...

When I got married, I didn't register for china- too impractical But then I inherited my grandmother's set, and I adore it. My mom and uncle said it was mine as long as I promised to use it, which I do (though not enough) How about I have a tea in it tonight, and you in a long distance tea party??

Larri said...

I love vintage china! I've sworn that one day I will own all sorts of teacups and saucers and dainty little plates that are coordinated mismatch. I'm on the next plane for high tea at your place. :o)

PS...I figured out a way around the blogger comment thingie. Instead of using my Google/Blogger account, I've been using the Name/URL selection with great success. Happy Friday night!

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love all your teacups and I can hear them crying from here. If I was closer I would love to come and have a cuppa or three! China teacups are something I can't resist and I too wonder about their stories. Thanks for brightening my them!

Jennifer said...

What a pretty collection! I can remember when a suitable gift for a girl's 21st birthday was the cup, saucer and plate set.......I'm really old.

Sara said...

It's not been a very good month for blogger has it?

I don't really ever drink anything out of teacups/coffemugs, but I recently ordered a heap of custom mugs with rude captions on them, so I'm trying to use them occasionally. They may not be as pretty, but everybody loves a "your mum" joke in the morning.

My weekend's a long one and I don't even have to be in the states for it! Lucky me!

thea said...

Not a good month for blogger at all!

Love the tea cups. I have a collection that used to be my grandmother's, but I need a hutch or china cupboard or someplace to display them.

Thanks for the great FTF! As soon as I can, I'll get mine out and use them.

Wish I could stop by for tea, maybe some day.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Hooray it let me comment :-)
Lovely tea sets, I love having a proper cup of tea out of real china and a teapot.....shall you be mum?

Kate said...

I'm hoping Blogger will let me comment. Beautiful tea cups. My sister has quite the collection, so I go enjoy hers when the urge to start my own strikes.

I'd love to come for high tea, just give me lots of time to get there!

Kirsten said...

Well and I thought I was doing something wrong not being able to comment!
Love those tea cups. My Grand Ma owned a whole set of different ones - wonder where they are?

Mistea said...

Those pretties sure remind me of Granny - she only ever drank tea from a cup and saucer, and the tea was always made in the pot.

Enjoy your little tea party.

Mistea said...
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seabreezequilts said...

i have all my nana's cups from when I packed up pop's house when he moved into the Age Care Hostel. Must have a tea sometime, would love to collect some more but I don't really have any room to store them. Lovely FTF.

Kris said...

Well, I am hoping blogger lets me comment. I've been having problems this evening. I want to come for hot milo at your place Shay! I love your cups. They could be my favourite things without much persuading at all!

Unknown said...

Oh gosh, those cups reminded me of the ones we used to use for baby or wedding showers in the early 60s. do you do that in Australia? We now of course drink wine instead of the teas or coffees.
There were boxes and boxes of tea cups, saucers and cake plates that one person got to store after each shower. Some real beauties, although nowadays, if it isn't dishwasher proof, no one collects these precious items. I have made candles using the teacups. The do look lovely as the porcelin glows.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

I'm commenting and officially signed in - yay!

I love your teacups - our girls love tea parties. If we all come for tea, can we have scones with lemon curd and cream?

I think vintage is timeless - I love the bohemian feel of old things -

great favorite, Shay!

Elizabeth said...

First, about the commenting: are you getting a message saying 'cookies disabled' or something like that? If you are, close the pop-up (or hit the back arrow if they don't have pop-up comments) and then hit the comment link again and you should be able to leave a comment.

Second, Oh my heck! My grandma and grandpa had a huge wooden spoon and fork set attached to the wall too. Well, actually it was the door that lead from the kitchen to the basement. But that is crazy!

Your teacups are so pretty. #2, #4 and #7 are my favorites. And I'll definitely be over for the tea party.

xo -El

Susan Entwistle said...

You've got a beautiful collection of cups and saucers. I think you should use a different one every day.

Deb said...

Just tell me the date and I'll drink tea with you from a distance in my teacups which sit and look at me beautifully in our china cabinet also.
I love old teacup sets, mine where all my Nan's and Mum's. Very special in my heart but it is sad to not use them, you're right.

AnnieO said...

Aren't we glad our tastes change over time? So happy you rescued all the lovely teacups and saucers. Charm and beauty grace your dining room (apart from your own, natch)

melissa said...

Yep! i will be over and will bring the scones and other tasty morsels! Your tea sets are gorgeous wouldnt it be lovely to get them out and have a little tea party!? That sounds like fun! Ive got a couple of tea cup sets and my kids sometimes ask to have a cup of tea in them, they are so careful with them and sip there tea with their pinky sticking out - its very cute!

Have a great weekend Shay!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty teacups! :) I can totally relate to your vintage story. I recently found some great vintage teacups from an opshop but I felt they would be far too neglected at my place since I don't even drink tea! :)