Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday

If you're new around here you might not realise that Thursday is Slack Tea Night, implemented because it's the one night of the week I am usually the only one home. Mr. P wanders off to boys and their toys  night and I grab whatever I feel like, which is usually something I wouldn't touch any other night of the week. Pretty much anything goes. One week I had breakfast cereal and some times I just chow down a bag of chips.  The loose criteria is that it has to take less than about three minutes to prepare.  The drive to get takeaway is not included as prep time. It's amazing what you can throw in a bowl , on a plate or eat straight from the package in that amount of time. So there you have it - the history of STT.

Thursday started badly. I woke up and jumped into the shower to be greeted by NO HOT WATER. Now I'll do a lot of things. I'll roll with the punches come what may but I will not go to work stinky. So in 45 F weather I set about running through the shower soaping my pits and hoo haa as quickly as possible and making sure I didn't freeze to death so I could go to work smelling somewhat human. The things I do for hygiene. For the first time in my life I realised if I had a Brazilian I could have omitted one washing step and cursed my gutlessness. Does it seem like torture to anyone else besides me to have everything down there waxed off. Thanks but no thanks. I'll pass.

I hear on the grapevine that cheese causes cellulite. And the squirts if you have a lactose or dairy intolerance. Perhaps these are old wives tales. Or possibly not. You can omit cheese if you're superstitious and decide this was such a great STT you want to make it at home.

If you cut a hunk of Kraft Blue cheese about one inch wide..... can make what looks like a mountain o'cheese.

And if you add it to crackers , toss some gherkins on , and grab some smoked salmon to class it up

You have Slack Tea Thursday in under two minutes. I want  brownie points for eating something green.

This frog cake was looking worried because he knew  I was  going to eat him.
I showed no mercy. Sorry frog but you were delicious.

And guess who  came to dinner...this guy sat above me watching me eat.  Very disconcerting for an arachnophobic. He was the size of a dinner plate and that was just his body. Yep - we breed everything big down here.

P.S. Mr. P lost his job yesterday so next week might be two minute noodles.  I hate two minute noodles. But that's what poor people eat. I'm totally joking. Not about the poor part.  I don't care how bad things get - I'm not going to reduce myself to eating two minute noodles. Mr. P will just have to go hunt down a kangaroo or steal a cow or learn to actually catch fish or something. Or I'll have to start sleeping with the butcher. Whatever.


Sarcastic Quilter said...

Hehe about 2 min. noodles. I willtry to reply to your email after I wake up with more coffee. In the meantime, send me your address, please . We might have to resort to old- fashioned methods to outsmart the authorities.

Now, all that is moot if you keep posting pictures of spiders in your blog. Blah. Yuck. Eek.

Lastly. People with garden space sometimes grow there own food. You can start now and by the time you have to consider two minute noodles, you will have a choice. Healthy, pitch a lettuce leaf off the plant or noodles!

(that is the live you get for still considering death threats a healthy part if our friendship!)

Kate said...

It hasn't happened recently, but the last time we had no hot water, I heated up water on the stove and took what my mother calls a "sink bath" You can get all the "important" parts clean, without freezing to death (unless you have no heat).

The frog cake looks very good, as does your cheese, crakers and fixings.

Sincerly hope you are not reduced to two minute noodles or sleeping with the butcher. Can you really eat kangaroo?

Larri said...

After all the giggles, I'm left with questions...

1. Did you get hot water? DH worked for a utility company for 20 years, which means I know everything there is to know about hot water heaters. I could probably walk you through an installation. ;o)

2. What's a frog cake? It looks delicious, and as you know, I love frogs. I'd eat that frog cake too!

3. Do you know about Greek Spaghetti? Throw some browned butter and romano & parmesan cheese on those 2-minute noodles. It will change your respect for the noodle.

PS...Sorry to hear about the job loss. Hope the job search doesn't last long. :o) (((HUGS)))
Larri at Seams Inspired

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Mr. P's job. Two minute noodles are not so bad, or so I hear from my kids who insist I buy them in mass quantity. Actually, ours are three minute noodles. Maybe that extra minute makes them better.

I have to admit, I stared at that frog cake thingy for a while trying to figure out what it was. I don't think I've ever seen anything with that particular shape that was edible. I actually Googled it and it sounds yummy. I thought this was interesting: "In recognition of its cultural significance, in 2001 the frog cake was listed as a South Australian Heritage Icon by the National Trust of South Australia." STT just went up another notch if you are eating icons.

Marg said...

Do you think my spider went for a holiday to SA? It looks vaguely familiar. Maybe it hitched a ride with the pincushion.
No hot water, aaaaaaaahhh. I too have resorted to a sink bath when faced with no hot water. If you have no electricity, you can heat the water on the BBQ, this handy tip comes from living in paradise where we used to have lots of power outages. I hope yours is back working now.

Now you're talking, this slack tea looks pretty yum, much better than lasts week IMHO, and I love the classing up with the smoked salmon, tres chic! When I come visit I am going to try one/lots of those frog cakes.
Low fat two minute noodles are ok, it's just the awful seasoning that comes with it. I have a fab recipe that uses two minute noodles as the base.

Sorry to hear about Mr P, keeping my fingers crossed that he finds something else really soon. On the upside he can take over the sanding jobs this week.

Mistea said...

Dinner looks delicious - I like the colourfulness of this one. Glad you had some company at dinner.

Just what food group do frogs belong to?

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I think that spider was on our wall earlier this week ;-) STT looks pretty good today, I could eat that!

Sorry to hear about Mr P's job loss, hope another one comes along real soon. I liked Margs suggestion that he take over the sanding!!

Helsie said...

I feel faint just looking at a photo of your spider and I know they can get very big.
Sorry to hear about Mr P and his job situation. Perhaps he can get one of those mining jobs that are supposed to pay a squillion dollars a year?

Kris said...

You make us laugh and then hit us with the job loss slug! Hope Mr P finds another job quicksmart. Not easy. My Bradley lost his job 20 years ago (company closed down) and hasn't found one since. It's not as bad as it sounds! He works for himself now. I don't recommend one of those mining jobs that pay a squillion dollars cause Mr P will have to go to far flung places for extended periods of time which really sucks! (Works if you don't like him, but I get the feeling that you like him.)

Love the huntsman. We give ours names and talk about them lovingly until they come too far down the wall. (What can I say? We don't have pets and are somewhat deprived!) Then we get a container and take them outside. Not sure why we do that, cause they came in without our help and could do so again! I just don't like squashing the big spiders. something about the crunch that ensues?

Oh! And to the commenter who asked can you really eat kangaroo, I hope so! Cause they sell it at the butchers and the supermarket. It is actually a very good meat to eat because it has very little fat and has all sorts of health benefits. (So I guess you couldn't eat it on STT!)

Kirsten said...

Oh, sorry to hear about Mr.P's job loss. And write to me before you need to eat two minute noodles I`ll send a care package from Germany :-)
Love your STT for tonight. Looks really good. I have a lot of ST nights :-) I try to fix dinner in less than five minutes. Works a lot of times and leaves more time for sewing.

Brenda said...

Hahahahahahaha. I too think it sounds like torture to get a full-on wax in my nether-region!! My girls/daughter-in-laws all totally shave their bits but I have enough to shave with armpits, legs, (sideburns!!), etc. I don't have enough time in the day (or inclination) to keep that area manicured too! Good luck with the job hunt at your house...

AnnieO said...

Given your familiarity with the microwave, I'm surprised you didn't heat up some water for your hoo haa at least. I've never once considered a Brazilian, no way!

Sorry Mr. P's last day fell, I hope he's not too depressed. Well, since you were having STT alone I guess he isn't or you'd have to share that (horrible) meal.

She Uses Her Words said...

Sorry about the job loss! Hope something comes along soon. I would have jumped out of my skin with a spider that size. Gad!
I finished a Crazy Hearts quilt from a Buggy Barn pattern yesterday. That felt good!
take care, Karen

Elizabeth said...

Sorry about the job situation. Been there. For 5 1/2 months.

I think I'll pass on this week's STT. The only component of that meal I liked was the crackers.

xo -E

P.S. Ewwww! That was for the spider.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

1. is Kraft Blue like Velveeta?
2. Did you kill the spider?
3. I wax my armpits - but once my girl that waxed me told me I'd have to get on all fours for a brazilian, I just laughed and said, "no thanks".
4. I'm going to google the frog cake
5. I like Beck's idea of a garden as an alternative to two-minute noodles
6. What was up with the shower? That sounds seriously awful

Shevvy said...

Spider, cheese and wax, yuck, I'll pass on all of those thank you very much.
Hope Mr P is ok and finds something else soon.

Crunchy Diva said...

love your slack tea thrusday. to bad about mr p's job. hopefully he'll find something else soon.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry about Mr. P.'s job loss. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's very temporary.

As for the Brazilian, eke! No way!

Imo, this was one of your better Slack Tea Thursday meals. Looks quite tasty.

Vesuviusmama said...

That stinks for Mr. P! I hope he finds something else soon. And here's hoping you get some hot water so you don't stink, too! I'm with you about cold showers being the pits, but a necessary evil sometimes. And I'll keep all my hair, thank you very much. Classy STT you have there, I'm impressed. And don't knock 2 minute noodles - they got me through some hard times. Sometimes I eat them just to remind myself of how far I have come in the world!

Barb H said...

I hope Mr. P will be back to work soon. When you tire of the 2 minute noodles, you could try the dish that carried me through my college days, long, long ago, before processed and packaged food. I ate many a supper of "onion soup"--sliced onions sauted in butter/margarine then simmered in beef broth (made with boullion cubes. So ymummy (not) but it kept the belly content.