Thursday, September 09, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday

I'm trying something new this week because I had so many great ideas for Slack Tea Thursday  I still can't decide.

Obviously this means
a) My house is full of junk food
b) I may not eat until midnight and I know you're all waiting for this post
c) I cannot think of a nutritional meal to save myself on a Thursday and even if I could that would defeat the purpose of STT.

So, while I'm deciding ....Yay ! Its a pop quiz for Slack Tea Thursday.  I'm going to give you the choices I am considering for slack tea and you're going to guess what I'll end up having. I'd actually really like to have this as a vote and eat the highest voted choice but frankly I dont want to wait until tomorrow to have tonight's tea since some of you are in a different time zone which would mean it would actually be Frivolous Breakfast Friday . I'm working tomorrow and don't want to go to work with curly fry breath.   I'll reveal my final choice sometime tomorrow.

These are the choices
a) chicken noodle soup using chicken from the chicken shop and home brand chicken noodle soup (which wouldnt look anywhere near as awesome as this picture that I stole from the internet ) 

b) A ham and cheese toasty (ham and cheese and butter and bread how could I go wrong ?)

c) Crumbed chicken breast straight out of a box (why do they feel the need to reinforce on the box this is 100% chicken - what else could it possibly be )

d) Curly fries with garlic sauce

e) A box of Cadbury Favourites chocolates ( got these at work this week because I am an ultra nice person and did someone a favour - yep I'm a government official accepting payola for favours )

f) A caramel slice

h) The biggest chocolate chip muffin I've ever seen . It'd be a personal challenge to finish it.
My beverage choices :  

Cherry Coke ( which I love and is hard to come by here )

or 7 up Cherry which I've never tried in my life...and is also rare as rocking horse poop in Australia

i) Or I could wander round the house eating random things like a mouthful of feta, some of the chocolates,  two slabs of fritz ,  a handful of french fries salt and vinegar chips ....ok the rest of the packet ... the cherry coke, smoke three cigarettes, drink  the 7 up, and then eat one or both the cakey things for dessert. Then I could go to bed with a severe stomach ache and have very scary dreams all night.

You will notice there is nothing remotely healthy amongst these pictures and I have noticed that there is nothing green in there either. I really need to eat a salad. I did consider it because you can buy those in a bag from the supermarket. But it seemed like a lot of chewing for very little pleasure. Happy Guessing .

P.S. Kirsten, I know these posts really worry you , since you are a cook extraordinaire . I really do eat healthy food most of the time. Ok, some of the time. Alright ...occasionally.

See you tomorrow for Favourite Things Friday .

Edited to reveal : I actually went with random guys, the mouthful of feta, some  most of the chocolates, two slabs of fritz , about 12 bits of ham,  all of the chips,  the cherry coke, smoked three cigarettes, and drank the 7 up. Then I did sit here moaning and bilious while contemplating the smart-ness of still wanting to eat the cake. Insane. I was going to go with the curly fries if that makes any difference to anyone, however by the time I made this decision, I'd eaten all the rest and it seemed rather piggy to continue....


Anonymous said...

The soup seems like too much work (at least for me), so I'm going to go with...hmmm...I want to say the sandwiches, but I suspect it'll be the curly fries (or maybe both).

Kirsten's Cooking said...

now I really feel guilty for drinking a cherry coke this weekend! I believe you eat healthy, but who wants to read about that? I much prefer to read about your slack tea adventures...I'm going to guess that you're going to eat random things around the house - that's what I would do!
can't wait to see the reveal-

Marg said...

I don't want to play because you posted photos of caramel slice, chocolates and a chocolate chip muffin and I don't have any chocolate in the house. I'm going to sulk in a corner!

Helsie said...

Well, if it was me I'd choose the toastie sandwiches but they do involve a bit of preparation and don't really measure up to be slack enough judging by some of your other STT meals.
I think you'll go for Chicken and curly chips 'cos I assume you can just heat them in your new oven.
Sorry , I can't even contemplate the drinks !

Marg said...

OK I've done sulking. I'm going for random things, that is what I would do too!

Jenn said...

I think i'm leaning toward the random things, too, and I assume you will probably also engulf the caramel slice, a bite or two of the muffin AND the cherry 7UP simply to be daring...I have Cherry Coke Zero in my frig - love it!!

Mistea said...

My guess is the toasty with fries and favourites for desert.
I wish there were this many choices at my house!

Larri said...

I'm guessing Curly Fries and Cherry Coke. Yum! :o) Can't wait to find out what you actually did for Slack Tea Thursday!

Paulette said...

I, too, am going to go with the curly fries and Cherry Coke, with a Cadbury chocolate (and antacid) chaser.

Brenda said...

I vote the ham and cheese sandwich (toasty). Looks delicious, but then again, I haven't had breakfast yet over on this side of the globe. I don't think you'll choose it, though, since you seem to eat odd, Aussie things most of the time (fishy things, etc.) Hope you enjoyed it- whatever it was!!

Shevvy said...

Hmm, caburys and the caramel slice! Well that would be my choice if I had any in the house!

AnnieO said...

I vote for crumbed chicken straight out of the package. No unwrapping needed, even! While you have never tried cherry 7Up, I loathe both that and cherry Coke. Cherry flavoring just makes me think of cough drops. Happy digesting!

Char said...

Chocolate? You have chocolate? Hmmm
send me the chocolate and you can have the ham and cheese!

Jenny said...

My vote is for E and F washed down by a cherry coke. But, hey, that's just what I'd have if there was anything like that in my house - ha!

Deb said...

Well I am going for the salt and vinegar chips and the caramel slice with maybe some Favourites for dessert. I don't think you'll have either of those drinks, maybe a coffee or a more interesting drink.

Kris said...

Oh my goodness you are hard work! Not only do I have to think of my dinner, but yours as well!!!

Well, since it is now breakfast time I won't really be thinking of your dinner. My breakfast time. You are probably already at work accepting chocolate bribes in the line of duty. Whatever you chose I hope it was easy. I had a spring roll from Ikea with chocolate milk. Pretty slack. And I didn't even look at anything at Ikea. Yup, Just went for the food. Hope your friday is productive!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I think you ate e and f and had the 7up cherry. :D

Michelle said...

I think the sandwich looks good, but I'm betting you didn't have that, because I'm really not sure if it's slack enough.

So I'm going with the curly fries and a cherry coke.

Elizabeth said...

Wait. Did I miss the grand reveal? I was rooting for the ham and cheese toast until I got to the chocolate chip muffin. That is the obvious perfect choice . . . close enough real food that you'll almost not be sick after eating just that for dinner, but still chocolate enough to count for Slack Tea.

And while we're voting, I say one of these Slack Teas you need to have ice cream straight from the container with a plastic spoon. I'm going to keep mentioning it until you do it or give me a satisfactory explanation as to why you won't have ice cream for tea.

xo -E

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I am late commenting as usual BUT I just had Tim Tams for tea....Have you done Tim Tams yet on translation Tuesday??