Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm officially done- Week 7 and 8

I'm posting a day early because I just found out I have family coming to stay mid week and since my house looks like a pigsty and I dont want my mother to nag and I have to work tomorrow , after work tomorrow night will be taken up with cleaning the pig sty.

I had a high old time last Friday , finishing up my Christmas shopping .  Not only did I hit the regular shops but I wandered off to the op shops as well.  Crazy Bargains Galore!

I thought I was finished with shopping for Little P but when I saw this in an op shop looking like it had never been played with I couldn’t resist.  I love educational toys.

And this little fella was just begging for a new home. He looked so sad to be sitting in a thrift store and I got the feeling he was just waiting for me to wander on by so Teddy came home with me, had  a bath and is waiting for a little boy to be best friends with him.

I got 66% off RRP on this perfume by buying online and then they gave me a voucher for a further 5 bucks off  for registering an account which means the postage was free.    I went halves with Miss P which made the savings even better.

I spied this chintzy looking teapot in an op shop and pretty much shoved 3 little old ladies to the ground in my attempt to grab it before anyone else could lay claim to it. The gold accents are really bright and this photo doesn't do it justice. It's much prettier in real life.

I found a minky cushion in soft pink at an op shop.  I could pretty much touch this forever. I love minky. It was zippered so a quick wash and it was as gorgeous as new.

eBay helped me out with these finds and the price was within budget. Purchased for someone notoriously difficult to buy for but I think they'll be thrilled.

And someone is about to be dragged, kicking and screaming,  into this century, technologically speaking.
While these two items don't meet the thrifted or handmade criteria they came in under my individual allocations for gifts. Surely that counts for something?  
My local Goodwill was having a sale on this beauty and since I paid a small fortune for the last one I bought (although that one was green) this was a bargain marked down from $25.00. It's getting rarer and rarer to see these with lids and in decent condition. 

 I was oddly drawn back inside an op shop after I thought I'd found all the bargains in that shop to find this on a low shelf covered by an oven plate.
Which was especially fortuitous since someone in my family recently expressed a desire to own one.

I lashed out for Mr. P. It's been a tough year in lots of ways so I wanted him to have some laughs.

19 discs worth of episodes should just about do it and now you know how juvenile the humour in this house really is. Sometimes we even think farts are funny. Sue me.
And Mr. P must  have music to soothe his soul. Yes my husband has eclectic musical tastes.
The table runner for my Mum got finished this weekend. So did the matching coasters. Made from stash except for the binding which I had to go and buy after I stuffed it up at least three times. It's still not perfect. I'm sure the recipient will feel the love.

All the fur babies in our family are taken care of.

And this is done and I love it.  I hope the recipient likes it after all the angst this fabric has created. This was completely made from stash aside from the binding fabric.

And I completely copped out on three of the guys. They can treat themselves in the after Christmas sales.

And I bought them HUGE candy canes to go with the vouchers because I don't pay their dental bills.

Assorted glasses (can you believe some people don't drink coffee!)  and mugs with mug rugs for my work girlies. I need to make peppermint bark or cookies to go in cellophane bags to be given with these. The mug rugs were made from stash and the glasses and mugs were op shopped.

And most of it is under the tree, wrapped, waiting for the big day which will be bags of fun when Little P comes for tea on Wednesday night don't you think?

Next week I'll do a round up and a final tally and we'll see if I managed to stay within my original budget. I think I did! How is your Christmas present procuring going? Are you done yet ?


Seams Inspired said...

You did a marvelous job on all your thrifty goodness! :o) You're very ahead of me. I'm finished with most of it; however, DH and I must go shopping for our kids. Son#2 desires a bomber jacket that is neither in style nor available within 50 miles of our home. I'm hoping there'll still be one when I visit my sister this upcoming weekend.

I love the Mug Rugs and Cups! Since I think I'm sometimes SuperWoman, I'm going to try and whip some of those out this week. They'd be sweet for the Holly Berries, don't you think?

Love that you not only have your shopping completed, but the presents are wrapped and under the tree. You go girl! I'm in utter envy and awe at your organizational abilities. :o)

Hope your visit with your Mum and Dad is wonderful. Enjoy the clean house too. Happy Monday evening! :o)

PS...Let me know how well those license plates are received. I can cull some more for you if you ever need them, as I have access to some fabulous salvage yards. ;o)

Marie said...

omg mrs. p, other than a sprinkling of gift cards I haven't even started shopping yet. I'm the one on Xmas Eve afternoon with a credit card in hand -- haggling with a tired clerk for a deal! ... but I'm nice about it!

P. said...

Well done! All your gifts are fabulous! You have really been working your fingers to the bone making those things and shopping, haven't you?

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Ahh yes, I think I need to get that peppermint bark recipe posted, don't I?

Love your giftees and bargains!

Dee said...

What is that glass dish thingy with a lid ???
I have a rectangular one that is very similar ( but not as fancy, just plain glass with no ridges).
I have no idea what it is so can't even do a google.

pwl said...

Wow! I'm boggled and so shamed. If you have any determination to share, would you mind sending some my way?

Shay said...

It's cool Becks...I know how to make peppermint bark. Buteveryone else might like the recipe!

Shay said...

Dee, that's a depression glass butter dish . Australian. Probably made in about 1935-1940. They are getting rare as hen's teeth intact these days.

Kate said...

Wow! Great stuff! I've got most of the shopping done, but little wrapping. Guess I better go fix that. Congratulations on your sucessufl Christmas. Down to almost a week to go!

Michelle said...

I'm impressed! Such lovely stuff. If you didn't tell, most wouldn't know it was so thrifty. :-)

Mel said...

Fantastic gifts. Even if you had all of the money in the world to spend, you probably couldn't have done better (a small exaggeration, but you know what I mean. ha ha)!

I adore that tea pot and I am still crushing on the tree tote bag.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Mel in Toronto