Thursday, December 09, 2010

Foiling the Birds, Slack Tea Thursday and Unpretty Oreos.

Several people commented on my previous post giving me solutions to my bird dilemma. Thanks for all the tips. I particularly liked JKP's suggestion that I counsel the birds and try mediation. Unfortunately although I am incredibly talented I do not speak cockatoo. I knew I'd regret that when I turned down the opportunity to study  "Bird-ese 101" in high school.    

P at The Way I Sew It left me this comment earlier today.
Sometimes you can hang shiny things in the tree to deter them ( used to be aluminum foil pie plates when I was a kid), but that doesn't always work.

And I remembered when I bought umpteen million pie plates to make Bakerella's 43 layer cake and how I was too mingy to throw them away because I practically had to mortgage my house to buy them ....Those things are exxy.

I was planning to hand these down to Little P (and any other subsequent grandchildren I may have at some point in the hopefully distant future ) as ancestral pie plates. But needs must and all that - I want cherries more than  the look of gratitude and love on Little P's face when he gets antique foil pie plates on my death bed, so I took P's suggestion on board and made Mr. P climb the BIG TALL SCARY ladder on a slope and hang the pie plates up in that tree. Let's hope that does the trick because I'm pretty much over running out there every 5 minutes at dusk and dawn and shaking my fist and shouting at the birds like a crazy lady. (I was also apparently talking to the cat this morning and Mr. P thought someone was actually in the house so I must have been having quite the conversation -perhaps I am losing it)

 Check these out. Shared Lunch at work today.

Chocolate Dipped Oreos.

No - not made by a 3 year old with a 4 second attention span.  Made by me. In a hurry last night because I was busy doing my railing at the birds post. They don't look all that pretty (I don't do fiddly well )  but they tasted pretty good. For some really cute ones see Handmade by Heidi.

And tonight's tea is brought to you by the need to use up some stuff in my fridge. And my utter laziness at the thought of going to the shops to get anything more exciting.

Fish paste on toast (anchovette paste to be precise)

Does anyone want to teach me how to easily make a photo montage? Email me and maybe we can broker a deal where in exchange for this knowledge I could send you a jar of fish paste. Anyone?


Marg said...

No thanks, and even if I did know I wouldn't tell you now!

I see you didn't use the windmill quilt either to scare the birds.

I hope the pie plates do the trick. Don't worry I'll send you lots of pie plates for your birthday next year. I could even make something crafty with a few of them too, for you.

Kirsten said...

Sure hope the plates do the trick..are you going to participate in FNSI??

Anonymous said...

Fish paste? Is that the glue that holds the fish together? Can we get that here in the States?

Hope the plates help with the cockatoos, although, in addition to being rather verbose creatures, I suspect they are also rather vain and may use the shiny objects like mirrors, which, rather than frightening them, would at least distract them. While Mrs. Cockatoo is busy asking Mr. Cockatoo if her feathers make her butt look fat, you could sneak in behind Mr. Cockatoo as he stammers over an answer that won't get him kicked out of the nest and steal the cherries.

Kris said...

Photo montage? That is one fancy term! Have you tried Photo editing on the net.

Paulette said...

I really hope the pie plates work (you may need a few more? If they swing and make noise against each other in the breeze, all the better). If nothing else, you are making a statement to those pesky bird bastards, as well as your neighbors, that those cherries are meant for pie, dammit!

Brenda said...

Fish paste??? Argh! I thought it looked like something tasty - like with butter and cinnamon. I will stick with the oreos, thank you! Maybe people will think you're decorating the cherry tree for Christmas with big, shiny, round ornaments? Hope it works!

AnnieO said...

Good luck with the pie plates. Glad you won't be handing those down in your will.

Cookies look yum!

Fish paste is nauseating. Ugh.

Michelle said...

Oh dear! I don't know how to do a photo montage. I'm so disappointed as I sorely wanted that jar of fish paste. NOT! Good for you for eating it because I know that it is good for you. Nutritionally speaking that is probably one of your more healthful Slack Tea meals.

Crossing my fingers that the pie pans work. Those cherries look yummy.

Elizabeth said...

I'll pass on the fish paste, but I'll totally tell you how to make a photo montage.

Hopefully the birds are scared off by those pie plates and you get your cherries.

xo -El

Char said...

I have enjoyed all of your slack tea menus and probably would eat most of them myself, but this time you're on your own. I like Anchovies but not paste on toast. Maybe you could put some of that outside to get rid of the Cockatoos.

thea said...

As usual, I'm late in commenting ... Hope you figure out the montage and that the cockatoos save you some cherries.

P.S. On first read, I thought the suggestion was for meditation and not mediation.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

If I knew how to do the collage, I'm not sure I'd give it up for fish paste. Anchovies are too salty for me.

I do think your pie plates in the tree is hilarious and I would love to see your neighbor's reactions! lol

Janean said...

pans? birds are sitting nearby watching us try this and they're giving each other winged *high-fives* for successfully spreading the PAN rumor in order to have sporting fun. *wink*

the busy-can't-be-fancy oreos....i can relate.

anchovette paste? i adore anchovies, but on toast?

Dee said...

I had to go to the supermarket yesterday just to buy some anchovy paste, thanks to you, and it was sooo good, mainly because I haven't had it for so long

Vesuviusmama said...

You poor thing! Now you'll never learn to do a photo montage because everyone is in mortal fear that you will send them FISH PASTE. You mis-typed YUM, right? Cause it sounds revolting.