Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Unusually Quiet Weekend

It has been a much quieter week/weekend  than usual. Not much actually got finished.You'd think that would make this a short post right? Nuh huh...

I participated in FNSI and  finished 50 Windmill blocks.
My pantry shelves are in.  I am one happy camper. This is where three hours of my weekend went. Making my pantry look pretty and carting everything in from the linen cupboard.  Now I'm itching to get the door done because I think it will look so unique.

Mr. Palm Sander and I had a date with the door this weekend. This picture is practically porn because the door is now completely naked. I started the sanding and Mr. P finished it. As Mr. P pointed out to me I loosened the paint for him so his bit was easy. Repairs next. Then painting.

I bought new cushions for the guest room which I just realised don't photograph anywhere near as beautifully as they look. Frugality and my inability to pass up a bargain won out. I got these for 65% off. They scream French Boudoir. You will also notice I am thinking positively about having a guest room at some point in the not too distant future. When I do, you're all invited to come and stay. At the same time. Wouldn't that be fun?

On the "I'll-reclaim-my-guest-room-back-someday" train of thought,  Miss P and I went to look at some houses for rent. Fingers crossed. I also want everyone to cross their toes, their eyes and any other body parts you may have that are that flexible. 

I decided to start  a fabric inventory after I went insane Saturday night and bought 33 yards of fabric online. Damn you excellent Aussie dollar! (insert fist shaking here )  I swear no alcohol was involved. It's time to face facts. I have an addiction.  I'm wondering if I could put myself on a small fabric budget for 2011 and actually stick to it. It's an interesting thought. I still don't have as much as some of you and consoled Mr. P with this thought when I informed him we wouldn't be eating for the next two weeks.  

The leadlight feature windows for the kitchen window got painted by Mr. P after I sanded them. This is in the pre -state. It's insane to me that I sanded these, to have them painted and now I'm waiting for the paint to dry so I can sand bits off again...Madness I tell ya . Madness.

I started another  project...

Crafty posts may get a bit cryptic between now and the end of the year since I decided half the gifts I give this year have to be handmade. How many of you have Etsy stores?  Handmade doesn't mean  I have to make it and I'll need to hook up with some crafty peeps to save my bacon. I'm heading down to the Marion Life Market next weekend to do some handmade shopping to get me started.

I watched some episodes of this while I continued binding little P's quilt ...I love me some 90's drama and this show brings back such memories. I'm at the part where Jane has slept with everyone on the show and has had so much drama happening there was nothing else left for her character so they wrote her out. Kimberley is dying for about the third time but this time it's for real, Michael just married a prostitute, Kyle's wife is really Peter's ex sister in law except nobody else knows, Amanda is still a bitch, and Alison thinks she's pregnant. Billy is still a dork. See...just like real life. It was good escapism.

I hope your weekend has been fantastic and your week is even fantastic-er.

Last thing- Suzanne at Colorado Lady is looking for scraps to make a quilt with thousands of pieces. 2 inch squares and you don't have to cut them. You can just send her scraps.  Pop on over and let Suzanne know if you can lend a hand. Suzanne is one of the loveliest people in the blogosphere and was one of the first people who ever started reading the mad ravings of a girl who quilts in her pyjamas.

P.S. And I finally caved in today and washed my hair in boiled kettle water hanging over the bath. It was nice to wash my hair. I think cooties were living in there.


Kirsten said...

Hey you`ve been busy again. All that sanding - I don't envy you, but I'm sure the window and the door will turn out just great.
Are you sure you want all of us to come and see you?? I might come back on that offer, once my children move out and I finally have a little more money :-))

Lisa said...

Well, geez. Either house is nice, but the fountain one is just so fancy. I think fancy should always win over understated classy. Your new pillows would match the fountain one SO much better.

BTW- those pillows are AWE.SOME.

I don't see a problem with the new fabric. It really is an investment. I bet some of that will get like the Flea Market Fancy and start selling for $50 a yard. You could sell just a few yards and pay for all the rest. Although, if it goes that high, who would sell $50/yard fabric that you got SO much cheaper? Talk about a deal.

Anonymous said...

Great post!! My mind is trying to take in your super busy weekend of stocked pantries, naked doors and painted/sanded/painted windows :0)

Fab houses and cushions. Thanks for popping by from FNSI x

Michelle said...

That's your idea of a quiet weekend? You've got a lot done. :-)

Pantries are one of my favorite things (don't know if my new house has one--but that's another story). Yours looks beautifully arranged. And the door is coming right along.

When you get your guest room, I'll be there as soon as they invent a transporter so I can "beam in" like they do on Star Trek. If I could travel like that, I wouldn't hesitate. One day though if I do get in my head to take a big trip, Australia is number one on my list.

As for the fabric...., well you know what a fabricaholic I am, and I'm an enabler too, so I say "Way to go girl!" ;-)

AnnieO said...

I favor the second house for Miss P and Little P. It has the friendly half circle drive which is so important.

33 yards, eh? Well, that's only equal to about three or four quilt backs so I think you're safely in the lower range of addiction. It's mostly in check, you just have a flare up every once in awhile.

Love the pantry progress! Do you really have that much light in there? Fantastic. Also the door and window--can't wait to see the finals.

Kate said...

Sounds like a whirlwind weekend. Great pantry. It will look very cool when you get the door done.

I think I'm in Holiday denial. At least you've gotten far enough to know what you are looking for.

I'm right there were with you on the fabric budget idea. Is there an on-line chapter of Fabraholics Anonymous?

seabreezequilts said...

OOH we have had cooties this holidays and it aint fun especially seeing's my son won't sit still for the treatment I don't even want to think about the squid getting them. 33 yards of fabric that is a pretty good spend up, I have about 10 yards sitting in a shopping cart waiting for pay day couldn't resist.

Marg said...

I love your idea of a quiet weekend.

The pantry is looking great, I love the door, I think it will look awesome.
I love love love the cushions, I can't wait to stay in the French Boudoir.
Do you think Miss P will be happy with either of those houses, maybe something bigger?
More sanding? When will you ever finish sanding? I think your sanding addiction is worse than your fabric addiction.
Love the orangey goodness of your new project.

There are some really amazing tutorials on Moda Bakehouse that you could use to make some different/unusual quilty presents. You can always come to the Eumundi Markets for handmade goodness, there's plenty of that here.

Melrose Place? Are you serious?????????????

Anonymous said...

And that is your "quiet weekend"? Wow. Your pantry looks exactly like mine except neater. And with a nicer door. Eventually. But my favorite thing? I mean favourite thing? I love those windows!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and houses. I like the first one. You could have a nice sleeping porch up there on the second floor. Fingers are crossed.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Yay for the aussie dollar!!! I just added to my wool stash (now that is a serious addiction) and some nice books too! Used the birthday money to start with and then added some, all birthday money to hubby tho... LOL!

LOVE those cushions and the escapism :-)

Unknown said...

It makes me mad that the American dollar is not worth much! Perhaps I should send my money to you and you could buy me fabric! (I know that wouldn't really work - but it was a good thought) I love house hunting and would love to go with you to look for houses! I think I would have a hard time letting Miss P and Baby P go away!

I noticed the Vegemite in the cabinet!

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who writes blog posts where the reader feels like she/he has run a marathon by the end! All your productivity is inspiring. Although, I'm pretty sure there is never a time when you can justify buying 33 yards of fabric at one time. Sorry, can't back you up on that one. Enjoy your two-minute noodles...

Elizabeth said...

If Miss P decides not to go with that first house, the white one with the pretty balconies, let me know. I may decide to take it.

Also, you are a complete liar. You said it was a quiet weekend. My busy weekend doesn't even stand knee-high to your giant of a weekend. I can't believe all the sanding and painting you get up to. Or the fact that Mr. P helps. He's awesomer than Superman.

I love that fall quilting project you started. Those are beautiful fabrics.

xo -El

Kris said...

Oh my goodness, you HAD to mention cooties! Now my head is itching! (Whenever we have school kids here we have cooties. Most of my kids are mostly homeschooled. Best advantage of homeschooling? Zero cooties.)

Pretty flash houses, of course nothing is too good for your grandson!

I think you got heaps done. I, on the other hand, just went for a drive.

lw said...

I went to the Pacific International Quilt Festival over the weekend and added several yards to my stash without the excellent excuse of a strong dollar. On the other hand, I never cashed in my last $70 Australian; it's probably worth more than I paid for it last September...hmmm...maybe I can get more fabric...

Kirsten's Cooking said...

You're making us all look bad - we have a neighbor on our street that makes all the men look bad - he starts and finishes all his projects in one weekend - you're like him. But, in a not annoying way!

I'm insanely jealous of your pantry! I have about ten cabinets and maybe the attic steps if I get really, really desperate.

I'm with the previous poster, "Melrose Place"? :)

So glad you finally have hot water....I guess you take basic necessities for granted until you don't have them!

Enjoy your week

susan@tickledpaisley said...

Wow - both those houses are amazing! Keeping all flexible body parts crossed for you! Cracking up about Melrose Place and happy that you were able to wash your hair in hot water!

Paulette said...

That cryptic crafty and gorgeous thing you're making is for me, right? No? Okay, be that way. I still like you.

Can't wait to see the painted pantry door and all put together. I have to get to painting myself this week, the bathroom cupboard. I'm a little skeered!

Brenda said...

Your pantry looks fab and I can't wait to see what you cool door looks like - what a great idea! I can't believe you finished 4700 blocks on Friday! I've been working on 4 blocks for 2 days now and I'm almost done with them! I need some good trashy TV to watch downstairs too...

Crunchy Diva said...

i enjoyed the door porn hope that baby is all covered up ETSY is GREAT!!! i buy from there as much as i can.