Thursday, December 02, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday

It was the usual kind of Thursday. I raced in at 6.30pm. (10 hours after starting work -surely labour day is celebrated because someone somewhere fought hard to make sure we only worked a 40 hour week-which in my case is actually a 34 hour week so can someone please explain to me why my time sheet says I've worked almost 80 hours this fortnight-OK bitch over now back to STT ) Mr. P was on his way out. Bless him for putting away the non perishable groceries I left on the counter after last nights shopping expedition with Miss P  during which Little P was tired and cranky and not using his words and having tantrums as only a 16 month old can. It was indeed unfortunate that I was also tired and cranky and tantruming too...

Frantically searching for something that would take less than two minutes to bang up I found these lurking in my pantry...

I decided they would do until I could find something for my actual I removed the pink ones because I don't like them. And also that way I could  legitimately say I had saved Mr. P's favourite ones just for him . I have never confessed I don't like the pink ones . It scores me extra brownie points every time Mr. P gets to eat them all .

See? Much more monochromatic...

Crap....this is what happens if you munch while you're waiting for STT inspiration to strike

Double crap ...I guess you shouldn't leave half a bag of chips near the computer either ....

Now here's my thought ...Tonight's dinner can't possibly have too many calories because wafers are as light as air. Air has no calories. Therefore this tea was slack and probably quite healthy. - but you'll have to decide for yourself and let me know am I right or am I right ?

I'm also thinking about retiring Slack Tea Thursday for 2011...and maybe instituting Rancid Recipe Mondays or something. Any thoughts? Anything to stop Mr. P blathering on about Meatless Mondays ...(insert vomity looking icon here )

P.S. I am going in to work tomorrow. I am vowing to work no more than 5 hours (already up from my vow of 4 hours...but I will be leaving early and I am also having Monday off ..yeee haaaaaaa...that's 91 hours off in case your maths challenged ) I have BIG Sewing and Christmas shopping plans afoot as well as a house decorating frenzy planned which will involve putting up my Christmas tree and that will be the extent of the frenzy because I don't really do much to the rest of the house. I envy those of you that care enough to do so , but I'm just not built that way.


Leanne said...

I don't like the pink ones either we would have to fight to the death for the brown one they are my fav.

Jennifer said...

Wafers don't count as calories because they are mostly air. Everyone knows that.

Helsie said...

I don't like the pink ones either - they taste sort of.... pink !And you know chips are made from potatoes and potatoes are vegetables so you are doing OK there by my calculations.

I haven't got the buz of Christmas yet ( I rarely do ) but tomorrow I'm going to my first Christmas breakup so that may get me in the mood.

Marg said...

As usual I'm going to be different, I like the pink ones, and I don't like the chocolate ones, weird as normally I don't like anything strawberry flavoured and I'm a chocaholic. So if Mr P ever decides he doesn't like them, you can send them here, I'll send you or Leanne my brown ones.
Definitely light as air so zero calories, and if only you had bought Salt and Vinegar Thins instead of crinkle cut they would have been light as air and zero calories too.

I don't know how I'm going to survive if I can't see photos of Vegemite, various fried foods, indigenous South Australian delicacies, tons of cheese and truckloads of confectionery every Thursday night.

You lied you told me you work 109 hours a day.

Kris said...

I don't know about that calorie/light as air thing. Did you follow the low cal rules? If you eat them in the pantry the calories are null and void and if you break them before you put them in your mouth the calories fall out. As for the chips, those calories are null and void too because they are full of vitamin "CH". (Pretty sure I've mentioned this before) The little known, but vital nutrient we all need and crave. It's in chocolate, chips (be they hot or crispy), cheese... you get the picture.

As for ditching STT, you should do whatever works for you! If the fun is over, do something else I say.

Oh. And Mr P. Step away from that computer. There's nothing here for you to see. Or read. Go on!

(You don't want to loose those brownie points!)

Kirsten's Cooking said...

Meatless Mondays - interesting - my gang would revolt, too - when I tried to be a vegetarian for 5 weeks, Rob thought I was crazy!

So, I just emailed you and you answered all of my questions right here in this one fell swoop! :)

I assume you're being paid salary and not hourly - that's crappy! You totally deserve a pity party - those are ridiculous hours!

Good for Mr P for seeing things that need to be put away and doing them!

I hope you can get some rest - I'm sure you need it!! Have a good "light" day on friday and enjoy your weekend - hang out in your sewing room and do what you enjoy -

Larri said...

Mmm...sweet and salty for STT! Yum! I really want some Salt & Vinegar chips now. LOL

I won't divulge your secret to Mr. P about the pink ones.

As for discontinuing STT in 2011, I'll miss it; however, you are so witty with your posts, I'm sure you'll think of something equally inspiring for me to read. :o) (Yeah, I know you blog just to amuse me.)

Enjoy your time off from work. Hope all your sewing and shopping and decorating endeavors are fabulous! :o)

Sara said...

If you buy Tina Wafers (the ones that taste exactly the same but are square and marketed to kids) they are stacked 5 high in the pack which means that 2 flavours are doubled... unfortunately there's no way of guaranteeing yourself double chocolate and vanilla, but my mother has special packet picking powers, and I rarely have to put up with pink ones.

Also, I like to stick my fingernail in between the layers and try to lever off a wafer with no cream, and then eat the still-creamed bit first and then eat the clean wafer as like a palate cleanser... According to some other comments this means the calories fall out so double bonus there...

Michelle said...

That meal was so slack, I think you needed to put some vegemite on something. LOL!

We're not doing the whole Christmas thing either--not even a tree. Think we all feel that we just got stuff put away and have no desire to drag anything back out.

AnnieO said...

That is a lot of hours! I hope you're getting big props for all that slaving.

Slack Tea retiring? Bummer. I don't think you'll actually NOT being having Slack Tea, just not 'fessing up to it in public. (Yesterday I ate some roasted sunflower seeds and a couple of snack size Butterfinger candy bars for lunch at work. Pretty slack.)

Hope you get lots and lots of sewing fun (and no frustrations!) and decorating done. I only decorate my downstairs--the living/dining room are one room, the kitchen and family room run together too so it all gets a splash of something red and green.

It seems a lot of folks are crabby just now. Does Mr. P hide when you are that way?

Unknown said...

Gosh, I came looking for an idea for my Thursday night meal and you post those pinky things!
Not something that I can serve with a protein I should think!
We do as little as possible with the you know what as I can't say the word out loud. My sweetie thinks it's all so commercial...He just wants the rum and egg nog...that's it!

Paulette said...

Yep, that meal was light as air. I used to love wafer cookies like, brown, didn't matter to me.

We had a quite the slack Christmas decorations last year, and I think we may repeat the scenario this year. Hopefully, the plug-in, prelit, 3-foot tree in a pot still works!

Char said...

Icky, I don't like the pink ones either!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love those wafer cookies. YUM! Maybe we'll have that for tea tonight because it is just time for it on Thursday night here on my side of the world.

Also, I'm not super interested in Rancid Recipes on any day of the week, so if Slack Tea must go {which would be a shame, but completely understandable} I'm square with you not finding a replacement for it.

Hope your weekend is spectacular. I'll be working tomorrow (Friday) and Monday as well. I'll be thinking of you sewing like mad and getting all your Christmas shopping taken care of.

xo -El

Unknown said...

I didn't think wafers tasted different. I thought they were different colors to just look pretty! What do I know! The only time I have ever eaten them is with ice cream. Just so you know the ice cream counts as dairy in the food pyramid.

Now that I am a working woman (2 1/2 hours a day!!) I can say, work pretty much stinks! I am so sorry that you have to work that many hours. You have a stressful job and I am sure you must want to pull your hair out at times! I don't know how you do it!

I have the day off tomorrow and will be sewing my little fingers off trying to get some Christmas goodies made. I will be thinking of you while you are doing the same.

Anonymous said...

The pink ones are icky, and I'm not crazy about the chocolate (and I use the term very loosely) ones. I might choke down the yellow ones.

I did STT tonight. Came home, ate the crumbs from the bottom of a chip bag, pulled out some Tostitos and salsa, and read a book while I ate. Considered an orange to go with it, but that would have involved peeling it, and I didn't feel like it.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I'm not fussy I eat them all...and I mean them all, they are like eating air aren't they!! I ended up taking the kids to the turning on of the xmas lights last night and had chocolate for tea as I was determined to wait till I got home and not eat the crap they were selling in the street! Got home so late 9:30, tell me why do they bring Santa out at 9:00 when all the kids of the age who believe in him are tired and cranky and chucking those tantrums, not to mention the mothers as well, me incluced here! See we did have a very similar STT as it turns out ;-) Have a good creative weekend and enjoy the time off xx

thea said...

I love slack tea thursday, and I will truly miss it, but I can understand wanting to do something different. In your honor, I had crackers, cream cheese, and raspberry chipotle for dinner (you know cream cheese has less than half the calories of butter).

As for the wafers, I'm not sure we have all three colors here in California -- actually I just haven't bought them in years. I probably would just eat all of them and save my husband the calories. I make many sacrifices for him.

We're going artificial for Christmas. Not sure I like it but it'll probably be fine. I love a decorated house, but I'm not any good at decorating.

Have a good day Friday and I hope your weekend is productive.

Vesuviusmama said...

Wafers and salt & vinegar chips!?! Two of my favorites! Yum!