Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Let the Good Times (Sausage) Roll

When Little P celebrated his birthday party in July we were up to our earholes in kitchen renovation. Somehow I managed to make these (obviously that was pre-oven pull out )  I'm finally posting the recipe I promised back then for sausage rolls since a couple of you were kind enough to ask. These are easy.

Miss P  is likely to be moving into her own place at some point so I decided it was time she had a cooking lesson. She agreed to cook these and then went to the beach and came home with what she says is conjunctivitis, so she couldnt possibly cook dinner because of the germs you know. I have since banned her from touching anything in the house, including me.

 You will need:

Sausage meat 500 grams
Manky bread with the crusts torn off 2-3 slices
An onion (minced)
Mixed Herbs (about a tablespoon)
Salt (about a teaspoon)
Tomato sauce for the recipe (about 100  mls)  and for after for dipping
Frozen Puff pastry (or if you're really adventurous you can try and make your own - since 5 sheets are under 3 bucks why would you bother )
One egg for an egg wash

Bung all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together.

You can use your hands. Unless you have an infectious disease. Then it's preferable to keep your hands to yourself. I'm not divorcing Mr. P this week, I just took my wedding ring off so I didnt have to pick sausage meat out of it later. My hands look quite thin there. That picture is a keeper.

Lay out your pastry thus and then cut each piece down the middle . I used two whole pastry sheets for this recipe (cut into 4 bits)

Place a long line of meat mix down the centre of the pastry. Roll up and make sure to seal the join. I poke it repeatedly with a fork.

Give the roll a wash in some egg.  You can cut it into smaller bits now or leave them as mega sausage rolls. I went small because it makes me look more delicate and ladylike when I cram it in my mouth. Plus you can eat more and not look piggy... 

Place in a 180 C oven and cook for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. You might have one of those ovens that has a mind of it's own about cooking times.

Enjoy! Serve with tomato sauce. (It's un-Australian  to eat a sausage roll without sauce.) You can serve with vegies but that's just not the way I roll.

This recipe will make about 20 small sausage rolls. Or 8 big ones. Or 4 MASSIVE ones if you dont cut them up at all. These are Little P approved.  


Kris said...

Love this recipe!

Doesn't everyone have an oven with a mind of it's own? I thought all ovens were broken. The one here is HOT! The one at the last place was COLD! Bit of a bummer, cause I bought that oven myself and thought that cause it was new it would work perfectly. (that was my first mistake!) Swapping from a cold oven to a hot one has meant a lot of burnt food over the past 14 months. So, for my oven you would cook them at 150 degrees for 10 minutes, tops.

Helsie said...

There's nothing like a good sausage roll is there? This recipe looks so simple I think I'll give it a go. Pity all the footy grand finals are over. Now .... I wonder who is having a birthday in our family next ?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great snack for Monday night (American) Football, or Wednesday night (at our house) Dr. Who marathons -- minus the sausage. I'll need to come up with an alternative for that since my baby girl is a vegetarian.

Marg said...


Baa-Me Kniits said...

Looks lovely but I have to say I go the easy option when its sausage rolls for the boys tea....from the freezer :-)

Shevvy said...

Or even easier, buy the whole lot frozen. Mini sausage rolls are always great as party food, kids, adults, work every time. No sauce with then though.

Unknown said...

I've never seen a sausage roll but have to admit the finished product looks delish!


Marie said...

looks tasty ... okay i'm the childless one -- but how do you get "pink eye" at the beach? ...

Paulette said...

These look so good! Someone hurry up and market gluten-free puff pastry dough so I can make these!

Michelle said...

Looks absolutely yummy! I take my rings off when I'm playing with the food too. ;-)

Brenda said...

Looks yummy, I wish someone would send me some - hot out of the oven...

Elizabeth said...

Those look really yummy. Mixing meat using your hands with your wedding ring off is the only way to do it. Also, I flunked at metrics. I hope there is some sort of translation device on the web, so I can make these without having them come out raw and disgusting because if I cooked them at 180* F, they wouldn't be done for a week.

xo -El

P.S. are you a lefty?