Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thrifty Christmas Challenge - 2010 Roundup

So this whole idea started because of something  proposed by Larri at Seams Inspired . Thanks for hosting each week Larri. It's been so much fun sharing my funds and plans each week or so.

I'd been toying the idea of handmade gifts but knew I wouldnt be able to manage to do that for everyone. Men are really hard to make for and dont always appreciate  a tool belt made from floral fabric.

I started out with a vague idea of how much I wanted to spend as a maximum ceiling on gifts in total. My deal was  that if I had the fabric in my stash it didnt count towards the total cost because I didnt specifically have to buy it for Christmas. (I did have to buy some fabrics for each of the bindings on the quilts and the backing on Little P's and I counted this in the cost)

So here's the list:
Handmade or Thrifted / Op shopped or Garage Sale Finds  
Little P's Quilt
Kashmir 2 Quilt
2 x Crayon and Pencil Rolls
Mug Rugs /Fabric Coasters (14 of them !)
Table runner
Tote bag with appliqued  tree on front
3 fabric journals/diary covers
Peppermint Crisp Bark and Smartie Bark
Marvin the Monster for Little P
Little P's bear
Little P's bead/wire toy
Little P's electric ride on train
Cut Glass Butter dish
Chintzy tea pot
Fur babies new toys
Depression glass container
8 assorted glasses and coffee mugs
Little P's car play mat
Punchbowl Set
Pink Minkee Cushion

Bought new at a heavily reduced price
Miss P's perfume set
SJP Perfume for my sister in law

Paid full price
Licence Plates
Fur babies food stuffs
Vouchers for JB Hi Fi (4)
1 x CD
Rocket Pop Iceblock Moulds

Bought during the year and put away
Little P's "in the Night Garden " figurine set
Barbecue Apron
This ended up being gifts for 12 family members , 5 animals, and 8 people at work. 70% of my gifts  were thrifted or handmade. I'm so proud of this effort! And I came in under budget by about 60 dollars. This was definitely worth doing and I'm already planning for next year!


Mel said...

Fantastic! And under budget! Woot Woot!!!

Since I made most of my gifts this year, I have a greater sense of accomplishment than in years past.

Merry Christmas Shay.

Marg said...

Wow that's fantastic Shay. You must be over the moon, a brilliant effort. Now you can spend all those savings on lots of new fabric next year.
The men in your life are just too darned fussy!!!!
I have really enjoyed making some of my gifts this year. I will definitely aim for more next year.

Merry Christmas Shay

Seams Inspired said...

Absolutely Fabulous, Shay! Thanks so much for playing Thrifty Christmas with me. :o) It was great fun! I haven't tallied my totals, but I was telling DH we've spent about $400 less than we do normally because of Thrifty Christmas. His eyeballs just about popped out! LOL

Merry Christmas to you and your family! :o)

Michelle said...

Awesome! Next year, I'm going to play along too. :-) I think I'll start on Jan 1.

Shay said...

Thats when Im starting Michelle!

Kate said...

Congratulations on your thrifty Christmas! Bet there were ooh's and awhhh's Christmas morning!

Lisa said...

Awesome!!! Very proud of ya! I did a lot of thrifting this year, too.