Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adventures in Shopping and Amazing Events

It's been raining here. This has been the view from the front of my house for most of the day. Dreary, rainy and cool. Autumn has hit with a vengeance.

I met up with Sara yesterday morning for our shopping expedition to Spotlight. Sara and I have a lot in common. Since I don't have the maturity a woman my age should and Sara has the maturity of someone older than she is - it worked out about even.  Meeting people from the Internet can be fraught with danger. For example Sara was hoping I wasn't a 50 year old guy called Irving who owned a trench coat and I was hoping she wasn't a serial killer. Neither of us were what the other was hoping we weren't and we got down to the business of gossiping and drooling over the fabric bolts at Spotlight pretty quickly.
When I walked into  the quilting section it seemed there was a lot less full of fabric on the shelves than usual. That's because Sara had already chosen about 324 bolts  to take to the counter to purchase. I thrust a diagram at Sara and blurted out something like "Ooga Booga" and some other stuff that sounded like Norwegian Arabic and she understood perfectly and broke out that cool maths brain of hers. Who knew she was multi lingual? It normally takes years for people to learn Shay-ese. Anyway once Sara had worked out how much fabric I needed I started to look at fabrics.  I was being quite indecisive because if it isn't in a fabric range people - I am a complete ditherer.  Eventually after about an hour I made my choices.

As we staggered up to the counter (It took two trips -I am not joking) the sea of waiting people parted and looked at us in horror. There was a general melee while people dashed to the numbers you have to take to get served , obviously realising if they got stuck behind us they would have no hope of getting home before dark. Sara rugby tackled an 80 year old lady to the ground to get poll position and we took great pleasure in holding up that line for about 45 minutes.

OK - the rugby tackle was a bit of poetic licence but seriously - she had so much fabric people were staring and one lady couldn't help coming to ask what Sara was actually making. I guess when you look like you're about to collapse under the weight of that much fabric people are curious about what you're up to. My 6 bolts looked pissy by comparison.  Yes I bought some fabrics. Yes I blamed Sara when I got home. And yes,  I blamed Becks as well since this was for her quiltalong.  

Then we  hit Lincraft so I could get some more fabrics. More hilarity ensued, more fabrics were bought along with books I don't need except for the pretty pictures  and then we went for lunch. I had chicken breast fillets and chips in case you're interested.  It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday. Thank you Sara. You are everything I thought you'd be but even better.

So this was the damage for the day...

Fabrics from Lincraft and Spotlight for the Paper Piecing Quiltalong

Books from Lincraft (Crazy Bargains!)

I finally splurged and bought  a new cutting mat ...and some new backing for the long dormant Christmas quilt because I don't like the idea of  spots anymore.

Sara also brought me these gorgeous fabrics  from her personal stash.  I've already started making something with them. I can't resist repro fabrics.  In honour of Sara, who can make a quilt out of just enough fabric so that there is only about a quarter of an inch left over after cutting ...I am making something out of this fabric and am vowing to have a minimum of fabric left over instead of my usual 3 metres. I'm going to try and use every possible scrap. And also in honour of Sara I'm going to make this quilt as fast as I can.

In other amazing news, Miss P came for a sleepover so we've had the pleasure of her company for much of the weekend.  Yesterday she asked me how I make the carrots I'm doing for Easter and decided without begging , cajoling or interference from me to give one a go herself. MY DAUGHTER DID CRAFT! Today, I walked into the lounge room to see her doing another one. Here's the proof! 

It is with huge pride I show you this finished collaborative project made by Miss P and Mrs. P -Easter Carrots 

Honestly , seeing her with a needle in her hand almost gave me a heart attack. (but made me very proud of her at the same time ) There may be hope for her after all.

May the craft be with you.

P.S. I know you're wondering what I did this weekend aside from shopping. I did a lot of sewing but honestly this post is wayyyyyyyy too long already. I'll be back Tuesday to share.


Sara said...

You were the first person I've ever met from the internet, and honestly, I'm gunna have to meet a damn lot of people before I meet anyone better.

Thankyou for not being a creepy guy in a trench coat. I'm gunna finish eating my reheated chinese that I lugged all the way home from Adelaide (eaten 4 times in 3 days. what the hell will I have for tea tomorrow? I don't want to go back to other foods...) and get to photographing all the fabrics I bought. I got some more today too, so it could take a while.

Kris said...

Meeting people from the internet IS the best! Glad you two had such a great day. Sara has an excellent stash if the fabrics she gave you are anything to go by.

Oh. I had forgotten all about that Lincraft book sale! Tempted to go there now.

And well done to Miss P. Not just crafting, but using a needle even! So impressed. Your carrots are very eastery!

I look forward to Tuesday's post!

Quiet Quilter said...

You have such a way with words..I can imagine what went on that you Didn't tell!

Glad you had fun..

Sarcastic Quilter said...

OMG! If I knew Sara was such a math wiz, I'd have had her figure out the quilt along fabric requirements. As it is, she may be full of horror at the amount of pieces left over. I feel the need to apologize, Sara, it's only b/c I don't want people to worry about positioning little pieces while trying to learn paper-piecing. That's what makes us lose in the battle to convert more to this method! :D

Sounds like a great day full of fun. LOVE the pink fabrics and looking forward to seeing your work.

As for repro prints, I'm a sucker too! I've been hording 20s & 30s prints for a super special quilt for myself. I expect to finish it sometime in 2050.

Kate said...

Sounds like an you and Sara had an excellent adventure.

Love all your carrots and what fun that Miss P decided to help. If Kiddo decided to make anything, I'd have a heart attack too. She only enters my sewing room if she absolutely has too!

Bonnie said...

It sounds like a great day, wish I could have been there. Your Christmas backing fabric is fabulous. I also love repro fabrics and those are delicious. Have fun fabricating!!

take the cake said...

Sara is bad news when it comes to fabric shopping, she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it and now Shay has also seen the damage she can truely do. She is no light weight when it comes to fabric, I dont even know how she can choose the fabric, there are honestly so many numbers in her head her eye sockets must be like a calculator but she does it and she does it so well. She also does it with the quirkiest reasoning I have ever heard, she is truely a funny, creative and truely gifted individual. I just wish she wasnt so good at maths because now I dont see any of her leftover scraps which of course I treasure like a magicically apearing stash, I dont really quilt but I love to create other things & Sara's off cuts were like treasure that is now truely missed. Shay Im so glad you two have now met in real life and Im glad she dosnt live in the same town as you because Mr P would divorce you because you and Sara would be unstopable.
Cant wait to to what you make with the new stash.

take the cake said...

PS: Forgot to say I love the carrots, I have made about 20 for playgroup this week but I just use green ribbon for the stalks, they have to be handled by lots of little kids and I wanted to make sure they would be tough but Im going to make some with the fabric leaves for my own kids even though they are only babies yet but well Mummy likes them.
I taught Sara to make things when she was little so I know exactly how you feel when your Miss P was caught in the act of crafting. Do you think she will catch the bug? There is a lot of fabric food out there that needs to be made she could get addicted =)

Anonymous said...

The carrots are looking great - fab look of concentration on your daughters face. Sounds like you had a blast :-)

Kirsten said...

Sounds like the two of you had a fabulous day. I love meeting people from the Internet. Met three or four so far and always had a blast. Your fabrics are wonderful and say Hello to your daughter, I´m proud of her, my daughter wouldn´t touch a needle

AnnieO said...

Now that is a meetup of quiltastic proportions! Wish I had been there to see the sea of shoppers part :) Love your quiltalong fabrics, they are gorgeous. And you know I'm not a pink girl!

The carrots are really adorable.

I see Miss P is wearing the new yellow nail polish?

thea said...

Sounds like you two had a wonderful time! I would have loved to hear what all the ladies were saying at the store -- must have been quite amusing. The fabrics are all great! and the carrots too!

seabreezequilts said...

Big sigh of relief that Sara wasn't an axe murder, I would say all of the quilting bloggers I have met have turned out to be kindred spirits one way or another. I spoke to Squid on Saturday night from Pirie and she told me all about Better Homes and Gardens that she watched and how they made this cool thing (which I didn't quite understand) that she was excited about and we have to buy the magazine to get the details. I think the thing with craft is you need to get the young(from birth if possible) but maybe this will be the beginning of craftyness in Miss P. Suppose i had better get of my butt make lunches and put a bit of poly on the face but I think I could stay home today and potter.

Paulette said...

How fun! I am drooling over your fabrics for the quilt along, Shay. After I bought mine and went on Flickr to upload a pic, I saw the other designs I hadn't seen before (dammit). Are you making that pink version?

Yay, for Miss P's craftiness! I love all those carrots!

Shay said...

Cake...I couldnt believe her maths brain. She just whips out the numbers - very impressive.

I seriously doubt Miss P is going to become a crafting goddess and am not getting my hopes up we'll be making quilts together next week or anything. However stranger things have happened.

Naturally I meet Sara now that I dont live where she lives now. I dont suppose though she would have been that interested in fabric shopping at age 12...

Marg said...

I'm so pleased to know that I haven't been emailing a 50 ydr old guy called Irving. It's great Sara got to check you out first before we meet, lol. Also pleased Sara isn't a serial killer.
I love your fabric choices for the piecing, we all might have to borrow Sara's brain in future to work out fabric requirements. I would so liked to have been at Spotlight to see you two scaring everybody.
Miss P has such a look of concentration there, isn't it great she showed some interest in making the carrots, which by the way look absolutely awesome. I love the different fabrics you've used for them.
Looking forward to Tuesday's post to hear about the rest of your weekend.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

I LOVE the bunch of carrots you and Miss P made :) They are adorable.

It sounds like a terrific weekend!

vawriter said...

Oh, how fun...and I don't even craft! I do, however, like to lunch.

Your carrots are too cute for words. I'd ask how you do them, Shay,
but I know me too well. I should ask if I can buy some!

Elizabeth said...

I love those pinks and browns! Beautiful!

Your shopping adventure sounds like so much fun! And I love those repro fabrics from Sara.

And finally, I said it before, but I'll say it again: Those carrots are sew darn cute! Love them! Orange is a great color. That is fun that Miss P got in on the action!

xo -E

Kirsten's Cooking said...

awwww, love the bonding you are Miss P had in the newly revamped quilting room!

So glad you and sara had fun. If we ever meet in person, I will warn you that I have no math capabilities. or sewing. or crafting.

I simply cannot wait to see the recap of your time with Marg - there had better be pictures!

Lisa said...

Breanna & Levi REALLY like your carrots. =)

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

That is so great to meet people from online, it takes your friendship to a whole different level. Glad you two had a blast, and got to shop like crazy too. Those carrots look good enough to eat! How adorable!

Brenda said...

I'm sure you have a trench coat somewhere you could have pulled out. Sounds marvelous and so proud of Miss P and your collaboration.