Monday, September 05, 2011

Weekend ADD

Sometimes I swear I have undiagnosed ADD. This was in definitely in evidence this weekend where I found it almost impossible to stick to one task for longer than 15 minutes with the exception of gossiping on the phone with a friend. I can do that for hours.  On the positive side being easily distracted  meant I actually made progress on a few things that have been lurking round here making me feel guilty.

I made my first log cabin block ever for Kat's cheeky quilt. If I can find a moment to scratch myself this week to get to the post office this will be winging it's way across the country to become part of a much larger quilt.

I lashed out and made butterfly cakes. They flew straight into my mouth. Bastards.

Flurry saw the light of day for the first time in weeks. (Insert resounding clap here ) I've cut and sewn the border strips. Maybe this week they'll actually get attached. Everyone else is working on their backing so I have some catching up to do.

Tis The Season got a look in as well. These blocks are finished. I'll have a global mexican wave for that achievement thank you.

And these are part way done. Remain seated.

Little P's quilt finally got a label sewn on it.  I was only prompted by the fact he puked on it and it needed washing. That helped me recall I had been avoiding the label sewing for three months. 

I'm baby sitting Little P for a few days this week while Miss P works at the Royal Show so I went shopping and bought a few clothes for him to wear when he visits. I went overboard. I'm going to have to change him three times a day to ensure everything gets worn. I am also insanely contemplating toilet training him while he's here. 

Then I realised I didn't have any bibs to keep those pristine designer clothes clean so I whipped up a few. Last time I did bibs I made 25 at once and got all bibbed out. These came together so quickly I'm re-considering a career in bib making instead of my regular job. I'd only have to make 7587 bibs a year to break even.

It's going to be kid central here this week so if I'm not around much babysitting either killed me or I'm in a corner sobbing uncontrollably because there's pee and poop all over my house.  


Lorraine said...

You had a way more productive sewing weekend than I did! I find it hard to stick to one task for long when I am home....have so much I want to do....I started doing the dishes the other morning....then got sidetracked and they were still sitting in cold sudsy water when I found them a few hours later....started to wipe down the kitchen benches and before I knew it I was out pruning stuff in the garden....why....? because I went out to cut a few bits of greenery for a vase that was sitting on the bench......see how one thing leads to another....just need to remember to get back to the "one thing" now and then......!

Three Birds Inspired said...

Looks like you got a lot done with or without ADD!

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha I loved that post!! Not least of all because it has a gorgeous block in for me which I love! Thank you! (and which you teased me with by telling me you'd post it last night when in fact you made me wait until this morning. Evil lady... Taunting a girl with no patience... I don't know! Or not evil lady because sending me a truly lovely block. Weee heeee have I told you lately that I love you?)
Secondly because it was hilarious. How rude having to look after little p when he has the spews. Isn't that one of the perks of being a grandparent- not having to deal with that?
And haha if your house gets covered in wee and poop- then our houses will be matching. Sad but true.
Can you tell by this crazy long comment that I'm doing a great job of procrastinating getting any chance?! Gotta make the most of hubs being home now haven't I :)

Michelle Ridgway said...

I need some of whats ailing you. You certainly got a lot done.
I can't get past the 'butterfly cakes' as they are my all time favourites.
Oh we are amidst the toilet training and it's a 'land' that I had mercifully forgotten about until now. Argghh! Don't like this Nanna duty too much so I feel your pain.

Kritta22 said...

Holy stink! You are way productive!!! I wish I had half your energy!
What are butterfly cakes?

Pokey said...

Ah, Shay ,just like you to have 25 things going at once. How many hands do you have? sewing and cooking and baby lovin' too. I hope you enjoy dressing lil' P bunches! The butterfly cakes look yummy ~

Mistea said...

Have fun with Little P - looks like you are both on the same time schedule!
Gorgeous log cabin and borders for that quilt.
Yum on the butterfly cakes - can't complain though as there were cakes at the old peoples yesterday as all my siblings who live here and talk to the old's (and some of their children) brought cakes to celebrate with the father.
Like the look of the TTS so far, and yes I waved.

Kate said...

Wow! You really kicked it into high gear this weekend. Love your log cabin block, it's so bright. We had a family day so no sewing, so you still have time to catch up on getting the backing for Flurry done. Though Larri was going to sew this afternoon, she may have beat both of us.

I'd think your butterfly cakes were the ult, but we ate out at PF Changs and I'm stuffed. I don't want to see food till Tuesday.

Marti said...

I love log cabin quilts and your block will totally fit with the ones on her post.

Yep, nothing like a little barf smell to motivate me to get something finished and washed. Love your label. Is it a pre-printed label?

How fun to be grand-sitting for a week. All those new clothes look so cute too. I think I'd get tired of making bibs after about # 37 so I probably couldn't make a living at it. But then I get bored easily, so maybe I have ADD too. Good thing I'm so tired lately or I'd think I had ADHD.

Brenda said...

Love your cheeky log cabin block! Love shopping for grandchildren clothes too, they look darling. I am impressed with all you got done, you inspire me, as usual. Hope you survive the babysitting gig...

seabreezequilts said...

I need a dose of ADD myself. Supposed to be studying as well as a couple of other things quilting wise. Great effort everything is looking pretty good.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi Shay
Love your block for Shay. I have posted mine to her today. She is going to get her wish and have a BRIGHT quilt.

Canadian Abroad said...

Please send cakes. I sewed a lot yesterday and I have lost some weight. I feel I deserve a reward! You and Little P are going to have a great time. Bet he thinks you are the coolest person in the world.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

That log cabin is going to look great in Kats cheeky quilt, it will be lovely for her to have reminders of all her bloggy friends. You were boys were just wondering why I was getting up and down at the table so much! Have fun looking after Little will need to put your feet up after 3 days! :-)

Unknown said...

Not ADD it's called trying to fit in Too Much in one weekend...
This post cracked me up..from cakes to over indulging mr p in new clothes to stitching to baby poo..
sounds like my
Good luck with the toilet training.
our turn is yet to come..
Enjoy your Nanna Duties..

Sue said...
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Sue said...

There was much mexican waving, wild clapping and laughing in Perth as I read your blog post. Your log cabin block looks fabulous. Congratulations on your first! Tis The Season looks lovely...The colours you are using are lovely. It sounds like your butterfly cakes need to come with a warning! It just goes to show how light and fluffy your baking is!

Larri said...

Waving and applauding in the South going on as we celebrate your accomplishments. If this is what you're like when your ADD flares up, I need some of it. ☺

I LOVE that red/white floral you're using in 'Tis the Season. Do you recall the name/manufacturer? The whole thing is turning out quite pretty.

I'm happy to be passed the bib season, though I think sometimes I need one. Good luck with the potty training. I had a cousin who had her Mom come to help with that. She 'bell-trained' that kid. Kind of like Pavlov's dogs, I guess. I always feared her kids would lose their bladder or worse when walking into a store that had one of those bells on the door. ☺

Happy Monday night! Bet you sleep well after chasing Little P all day.

AnnieO said...

Lots of great project stroking this week, Shay--I think you did great easing them all along!

Ugh--toilet training. Good thing you did some shopping to pump up your spirits before THAT started!

P.S. What is a Mexican wave?

Rachaeldaisy said...

Woohoo Mexican Wave!! Oh Man you got heaps done!! Lots of lovely bits and pieces!! Your quilt labels are always so fancy, and it's great that you credit the namer. I love those bibs. Little P is a lucky little guy to be spending time with you. Hmm good luck with the toilet training..

Paulette said...

Remain seated...cracked me up! Whatever condition you have that causes you to be so productive, I hope it spreads like the flu and I get it. Nice job on everything! I'm very impressed!

Helsie said...

I'm sure I've mentioned your name and ADD in the same sentence before now. How else would you get so much done???

Kirsten's Cooking said...

Oh, my goodness....either Little P takes really long naps, or you made him sit on the potty for hours!

those cupcakes looks really rich and divine!

love all of the progress on your projects!

Have a great week - enjoy that little guy :)

Mindy said...

Wow! You have been one busy girl! Great looking stuff! I hope to get to sew some today. It's taken a backseat to canning lately, but I'm itching to finish a gift that needs to get out.

Enjoy that little one, but don't wear yourself out!

TheLab said...

BIBS!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, so this actually happened yesterday: I was putting Mercy's pajamas on and asked Steel to please find me a bib. He came back with one and I thanked him, discreetly set it aside, and quickly went to the bib drawer myself and exchanged it for one of the bibs you made me (orange on one side with brown/polka dots on the other). Steel was like, "mom, why didn't you use the bib I brought?" I felt terrible because I had asked him a favor and then went and erased it, and because he noticed! I told him the truth, "Sorry buddy, and THANK YOU for helping me, but I really love this bib and it matches her outfit." He just looked at me. Ha ah ah, poor kid. I LOVE your bibs so much, and even though she's just spitting formula all over them, I TOTALLY match them to what she's wearing, or chose them over all other bibs.

All of this is absolutely true!

thea said...

Although you don't enjoy it much, I love that you have ADD because I get to see all the great things you're working on. Wish I had as much going on as you. Perhaps if I stopped watching so much TV ... and playing stupid computer games ..

And what a terrific grandma you are! new clothes and bibs and toilet training too! Those bibs are too cute.

Keep Stitchin' said...

You did better than me and your post was hilarious! I know what you mean about the attention span thing... I'm trying to plan my youngest daughter's baby shower, baby sit some of our grandsons, work on customer quilts and several other commitments I made some time ago!

Unknown said...

There must be something in the air! I swear, it's like I was preggies last week! I accomplished so much organizing in the cottage that even the sweetie noticed!
Of course things don't go too right all the time, so I've cut out an Ohio Star, only to realize that I trimmed before making the four pieces. Now the little squares are 4" and not 4 1/2...Helen says not to worry, it will work out since I hadn't cut my is strange and all the above posters are too funny and strange too!

Elizabeth said...

I love, love, love that log cabin block! Love it, I tell you! So bright and cheerful!

Can't wait to see how Flurry comes out with the borders.

I love your 'Tis The Season blocks! The fabric is so pretty! That is going to be one awesome quilt!

The bibs are adorable and I love the Toddle Couture for Little P!

xo -E

Leanne said...

You just can't trust butterfly cakes.