Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post Christmas Madness

Our last house guests have just departed and I'm sitting here in relative silence amongst the trashed remains of my house. It has been so good to spend the last few days with family and friends and we have another social event  to go to this afternoon, but I will also be sooooo glad when I can just flop and do my own thing.

I have never done the post Christmas sale thing, so this morning I went out with my daughter and went on a spending frenzy for my home. It was certainly an experience.

Spotlight had 75% off Christmas fabric. The words "Fabric" and "Discount" in the same sentence are like waving a red flag in front of a bull.  (Like I'm ever coming home without some if it's on sale)  I got 13 metres of fabric for around $50.00 which would have cost $210.00 before the sales. Add that to all the 50% off stuff I bought in the fortnight before Christmas and  now I'm totally set for next year's Christmas quilt making. (And probably the year after....and possibly 2012 as well) They also had batting for 1/2 price, so I walked out with some of that too.

My christmas fabric stash

I spent up big on new bed linen for our bedroom. I scored a $329.00 sheet set for 70%  off, ( I have never owned 1000 thread count sheets before- luxury !) and another for about 90% off. I bought two new complete sets of quilt covers and pillowcases and saved another $260.00 on that lot.   We hadn't bought any new bed linen for about 2 years and I needed a change. These are totally different to each other and to what we currently have.

Mercer and Reid Bali Hai Bed Linen

Mercer and Reid Mia Bed linen

The bathroom also got a makeover with 8 new towels in stone and avocado. I'll put those away until we renovate the bathroom.

And I've been dying to show you pictures of my daughters finished quilt (there is nothing quite like putting binding on at 3 am Christmas Eve to get something done in time) especially when you've never done binding before.

Front of Chloe's quilt

Back of Chloe's quilt

I had this professionally quilted because I simply didn't have time to do it myself and I need so much more practice before I attempt something that isn't straight lines.  I really wanted this to be special. The gorgeous Sharon from Patchwork on Parade went out of her way to squeeze my quilt in two weeks before Christmas when I know she was already working  at least 12 hour days. I highly recommend her work - she is also a lovely person. Thank you Sharon!

So, Christmas is done, the house needs a complete clean, and I've spent all our slush fund on new stuff for the house. I better start planning to spend some time being frugal and making some quilts!


teaginny said...

Chloe's quilt is gorgeous. I'm sure she loves it!

Shay said...

Thanks Teaginny ..she did love it. She got a bit teary when she opened it Christmas morning. I'm really happy how it all turned out.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the lovely comments Sharon. Your piecing was certainly a pleasure to quilt. I'm glad Chloe loved it!