Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random Bits

Not much craftiness or quilting going on here this week. Lots of last minute Christmas related stuff happening though.  

A big house clean is happening today. Relatives arrive in about 4 days. My husband's work christmas dinner is tonight, which means I have to go looking gorgeous and behave myself.  I bought a little black dress to wear and am off later today to have my hair done. (Any excuse to get prettified is a good one)

All the Christmas present shopping is done. The house is decorated and looking fabulous. I worked all week. Ran around like a hairy goat after work , doing "secret stuff" that I can't openly talk about.

My Meadowsweet Fabric arrived yesterday -a big thankyou to the postal services in the US and Australia who managed to make sure even with all the Christmas mail that got here in under 9 days- wow! I wish I had time to sit and make something out of it , but with less than a week till the big day I haven't got a moment to scratch myself.  I don't even really have time to dream about what I'm going to do with it.

Off to do some of that house cleaning. Have a great day!

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