Sunday, December 12, 2010

Accolades, Op Shopping and a Crafty Dilemma

I went shopping on Friday to finish the Christmas presents, get a haircut and find an outfit to wear Christmas day.   The shops have started getting awful, people are being insanely rude,  and there  are going to be punch-ups in car parks because of all the stress. Everyone is starting to act like they're the only people who have to get things done. It's a jungle out there.  I like to keep it simple and avoid all that madness. I'll be posting the last of my Christmas haul over at my not so secret blog  (family not allowed) on Tuesday, so come on over and have a look then, but I wanted to show off some of my other finds from Friday.

I have wanted a soup tureen  for 22 years. You don't see them round much anymore and the ones in the op shops are often missing the ladle or the lid  or have nasty chips. My infinite patience was rewarded yesterday when I found this ...I was seriously doing the happy dance, and then I saw the price and it was like angels started singing. Now I just want to make a bucket of soup so I can use it.

I also saw this ceramic pumpkin and bought it for an autumn table decoration. Yes..I am turning into one of those "I must change my house every three months with the seasons" chicks. Nah ..I'm not. This'll probably sit languishing in a cupboard or get put on the table  when I remove this years Christmas decorations and get moved again when next years go up...

My Christmas outfit is taken care of. White capri's, white strappy kitten heels , jolly red top, and a scarf for some style.  All I need is some new jewellery. I'm thinking green so I really look like a walking Christmas tree. Most of this outfit was op shopped aside from one item. As usual my photography skills stink .

And I was gifted with some calico  bread bags this week from Freecycle.  I said I'd take them with only a vague notion that I could do something crafty with them . I don't know what I'm going to do with 40 of them. Ideas please? Anyone want a few? I am insane to be thinking about making a picnic rug or something out of these? Can any of you come up with something better?

Melissa graced me with a cherry on top award this week. How appropriate since I had cherries appear on my tree also. If you haven't met Melissa pop on over and have a look at her blog, clothwork. Melissa is insanely talented and her blog is like eye candy. Thank you Melissa.

Part of the deal with this award is apparently I have to tell you about three things I love and then tag three more people for the award.

I am not a big chocolate eater but I love Rum and Raisin Chocolate. This is my favourite. Love Rum and Raisin.

Obviously I adore both of these guys.  

And today I love this cat ...which doesn't happen very often because normally she is quite feral. Maybe it's a sign the world is about to come to an end, because she's being really cute and loving instead of trying to rip my face off.  

I'm tagging the following blogs because I think they're an uber-cool read. You should go check them out. They're all very different but eminently enjoyable.

Kirsten's Cooking -if it wasn't for Kirsten my family would get the same meals week after  week. Plus she just made 700 cinnamon rolls for charity.

Lisa at Git Down Kitty - one funny lady. She sews, she crafts, she finds weird things under her couch cushions.

Marg at Sunshine?Paradise? who is my soul sister in crafting disaster. It's so nice to have  friend who is as imperfect as I am in that department and doesn't mind sharing her flops (and many successes)

I just wanted to let the world know I love you. Don't feel obligated to tag along if you don't want to.

And now I'm off to sew some things. I may achieve greatness today  or I may not...probably not...meh.


Michelle said...

What a pretty soup tureen. I'm honestly not much of a dish person (probably because I'm afraid if I got started I wouldn't stop), but your tureen is just lovely.

Such a pretty outfit for Christmas. It's funny. I *know* it's summer there, but when you said Christmas outfit, I'm thinking winter clothes.

Cool award! I knew you loved those two men in your life, and could have guessed the chocolate, but not the variety, so it was nice to be introduced to your kitty. Charley (my cat) can be rather anti-social too.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

Well, gosh - I feel so honored!! I'll have to think really hard about tagging other people, because you would have been at the top of my list! seriously.

Love the new outfit and I'm totally jealous that you can wear capris, a tank and kitten heels for Christmas!! I'll be wearing layers - lots of layers.

Love the soup tureen - the only thing I can think of to go in there would be devil soup. :)

Actually, is watercress in season there? if you want, I can forward you a recipe for it - wouldn't that look pretty? :)

Marg said...

Thank you so much for the award Shay, I feel very honoured that you think I am as imperfect as you!!!! No, in all honesty I'm chuffed, thank you for your very kind words, it's great being able to share our crafting disasters and commiserate together. Now it's a tough one to tag other people as there are so many beautiful blogs it could go too.
I love your soup tureen, how cool is that to get one intact with all the bits and pieces, it was certainly worth the wait. Is the pumpkin that big?
I have no idea what you can do with the bread bags.
Love your Christmas day outfit, very Christmasy, and that you found most of it at the op shop, yay, you are on a roll.
Beware the nice kitty!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous soup tureen, sometimes one has to sift through some dross to find the good stuff in op shops! Love the Chrissy outfit too, yes definitely green jewels, how about a long rope of emerald green poils? I know there are quilters who would love those bags, they are often used as quilt backings especially if the quilt top is made from 30s fabrics. Keeping the depression alive, as it were.

Kate said...

Congratulations on the "cherry on top" award, how cool! Great soup tureen. Since none of us like the same soup, if it gets made in this house it's likely Campbells and we use soup bowls to warm it up in the microwave. A sou tureen in this house would have a very lonely existance.

It's still a bit of a stretch to realize that you have Christmas during summer. I really can't imagine. Great outfit though! Green jewerly would look great!

Paulette said...

Love the tureen and your Christmas outfit. The bread bags...I'm thinking these are what we call flour sacks (or feed sacks), but I can't tell how big they are (not knowing how much 10 kg is). Anyway, it reminded me of a book I had checked out from the library this summer, which had a lot of cute quilted things made with fabric that had writing on it. These bags would be great for that kind of thing. Here is the Amazon link to the book (which wasn't one of my faves, but it had some cute stuff).

You could also cut them to dishtowel size, put a cute coordinating strip of fabric near one end, maybe ruffles if you're feeling frou-frou, and sell them like hotcakes. Or have a giveaway and then pick me! :)

Vesuviusmama said...

Oh, I want a soup tureen!!! (and, um, what does "op shop" mean? Thrift store? Consignment shop?) Love the Christmas outfit. I keep forgetting that it is warm for Christmas in half the world. Mean, I'm freezing my #@&%* off!

Elizabeth said...

Great op shop purchases. Your soup tureen is so fancy. And the back splashes in the kitchen are lovely.

Your Christmas outfit is so, so cute. I wish I could wear something like that on Christmas. I'm freezing.

And your guys are adorable.

xo -E

Lisa said...

I got two new followers in like, half an hour and was all, like what the heck? I usually get two new followers in a month! LOL! Now I get it! Thank you for the award and the kind words. I never tag people, but maybe I will whip out a post about 3 things I like... if I can crawl out of the couch. The saggy spot is swallowing me now. It's getting bad. I actually moved to the other end and made DH sit in the worst spot. HAHAHAHAHA!

So. I was like, why did she buy summer clothes for Christmas? Is it always hot in her office... ? Then... oh! It dawned on me that not everyone lives in my reality (which is Blizzard Aiden today). Talk about entitled! Anyway, very cute outfit. I love the shirt especially. Does not look op-shopped at all.

I cannot figure out why you want a soup tureen... if you eat the soup out of the pan that you cooked it in, then you will have less DISHES to wash. Although, it is really pretty. I would fill it with Christmas ornaments and use it as a centerpiece.

And... I know I had more. Oh! The bags. I was just reading a blog post where they had made totes out of coffee sacks and sold them at a craft show. They were really cute. If I can find it I will send you a link.

And thank you again for the cherry. On top. :P

melissa said...

Ha HA , You are going to be seriously spunky on Christmas day, (i will keep an eye out for some flashing light earrings) Great score at the op shop and as for the flour bags, Ill have to have a think...Happy Sunday x

Deb said...

Gorgeous soup tureen. I have a huge pumpkin tureen we were given as a wedding present and I think I've only used it twice, isn't that terrible. The photo of the "boys", how cute is that and loving your outfit, you will look stunning on christmas day.

Kirsten said...

Congrats on your must feel honored. But I know it went to the right person your blog...and your soup terrine...very pretty...and absolutly adorable X-mas outfit...want some green jewelry..I have enough I don`t use anymore.
Your cat looks dangerous...glad she didn`t tear up your face..have a nice evening and don`feast on the chocolate :-)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

What no PJs for Xmas??? I love your new outfit very cute! I stay in my PJs until just before everyone arrives and then change into them when all guests leave, usually because i have eaten so much and my nice clothes are too tight!! Ive just bought myself the most amazing pair of cotton pants in Sydney for yoga....just like wearing going out PJs! wonder uf i could wear them for xmas??
I will let you into a vet trade secret.... Those torties are known for their madness and temper. If she is in a good mood make the most of it :-)

Unknown said...

I have a Soup Terrine from my Nan..they are a Rare thing these days..the Kids just Laugh at it when I pull it out...what would they know Hey!
You could use those Sacks as a backing for a quilt...cut them into rectangles..just a thought..
Enjoy Your Chrissy'll look the part in your New Attire...Ho Ho Ho.

Paulette said...

By the way, I was looking for something in an out-of-the-way cupboard yesterday and saw a soup tureen that looked like yours which I had completely forgotten I had! It was my late mother-in-law's. We've never used it. (And why not? I don't know...)

Deb said...

I love the soup tureen! I've always wanted one too.

If you're serious about giving away some of the flour bags; I'd love to have some and would happily pay postage, or trade you for some of my handmade soap!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I have an awesome recipe for Rum Raisin ice cream. If you'd like to have it, drop me a note and I'll send it to you. Really yummy. I found you through Git Down Kitty dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com