Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Stuff...

I'm almost done with shopping. I know I blogged a week or so ago that I only had two people to buy for and I've actually done that since then but I've revised my list and still have three gifts to buy. Our goal was to have a frugal gift shopping Christmas without it looking cheap and I think we've done that quite well. I think I'll make a bigger effort next year to buy gifts as I see them through the year or even take a pledge to give mainly homemade gifts wherever I can. That's harder with presents for guys though.

My Christmas Day menu is done. Ham is ordered. The beef is currently marinating in the fridge ready to go into the freezer when that's finished doing it's thing ( have you ever tried to marinate a 12 pound beef - I have no idea how to wrap it for the freezer)   My chicken tikka is already done and in the freezer ready to go onto the BBQ. The Chocolate tree is done. (let's hope we dont have any really hot weather in the next three weeks or we might be having chocolate sludge)

Our tree went up yesterday. I'm loving our new tree. It took hours to decorate but I had so much fun.

I still have presents to wrap. The house needs a mini makeover. I still have to finish that quilt for my friend Sandra. (That's today's major project!) But otherwise I'm feeling mainly on top of stuff and hoping to enjoy the leadup to the big day.

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