Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tomorrow is Monday

No house renovation, furniture stripping or painting occurred this weekend. I really needed the weekend away from all of that stuff because essentially if I looked at another paint brush or piece of furniture that needed stripping  I was going to shoot someone.   And that would probably have  been Mr. P - and for the time being I need him alive. So he can finish the painting. Ironic huh?

In breaking news, I think a demented burglar with a craft /sewing fetish broke into our house overnight , used every single thing in my sewing room, threw half of the Moda factory around the room  and snuck out again  because there is no way I left my sewing room looking like this...

You'd think I'd been too embarrassed to show you that room wouldn't you?  I have no shame people. Don't you know that by now? 

Needless to say I spent most of the morning cleaning up the vandalism. I found stuff even I didn't know I had and then had to find places to hide it all so I can get excited again next time it surfaces and I've forgotten I had it.  And I've come to the conclusion  I need a bigger house. Or a less observant husband... 

If you promise not to tell him I'll show you what else I bought this week...
Promise? Pinkie promise?

And I got 12 of them...imagine the trouble I can get up to with that lot.

I've been  feeling decidedly un-quilty this week and I have the attention span of a goldfish so I've been concentrating on smaller more easily finished projects to get my crafting fix.

I made a pencil and a crayon roll for a friend's little girl. You can too . The tutorial is here .

I made a journal cover for myself. These are ridiculously easy. I even followed the pattern after I read it 33 times, and then did my own thing which meant some unsewing, but I'm used to sewing most things twice. (Case in point I've sewn  the same piece of binding three times this week and unpicked it twice. The third time  I cut the binding off and started again. if patience is a virtue I guess I'm not virtuous.  I got so mad at one point I think I invented some new swear words. (Email me if you'd like to extend your personal repertoire- I'm a sharing kind of gal)  

I wandered around looking at all the gorgeous creativity at the Bloggers Quilt Festival. There are some seriously talented quilty people out there folks. Go have a peek at some of the fabulous-ness and prepare to be amazed.

So I pottered, I meandered, and I waffled round not doing much for most of the weekend. I feel  relaxed for the first time since about 2003.  So far today I haven't even got out of my pyjamas and it's after tea time. And I had chocolate pudding for lunch. That's one of the perks of being a grown up. And I didn't brush my hair today either.

I did other crafty things this weekend  but you'll have to wait for Tuesday's post at Thrifty Christmas Challenge for the big reveal,  assuming I don't need to cut the binding off again. (At the rate I'm going this project is going to end up the size of a postage stamp!) Until then, have a great week. And thank you for your lovely comments on my blogiversary post. They made me feel very special.

P.S. Has anyone used those printable fabric sheets? What are they like? What brand do you recommend? Thoughts ?


seabreezequilts said...

Love bliss and I have a serious stash of pure, love the pencil rolls and journal cover. I had stitching day today and made major progress on two projects so really happy, and buried all the threads that were sticking out of the quilt I am quilting still have about an hour to go on it might finish it tonight. Printable fabric Sheets Leanne (the stitching room) uses the Matilda's own and she doesn't have any problems, I use the jet set liquid soak the fabric and iron it to A4 freezer paper but I was going through serious printing phase when I bought that it has lasted me for ever. There was a tut on the web somewhere which uses vinegar (I think) but I could be wrong. Bottom line is Matilda's own is fine.

Shruti said...

OMG! P... this is your best post s ofar... I've enjoyed reading it... Need help with that room of yours??? I'll do it for a few scraps of fabric... LOL... You'll only have to pay me the to and fro fare ;)
"Someday" when I come down there, we'll do it together... Thats a promise...

Shruti said...

BTW, what are you planning to do with the Pure CP??? I bought one too and am thinking... Maybe we could sew-in together some day... A Pure Sew in!

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

Oh yeah, right!! like my sewing room is orderly and spotless ( in your dreams ). You know I only tidy it for the photos!!! My room is way !@#$%^ up at the present as I had visitors arriving today (only for lunch) but of course it meant a HUGE clean up EVERYWHERE!!! Now, you know when you have gone overboard when your 16 year old boy arrives home and comments on how clean the house is!!!! Yeah right, like he'd really notice!!!! and of course, we know where all the "stuff" went.... yep, into my sewing room!!! with door shut!!!

OK, now onto more serious stuff.... Matilda's Own wins my vote too...... my printer LOVES it and it always comes out looking lovely. Against all the rules, I also cut it off and use the remaining piece with no dramas. They say (and who are they anyway!!) that you should print up a whole sheet at a time, but I find if I pinking shear the bit off that I have used I can reload the rest later for another label.

We have just been "hit" by the trick or treating mob on our hill.... and I ran out of goodies!!! I thought I was prepared but you can never tell just how many of the little darlings will make the climb (it IS a steep hill!!) Anyway, they all went away happy with at least a packet of chips and a chuppa chup in their little hands!!! We are now sitting with the lights out watching the rugby league (yes, I'm just about to head for the sewing room)!!

Cheers! (what, you mean you don't have a glass of red in your hands... well, I do!!)

Marg said...

If you have half the Moda factory in your sewing room I have the other half on my dining table, sideboard, chairs, floor (basically any horizontal surface) so what's left at the Moda factory?
I'm so glad you didn't shoot Mr P, can you blog while you are in prison? I don't think so, and then what would we do for entertainment? I would really miss reading your blog.
Good to see Moda is not going to go out of business anytime soon!
I love love the crayon/pencil rolls and the journal cover is absolutely gorgeous. You are a star!
Good luck with the binding, they say third time's a charm but maybe in your case it's fourth time's a charm, or fifth or sixth,........ it should look really good as a coaster!
Sorry I can't help with the printable fabric sheet.

Mistea said...

Love all your purchases and know there will be something gorgeous coming out of your sewing room sometime.

The Journal cover is gorgeous - reminded me that I was going to start work on a suitable cover for my work clip board this weekend.

I have used the printable fabric - don't remember the brand. Back in 2007 I made a memory quilt for my aunts 80th birthday. She is very happy with it still. It is easy to use and the colour came out like the matt photo paper colour on a regular ink jet printer.

Kirsten said...

You made my should write a book someday...I'd buy it right away.
Your journal cover looks awesome..and the crayon rolls are nice too.
Don't shoot Mr.P ...husbands are always good for some extra work..
Love those Moda Fabrics, but I'm so glad I can barely get my hands on them over here, I'd be broke in no time..
Good luck on the binding...and by the way...if I should ever make it to Australia I'll help you pick up that sewing room...for free:-))

Kate said...

I'm jealous, I'm so ready for a weekend where we wear our pj's until dinner time. I really like the striped crayon rolls and your journal cover is beautiful.

I've used Printed Treasures and The Electric Quilt Company's Premium Cotton Lawn printable fabric sheets. I like the cotton lawn better, it feels more like fabric and isn't as stiff as the Printed Treasures. I've made 3 quilts using photos printed on fabric. The two challenges that come to mind are you have to very exact with your seams on photos with dark backgrounds or you end up seeing the light fabric and second, you have to be really careful if you are going to quilt on the photograph, the needle leaves holes that don't close up if you have to rip out the stitching.

Hope you get the binding done. Looking forward to the unveiling on Tuesday.

Lorraine said...

I love to clean up the sewing room ....and then make it messy again....I think the same 'burglar' has been in my room! I haven't bought any fabric for a while (apart from a metre for the border on my GJ quilt)....trying to use up some of the stash....late night shopping on the 'net is way too easy! Have a great week.....your weekend sounds pretty relaxing!

Shevvy said...

I've only printed on fabric once to make some labels, most of which still haven't been stitched on. No idea what the brand was as the shop only had 1 sheet left to sell me!

However I saw a tut about using normal fabric you may be interested in

Larri said...

Glad you were able to relax some this weekend! Sometimes we just need a break from life, right? :o)

I'm spending the day in my PJ's...LittleGirl is down with a tummy-bug. :o(

You're a brave soul to post snaps of your sewing room. Mine looks like it is down with a tummy-bug too...looks like someone Ralphed fabric and thread all over it!

Happy almost Monday! Can't wait to see your Tuesday post...even if it is only half-finished. WIPs count in my book!

Brenda said...

You are a naughty girl, with all of that stash building... (jealous). Cute projects, I should seriously try a journal cover, it is darling and I do actually use journals.

Char said...

Wow looks like someone's been busy in that room. Funny mine looks just like it.

I've really been wantin' some of that Bliss myself and where did you find the Verna?

As for the fabric sheets, I used them when they first came out but now I don't like the price! So I make my own with the fabric of my choice and freezer paper. I'm sure there's a tutorial somewhere.

Alisa said...

So maybe The Girl is destined to be a quilter?
I need to get back on the gift making train. I lost it somewhere around tiny candy corns.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I think the same guy has been in my sewing room, throwing my fabrics everywhere!!

Kirsten's Cooking said...

I would never make it as a quilter - I'm more like a quitter.

mmmmm, love chocolate pudding.

love the quilt in the previous post, it is gorgeous - I can see why it's your fave from this year!

Good job cleaning up the laundry room - where's the after pic? :)

Unknown said...

Do you think the person that trashed your room has done it mine too ? Love your new fabric .

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Your journal cover is beautiful...I love it!!
Glad I am not a quilter, I would be terrible with a stash, those materials are gorgeous, I can see why you are tempted!!

PJ Days are the best :-)

Paulette said...

Your sewing room looks a lot like mine. I think the vandal is making the rounds across the globe.

Beautiful fabric, but I won't breathe a word to Mr. P. I love that journal cover. I'm going to have a look at the tutorial.

Glad you're feeling more relaxed after the weekend. Oh, and I've used the printable fabric sheets to make quilt labels. The fabric is kind of stiff and weird feeling. Personally, I wouldn't use it in a large quilt, but for something like a label, it seems to be okay. There's another method where you can make your own printable fabric sheets with some kind of solution, then adhere your fabric to freezer paper and send that through the printer. Haven't tried it so I don't know if it makes for a less plasticky feel.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you had a nice relaxing weekend. Those crayon and pencil rolls are so cute and I love your journal cover. I also can not wait to see what you do with the Bliss. I love that line.

I've done printable fabric. E-mail me and tell me what you're thinking of doing and I will tell you what I think. I've used three different kinds, and you know me, so I could go on for hours.

Also, I may not have properly expressed how glad I am you're around. Your blog is totally awesome and fun to read and you are a Wonder from Down Under.

Off to save the world. I'll e-mail when I get to the sticky bit.

xo -E

Kris said...

I am in love with bliss. Was going to use my bliss layer cake for the layer cake class on the weekend, but forgot it. (Yes! Accidently! Why does everyone ask that?) Had to buy a bar harbour layer cake to use. Actually bought two and am making a BIG quilt.

I have used a couple of brands of the printable fabrics and used the Bubble Jet Set that Amanda mentioned too. No probs with any of them. I think it's all pretty good!

Susan Entwistle said...

You've got to stop showing me photos of your messy studio. It makes me want to come over and help you clean it up (and have chocolate pudding for lunch). When buying the printable sheets, look for ones that are washable. You usually have to iron them after printing to set, but a lot of them are dry clean only, so read the labels. I usually buy whatever is on sale, and I dont' buy the iron on, as I slip stitch them to the quilt backs.

Mrs A said...

Ive got some bliss and verna still waiting to be made into something, so will be interested in what you do with them, and at least you have a sewing room even if it is like a dogs breakfast- maybe little p got in! we will have to start calling you Dory!

Helsie said...

Your sewing room is only a mess because you are such a whirlwind, churning out all of these fabulous things. I don't know how you do it and work too.
Love the journal cover and what a good gift idea it is for Christmas. Something you have handmade is always very special I think.
Oh and sorry for calling you Sue on my blog. Put it down to being in a hurry to publish on Melbourne Cup Day ( or senility more like!).?have fixed it !

Jenny said...

I always drool over moda fabrics...but I've been resisting. I need to get my butt in gear and get sewing, though, for sure!

Sorry about the break-in. I think there is a rash of them world-wide cuz I'm pretty sure they kinda/sorta broke in here, too!

Happy November!

Michelle said...

Very cute stuff!! I think maybe you need to convince your hubby that you need a new house with a bigger craft room!! I would love to have a craft room! One day!

Anonymous said...

bahahaha, I think I will blame burgurlers on my messy sew room. What a grand idea! love the quilt safe (and your quilts) with the chicken wire. What an idea.