Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Day in The Life Of Shay

This is possibly the highest number of photos I've ever put into a single post along with the highest amount of waffle I've ever typed.  If you think of this post like it's an episode of "24" it might help.

I've read a lot about sharing process in recent months rather than just showing off completed projects so  I thought it might be fun to try that today as well as giving me a chance to hone my creative photography skills. 

I'm using Charm Packs of Aunt Grace Scrapbag from my stash as well as some 30's repro I had tucked away to make Dresden blocks.

I got one of those Dresden template thinga-me-jigs. I have to say they are simply fabulous. If you're careful you can cut multiple bits of fabric at once. Thanks to Mr. P for this pic since I don't have three hands. I started this bit at 9.30am.

And in about 30 seconds I had a stack of bits that looked like this. (Yes I know I desperately need a new cutting mat - I was hoping Father Christmas would bring me one but no such luck )

Then I  wandered over to my sewing machine. With right sides of the material together I sewed  across the widest part of the fabric.

Why did I ever think chain piecing was hard?

I got a nice surprise when I looked at the back of my sewing machine after about 2 minutes of sewing.

And an even bigger surprise after  45 minutes.

How cute do they look all strung out? Just like inside out bunting.

Then I came to have a look at what the Blog People are up to. I vowed  to only spend 5 minutes checking email.  I spin that out to 15 minutes. OK twenty, ALRIGHT ...30 minutes.

Then I spent an hour clipping the bits  apart, turning them right side out, and standing at the ironing board pressing them open which leaves me with a pile of this.

And all of these still to do! Clipping, Turning right side out and pressing is hard work.

So I rushed back here to see what you're all up to....because I deserve a break.

And I promised myself I'm only going to gawk at your stuff for 15 minutes but that turns into an hour. I realise I'm still in my pyjamas and it's lunchtime and I haven't eaten anything yet today. Which probably explains the headache I have. 

It takes me another 15 minutes to decide what I want to eat, and another 15 minutes to make something. Then 15 minutes to eat it.

I get back to sewing. I arrange my bits in a way that rocks my socks off. I ignore the pile of stuff I haven't pressed yet.

Tip: If you're going to leave your block on the ottoman make sure dogs with long swishy tails are not in the vicinity.

Re-do sock rocking block arrangement. Guard it from dogs with swishy tails, and a propensity to want to love you while you're sewing.

Get distracted by the idea of making a label for the back of the quilt that is nowhere near finished. Stuff it up. Have another crack. Stuff that up. Take pictures of your failure.  

Start sewing the fan points together. Get half way and get distracted by the "You have email " sound on the computer.

Go and read your emails. Realise it's 12.30 and you've achieved nothing for the day. Think about why you're so afraid of the dentist when you really need to go. Freak yourself out just typing the word dentist in this blog post. Realise you wont be able to proof this part of the post at editing time  because of the "D" word. Stare at the ceiling. Think about changing out of pyjamas. Decide that's too hard because it would mean a shower. Realise it's 12.40. Go to the bathroom.

Come back . Get determined. Finish getting those suckers into a circle by 1.00pm. Think about being thirsty.Wander off to make a cup of tea. Get distracted. Realise you still have that headache.

Press backing fabric made from old flour sacks. Cut backing fabric, press backing fabric again. Realise despite having been washed, when you press the backing fabric is still smells a little like flour. Convince yourself that when it's finished this whole quilt will smell like fresh baked bread.

Pin Dresden fan to backing fabric, only pricking yourself 12 times , which is not bad for 20 fans. Ruminate on your uncoordinated-ness, and vow to make your parents pay for not taking you to see an occupational therapist when you were an un-co kid. Consider writing a list to present to your parents of all the ways they neglected you growing up. Acknowledge it's going to be a very small list and give up the idea because you really should be sewing instead of skylarking. Notice that it is now 1.30pm and somehow you are surfing  blogs again. Nobody is posting which means it's night time on the other side of the world and everyone over there is asleep...

Get indignant with yourself when you realise you never did make that cup of tea. Make choking noises in husbands general direction to denote that it is cup of tea time. Who says men are not good at taking hints?  

Since I am the laziest person on the planet I decided to machine applique the Dresden  to the background fabric, it's fiddly but worth the 20 minutes it takes as opposed to hours  I save  hand appliqueing them on.  Pat myself on the back for finishing the block which took 4.5 hours.

Celebrate by checking email and reading people's old blog posts. Do some mental maths and realise this quilt will be finished in around 2013.

Back to work tomorrow.


melissa said...

Wow, for someone who hasnt done anything today i think your dresden blocks look fantastic. Ive always wanted to make one of those. If its any consolation im still in my jammies and its just about bedtime again!

Helsie said...

Gee I'm glad you're posting so I've finally got something to read! I've been mooching today - I'm dressed so I'm way better than you !!- setting up my new 'puter. I've transferred all of My Documents and all of My Pictures so what more do I need?
Now I just need to get moving and think of an interesting post.
PS. Love these new blocks. Who's going to get this quilt?

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Very nice, you make it look so easy! How many blocks make the quilt? They look amazing! I was planning a morning in my PJ's but my neighbour came over before lunch instead of after and took me out for a ride....now I'm kinda wishing I had stayed in my PJ's as I am walking like John Wayne.....too many days between horse rides :-)

Deb said...

I am loving those gorgeous dresden plates hun. A quilt made of those is on my list as a "one day I'll make one of those", I adore them. You're such a clever clogs to get the amount done which you have-well done.
Looking forward to progress reports.

Kirsten said...

Love love love those dresden plates...and thanks for keeping me from sewing, cleaning my house or doing anything else important...what a wonderful blog post..think I just read it about five times...you ARE GREAT!!! And you got A LOT accomplished for one day...lets see waht I get done today...yesterday I did nothing!!

Mrs A said...

Well done! those dresden plates look good, even if you had minor distractions! I still had pj's on at lunch time and then decided to shower as i went out to get eggs! Prob could have just stayed in pj's!

Jennifer said...

Well now, it's OK if you don't finish the quilt until 2013......you weren't doing anything else between now and then, were you?

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

WOW! I'm sticking around thru to 2013.... I can't wait to see the finished quilt!! I've been sewing too! will post tomorrow if I get around to it:-) MH picking up new car, very exciting day!

It's raining, raining and then raining some more here... great sewing weather!

Marg said...

Love the Dresden plates, they look fabulous. You certainly got a lot done considering all your mooching around and net surfing. I'm looking forward to starting mine, I'm going to wait until my Dresden template thinga-me-jigs arrives in the mail.
We went out for lunch so i had to get out of my pj's and then came back and Julie helped me baste the Spice boxes quilt, yippee.

Leanne said...

I'm exhaust after just reading that so god knows what your like.

Unknown said...

I saw an episode of Sewing with Nancy...do you get her in Australia? She did the dresden with the thing a ma jig and I have just sent for it.
It sure makes making dresdens easier. I think it will be the new rage this year as dresdens keep popping up all over the blogs!
I also hated getting dressed but in Canada one doesn't exit the house to walke the dog in jammies! Specially when it's to brutally cold that even the dog wore a coat!
Great photos Shay!

Mistea said...

Guess we'll get to listen to you for at least a couple more years cause I know you wouldn't leave without telling us the end of the story, or showing us the completed quilt.

Gorgeous fabrics - you sure made a good start on this project.

Sara said...

If you think a swishy tailed dog is bad, try laying out your pieces in the presence of Barry the Lorikeet, who not only tries to poo on your fabrics, but also likes to fly overhead, resulting in what looks like a horror movie for little fabric pieces - crumpled pieces scattered to the four corners of the kitchen.

Not only can I also not be bothered with hand sewing, but the whole dresden thing seems like far too much work for me. I'm quite willing to expend the effort to get dressed, but I suppose that takes up all the energy I would otherwise use to do fancier quilts.

So it's not laziness, it's prioritising your energy consumption.

Larri said...

Oh my gosh! Those blocks are absolutely beautiful! Love, love, love them. :o) Who says you weren't productive? You did more in your '24' and pyjamas than I did fully dressed yesterday! LOL

PS...I'm in my PJ's as I type this, and trying to ignore LittleGirl's repeated requests for pancakes. I'm a terrible mother who would rather blog! :o)

Happy Tuesday night!

Marie said...

hey -- if you ever decide to pop over the pond to visit Aunt Grace's creator --- I'm a mere 25 miles away, I'd find a bed for you! you'd have to bring your own longjohns!!

i don't think she's open to the public on a regular basis anymore but i can find her ...

keep sewing we need to see more!! s

Paulette said...

It's reassuring to know that your days go about like mine. Actually, better than mine because you have some gorgeous Dresdens to show for it! And yes, I think it will smell like freshly baked bread when the quilt is all done. Your comment on that had me laughing.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Besides loving everything about this post and te look of those plates, I have a swishy tail suggestion.

First, take a picture immediately of the sock rocking arrangement (which it looks like you did) and second, sew that one block for reference for all others. This way, you can get up and leave to, oh I don't know, check our blogs again and swishy tails won't rearrange the perfection already achieved! Lol

Char said...

Wow, You had some day. Love the Dresdens. That's exactly how I made mine. Did you ever eat?

Kris said...

Busy day! It's 2:15am and my day is still going. Just got to bed. However, no dresden plates here. I think they look very pretty. Sorry about the whole back to work thing tomorrow. I plan to stay in my pj's tomorrow.

Kate said...

I'm tired just reading your blog. The Dresden plates are gorgeous. That's on my bucket list for someday!

Brenda said...

I totally get the 'too much work to take a shower mentality', every time I take a shower (don't run away - it is daily), I want to check it off my 'to do' list - but alas, it is not there. Love your blocks. Every time I pay attention to how much time it actually takes me to make a block I am depressed, so I stop and go back to puttering around the studio.

thea said...

Love the Dresden plates (why are they called that anyway?). I don't know that I'll ever make them but yours are beautiful! You got a lot done for doing nothing! :)

AnnieO said...

I agree, that was exhausting just reading it! As for dogs with swishy table-clearing tails, I eliminated that problem from my household by choosing an Australian Shepherd, which has no tail. The Dresdens look great!

Hope you finally stopped surfing enough to eat something...

Elizabeth said...

Sound about right!

xo -E

P.S. Your dresdens are gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Oh, but Shay, those Dresdens are so pretty, and well work the time it will take to finish. It's not an easy block to do, so you can't expect to just "whip them out". You're doing a beautiful job.

Lisa said...

I love the look of dresden plates but didn't realize you could do that sew and fold thing- I just might have to try it now! Fun post, and I have one of those magnet computers too- it's so annoying! I've been away at familys for a week and am just now on the computer again.... what a nice break. =)

Anonymous said...

Your swishy tailed dog comment made me giggle, since we have three of those, and a foster with a tail that could pummel Muhammed Ali into submission.

Your post wore me out. I think I need a nap now.

Janean said...

first of all, how can one woman make me laugh so hard??? you're truly creative in more ways than one.

you took the *scary* out of the dresden plate...which i adore in the retro fabric!


Vesuviusmama said...

I'm noticing each time I click to comment that there are always 28 comments before me. Weird! Anyway, thanks for taking us along with you on your day. 4.5 hours sounds about right for a quilt block in my house. At least. My twin sis and I were giggling about how we both get so distracted while doing things that we never finish anything. Put the two of us together and it is amazing that anyone gets fed or clothed.