Monday, October 04, 2010

A Long Weekend

Important stuff first.

Happy Birthday Mother of Pyjamas. You are the awesome-est mother in the universe. Really. I'm truly amazed you've survived everything I've thrown at you over the years but it's way cool the universe picked you out to be my Mum. Love you. xoxo. It's my Mum's 39th birthday today, which is a neat trick because I'm 44. I'm starting to think I might be adopted...

So this week, I finished all the string blocks for Indy and Lola's quilt.

So, I pushed on and made the top up. Don't look too hard - there are plenty of places the seams don't line up but Indy and Lola aren't quilt critics so it's all good. It's not as puckery as it looks - we're having beautiful spring weather so it was been blown by a gentle breeze. That being said this quilt wont win any sewing prizes. 

Finished the pin up board. Decided to go with the au natural look instead of ribbon.

This is where I sit when I'm communing with y'all. (I'm practicing speaking American today- how'd I do ?) This vista will have a lot more flow  when the computer room re-do is done. At the moment it's a hodge podge of furniture.

Close up Mr. De Mille. I'm pretty happy with it.

Primed the desk drawers and did some more sanding. These are  the drawers in various states of naked-ness. Ever closer to a finish but it wont be happening anytime in the next week or anything so don't get too excited. I'll tell you when.

THE BLACKWOOD CHAIR is finished. Maybe now we can stop talking about it in capitals. I'm waiting for the paint to harden properly before I bring it in and show it off.

I re-upholstered this chair. Ridiculously easy. Took about 30 minutes.

The chair re-do cost zero dollars since I already had the fabric left over from the ottoman re do and got the chair from freecycle for nada.

Got all the windmill blocks all sewn together into pairs (There were 100 pairs. I made Miss P count them this morning with a hangover because I am not a nice mother, apparently I'm a torturer. )Now I need to cut 50 more.

And that's it for this week. You'll notice I bombed on some of last weeks goals. Little P's quilt remains unbound and my mug rugs haven't been touched. Just proving I'm human....

Come back tomorrow. I'm going to cough up that sausage roll recipe someone asked me for months ago as atonement for my perfidy.

Have a great week! (I ate a whole pack of Oreo's while writing this post and feel quite ill...)

P.S. Did I mention I got stabbed this week at work by a darning needle (in the arse if you don't mind ) and had to go to the doctor for a tetanus shot and of course he wanted to look at my wound and I was wearing manky undies again and I really need to get out and buy some new undies because that's twice I've been caught out in a month ?


Kirsten said...

Wow...I'm the you get so many things sewn in just one week? All I managed to do is cut out some frustrate me :-))
I like the string there a pattern somewhere??
And I know how you feel after having eaten all those oreos. I found some here in Germany for the first time in years and ate a whole pack saturday night..wasn't really a good idea:-)

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...





seabreezequilts said...

Happy Birthday Mother PJ. Must be that generation my Mum stay 39 for quite some time. Glad you have had a productive weekend. Though mine hasn't been productive it seems we have turned the corner on the crappyness that has pervaded us for a couple of weeks.

Shevvy said...

String quilts are all about the fun, not the perfection!
Love that black and white fabric on the chair, pinboard etc.
Happy birthday Mum of P.

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday PJ's Mummy! everyone knows there are no numbers after 39......ouch about the bum......definitely need those new undies.

Marg said...

Happy Birthday Mum of PJ.

Wow you are always so busy. Love the black and white fabric, it is all coming together really well. When on earth did you have time to make the windmill blocks?

I think Selleys spakfilla would have been better than mod podge, mwah ha ha ha.

Kate said...

WOw! You are one very productive lady. I'm doing good if I get laundry done on the weekend! Love the string quilt. Very bright and colorful. The chair is great too, very dramatic.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the chair redo. Absolutely LOVE it!. Unfortunately, my browser didn't want me to look at yoru quilting pictures so it wouldn't show them to me. :( Must be string envy.

Kris said...

Such a showoff! I love it though, it gives me hope that one day I might do something too! Love all your stuff! Keep doing it and posting it so I can dream!

Mistea said...

Good to see there are not too many distractions while you are talking to us!

Gorgeous string quilt - Lucky Lola and Indy. If I keep seeing all these gorgeous sting quilts around I may even get the one I started X years ago and moved many times out of the cupboard and finish it?

Love the chair - even better it was nix.

And I'm confused about the numbers the other week you told us you were 30 something?

Lisa said...

Well. You have been a busy lady!! Do you sleep? Do you snort cocaine?

I love how the board turned out. You and I must have some parallel universe thing going on because I am in the middle of a desk and chair (and table) redo.

You always make my day- funny girl. :0)

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Happy birthday momma pyjamas!

The chair turned out looking pretty cool as did the bulletin board.

Indy and Lola will love the quilt. Heck, I love it!

Well done regardless of a few missed goals.

Brenda said...

You are amazing! I love your string quilt - are Indy and Lola your DOGS???? Who is running around your work with a darning needle? Do you work in a sweat shop - he he. Relax, would ya!

AnnieO said...

But I thought that YOU were Australian Mother of The Year!! HB to your mum anyway :)

Well done on your goal reaching for the week. I didn't write any of mine down so therefore didn't have to meet any.

That American you are practicing only happens in Texas and many parts of the South. Out west here we don't use that verbiage. Nor do they in the East, North, and Northeast. It's a big country!

Manky, eh?

Kirsten's Cooking said...

I'm so glad we can live vicariously through you : I hope I never get stabbed by a needle or have to do all of that creative work - I'd just break sewing machine after sewing machine.
great job on all of your projects! I love the Indy and Lola quilt - it's very reminiscent of some of the antique quilts from my area.

Elizabeth said...

Mrs. P., you are one amazing chook. I'm practicing speaking Aussie today. How's I do? As for your American, that was a great use of y'all but it doesn't really go with communing. But points for using y'all.

I love the chair re-cover! That is awesome and the Ottoman is awesome too. They go with the bulletin board, which is, in a word, awesome.

I'm pretty much still in awe that you made a string quilt for your dogs. You are amazing (I said that already. Note to self: get a thesaurus). I love dogs, but I'm not that nice. I think it turned out so pretty! All lovely and patchy and colorful. Lucky dogs.

Cant' wait to see the windmills all together.

xo -E

Paulette said...

That's a happy string quilt. Nice job! You've really been productive. Your pin board is cool, and that fabric you used for it and the chairs, love it!

If you said y'all where I live, people might look at you funny and wonder where you were from. Personally, I think it's a handy contraction.

Happy 39th birthday to your mum!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday pj mum ! Maybe when it's your birthday someone can buy you some decent undies , it won't be me because my undies would probably make ambos run , lol !

picklesticks said...

Love that quilt top! So great.

She Uses Her Words said...

That's a lovely string quilt! It looks great to me. I haven't made one yet but it's on my list.
xo, Karen