Friday, March 18, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Welcome to Favourite Things Friday.

I'll be amazed if someone from the other side of the world doesn't put up an FTF post about Spring this week , so I'm filing a counter post about the Joys of Autumn.
Yes- it’s definitely Autumn. Despite the fact we didn't actually have a real summer here this year. That's the way the seasons roll.They happen regardless. Autumn where I live still means temps of around 27C (70F). The mornings are crisp and clear. The nights are cool but not yet freezing.

The leaves are starting to turn, which will mean sweeping for me since we have two huge trees in our backyard. It also means Indy will spend 6 hours a day waiting for leaves to fall , run up and bark at a single leaf  and then return to his standing spot until the next leaf falls. This will occur daily until about June.

Last night I thought  about turning on the electric blanket for my bed. There's nothing like getting into a warm bed on a cool night.

Embracing Autumn means comfort food. Roasts and casseroles, pies, puddings and soups. Autumn usually means yummy food full of flavour , slow cooked and with lots of delicious ingredients.

I'm discovering things in my wardrobe that have been neglected for months and got quite excited by the thought of a "new" wardrobe of clothes to wear. 

And it wont be long before I need one of these  ...

I have at least 5 winter coats. One for every day of the week.

I'm starting  to think about puffy marshmallows and hot chocolate.

And last night  after not wearing shoes at home  since about November, I dragged out the yeti boots . My feet were cold.

Football season is about to start here , which means I'm about to be subjected to Mr. P watching 8 games of football each and every week. That translates to 24 hours of uninterrupted quilting time!

Autumn means making the most of the sunny days that are left before we hunker down to an Aussie winter. It means rugging up under home made quilts in a warm lounge room. It means increasingly rainy days and glorious displays by mother nature. It means country walks and Sunday pub lunches in the country. What's not to love?

So what's your Favourite Thing this week? Link up and share it with us!


Sara said...

I'm already using my electric blanket... but that said, it's colder down here.

I'm just about to leave the coldness... See you tomorrow!

Jeni said...

I'm looking so forward to winter this year....yes plenty of quilting thats for sure

Larri said...

If I had those adorable yeti boots, I'd want Autumn to be here right now! Great favourite, Shay.

I don't have an electric blanket, but have always wanted one. Wonder if I could talk DH into one this year? He fears burning down the house with it!

Nana B said...

It is hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea that you celebrate Christmas in the summer and that June, July and August are your winter. Th fall, whatever month it may be in, is my favorite time of the year

rubyslipperz1052 said...

my "linky" is about some of my favorite mugs...each one has it's story to tell. =)


Marg said...

You've just depressed me as none of that's going to happen here for another couple of months. It's still warm and humid here. We had a couple of cooler nights a week ago. Cooler means about 19C, not having to have the ceiling fan running and not having to kick the sheet off in the middle of the night because you are too hot. Last night it was about 23C.
We haven't had a particularly hot summer here, but it has been warm and humid for months now, I would love to have some cooler weather and no rain.
Just wait, I'll be whining when it gets cold though.

Char said...

You're right we will be celebrating Spring this weekend. But I for one can do without Summer. That's what happens when you turn a certain age and you already have your own private Summers.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

" It means country walks and Sunday pub lunches in the country" Really? Really???????

You walk? -wink- Just teasing!

i'm going to have to start watching some Futball so I can harrass Mr. P. What team does he like again? I think it's important I root against them just for the fun of it.

I love autumn, even though it does set my allergies against me. Spring is never so bad, autumn could kill me. Go figure.

LOVE the Yeti boots!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Whats not to love!!! I look forward to the colder months (although we only get a few) so I can get to wear my cowboy boots.....winters favourite footwear...and jeans and if I am lucky a cardigan too :-)

thea said...

I didn't realize it was almost spring .. the weather here is so constant that I don't really notice the seasons. It's still cool enough some nights to use the electric blanket -- actually sometimes it's cool enough in the middle of summer.

I miss the smell of fall and the leaves, fires in fireplaces, and crisp cool weather. Your walks and the pub sound wonderful.

Paulette said...

I love your yeti boots, and your winter coat with the pink lining. I think I love the in-between seasons best, both spring and fall. Happy Friday!

Jennifer said...

Leaves have started turning here, and today I noticed that some are falling - yay! Summer is definitely (and hopefully) over.

Mrs A said...

yup,looking forward to the AFL too
and wearing a jumper for a change!

Kirsten said...

Well seems you didn´t quite give summer the righr directions to my place. It is still cold over here and I heat the oven almost daily. But the first small plants are starting to ocme out of the ground. So one day we´ll have warmer weather, too.
Great favourite though...autumn is almost as cool as spring

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. It conjures warm and fuzzy thoughts. Although the transition from Winter to Spring here in central Ontario makes our town very drab the prospect of what is to come cheers the soul. Have a wondrous day.
Helen (Nanci's PT)

Angie said...

And here I am thinking 'thank goodness there isn't frost on the windshield this morning!'. Oh and I. WANT. THOSE. BOOTIES!!!

Unknown said... in Canada we are warming up, starting to shed boots scarves and heavy jackets. If the post wasn't so expensive, we could exchange winter for summer clothes!
You made it sound romantic...yuck I hate winter!

Kate said...

Autumn is an awesome time of year. The leaves are cool and so is crock pot comfort food. I think you covered all the neat stuff about autumn. Except the winter coat stuff, I don't like winter coats!

Leanne said...

The weather has been magnificent hasn't it. I do like summer though and I really hate winter.

Katie said...

autumn huh? It's spring here. Well enjoy it.

Elizabeth said...

While Spring is and always will be my favorite, I do like autumn as well, for a lot of the reasons you listed -- snuggling up warm at home, hot chocolate, comfort foods. Definitely some favorites here.

xo -El

P.S. That brown coat is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Here I am anxiously awaiting summer, thinking about buying a bike now that littleb is big enough to ride without someone walking along beside him, and now you've got me thinking about stew, casseroles, lovely autumn walks and pub lunches. Still wearing my thick socks and coats, so not really missing those yet. Or football season.

Brenda said...

Sounds wonderful! Enjoy it!