Friday, September 23, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

It was another week where I struggled to keep up with the goings on in Blogland and my email Inbox and with juggling work and home responsibilities. With another Little P sleepover, my Dad having surgery (which he never does very well)and a mega busy weekend coming up I'm looking forward to focusing on something today that has been the highlight of my week. Come and play Favourite Things Friday with me!

One morning this week I woke up early as usual. I got in my hour at the computer before Mr. P woke up. And when he woke up he gave me this because apparently I stink.  

And because it was my birthday. 

I also got a "Go and Buy yourself an I Pad, tablet or notebook since you have wanted one since the dawn of time and spend 90% of your waking life at home playing with your Blog friends " note. Sara , you and I will be talking about what I really want to buy since you're my techno expert and know about all this new fangled technology stuff. 

When I got to work my office was awash with gifts and a birthday cake. I think my Babushka love is well known everywhere but especially at work. 

Lunch with my mother and my sister yielded even more bounty. A subscription for home inspiration and a Spotlight Voucher so I can make more beautiful quilts. I can probably spend that voucher in less than 3 minutes. The magazine subscription will last a year. Plenty of time to be inspired and decide I want Mr. P to re-paint the entire house in purple or orange. 

Later in the day, I got  a parcel from Little Miss Sunshine. Apparently I'm a bitch who loves Faith Fabric. Right on both counts. I almost squealed when I opened the package. Words fail to convey how much I love this fabric. But I know you all understand that feeling. 

From another wonderful work friend, the most divine diffuser for my bathroom. It really is too bad this isn't smell-a-vision. You'll just have to take my word for  it that I have the best smelling bathroom in all of the Southern Hemisphere.

Miss P and Little P came over for my birthday and stayed the night. Miss P looked kind of mischievous when she handed me my gift which turned out to be this. A disposable camera.  I've been complaining about my 7 year old digital camera for a year so maybe she thought this would help me out. 

Until she couldn't contain herself any longer and forked over the real present. I think I know where some of that hard earned money from working a couple of weeks ago went. 

And in case you're wondering how old I was
(the donuts were for Miss P and Mr. P ) 

And Little P had his first frog cake while Bella ate about her 1 millionth. 

I think he enjoyed it even if he did eat it all wrong. Everyone who is anyone knows you eat the head last so you can hear the frog screaming until the very last bite. PETA members don't send me hate mail - I'm totally joking. (You tape their mouths shut so you can't hear them scream ) 

Birthday celebrations continue this weekend. I've had so much fun with this birthday and intend to wind it out as long as possible.

If you'd like to show off one of your favourite things for this week -you know the deal - link on up and show us something you love!


Canadian Abroad said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You and everyone else in the world is still younger than me though. It sucks. I want to know when I became the oldest person ever?!?!?!

Glad you are having such a great, extended days long birthday celebration. You deserve it!

Paulette said...

Happy birthday! Looks like you've been treated right by those you know and love.

I have the ancient ancestor of your Sony camera, back when 7.2 megapixels was the shiz. You will love that macro lens. I see they've built some kind of stability into it (that has been a complaint with mine), so that's good. And to give you an idea of what I really know about cameras, I though the disposable was a pretty cool looking thing until you mentioned otherwise.

Kay said...

Happy Birthday Shay. I too had a birthday recently (world events ensure that no-one will ever forget the date) but am a couple of years older.....although I had to think about that when someone at work suggested that my 40th was not that long ago and I had to actually calculate how old I was. See, I'm so old that it no longer just rolls off the tongue....or maybe that's the dementia kicking in??

Anyway, I wasn't as spoiled as you were; no-one EVER gives me fabric!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh Happy Birthday Shay...hugs and kisses to you! Looks like you received all the special treatment you deserve. I hope your celebrations keep on going in style. Love all your pics. You didn't have to rub it in though by putting those low numbers on your cake!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday deaaar Shhhaaayyyyy
Happy Birthday to you!

Sung completely out of tune as is tradition with that song of course :P
Wow looks like you were super spoilt - awesome work!
And please do you know where your lovely work mates got that teapot from? I am in need of a teapot and I think it needs to be one exactly like that!!
Hope you have a lovely birthday weekend too! Soak it up ;)

Brenda said...

Birthdays are the BEST! Looks like you're livin' it up over there. I can't believe how big litte P is!

circle retreat quilter said...

Happy Birthday.... looks like you had a great day and got spoilt. oh the famous Adelaide Balfour's frog cake..I love a kitchener bun. No where but Adelaide.

Unknown said...

Hello it's me here from PETA we will be giving you a surprise visit very soon .

Unknown said...

and a very , very happy birthday too !

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hey Shay

What a great day you've had.




Kristie said...

Happy Birthday, you old coot ;) What a bounty you received! Awesome- you deserve to be spoiled! I want to steal your babuska tea pot!

melissa said...

Happy Birthday! Sending big hugs your way. Some gorgeous pressies there , you scored well!

Have a wonderful day!


AnnieO said...

Sneaky you, that's why you said all the best people are born in September! Well, happy happy birthday toooo youuuuuuu! Looks like the continuous celebration has had an excellent start. Enjoy!

Jennifer said...

Happy the loot! Remember, it's not the years in your life that count - it's the life in your years. It's only a number. And other sayings like that......

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Happy Birthday Shay, looks like you have been royally spoilt! Are you on the cusp between Virgo and Libra? I have seen some Virgo tendencies from you but not so many Libran ones, coming from a Libran who can never make up her mind :-)

Rachaeldaisy said...

Woohoo!! Happy Birthday Shay!! It's sounds like you had an awesome day!! And a bountiful haul of fabulous things. 3 cheers for your birthday!!

Dee said...

Happy birthday Shay. I hope you had a good one, it sound like you did. I had a birthday this week too, but these days mine starts with a 5.

(I think that you got my share of the presents too)

Marg said...

Happy Birthday Shay, gee your loot looks spectacular.

Little P has really grown up hasn't he. Yummmmm a green frog. Oh before I forget can you smuggle one (or a dozen) in your luggage for me please, xxxxx.

Susan, you are not the oldest person ever, unfortunately for me, I am.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

Oh, Shay! I am so happy that you had a great birthday! It is obvious, and I'm not surprised, that you are apparently very special to so many people!
What great gifts - I think your family and friends know you very well!
I hope the mega-busy weekend is a good one and that your dad is recovering well.
Thanks for the picture of Little P - he really is looking so grown-up!
Happy Birthday, friend!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday! You obviously were a very good girl this year. Wow, a new camera, I thought your shots from the 7 year old one were pretty cool, now they will be spectacular.

Enjoy the rest of your birthday celebrations!

Marie said...

happy birthday !!! it sounds like it was a fantastic day. keep educating little p in the ways of bella ....

he's adorable!

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Shay! It looks like you had a great day and will continue to have a great weekend. I love the babushka and fabric presents! Enjoy!!!

Katie said...

Happy birthday! Looks like you got some treats

KendasCrafts said...

happy birthday! and lol about the frog cake!

Mistea said...

That would be some Birthday Loot - Lucky you.
Hope your weekend is just as fun.
Happy Birthday wishes to you.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday!

Of course I'm happy to come tech shopping with you. Today I decided I would practice on my own and bought a new phone. And then I went online ad bought a purple and orange case for it. Purple and orange is totally in, you tell Mr P that.

Petra said...

Happy Birthday, Shay! Those are very great favorites!

Shay said...

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. This really has been the best birthday I've had in ages. I may have to turn 45 again next year.

(I've been officially counting back since my 40th so technically I'm 35 this year !)

Unknown said...

Happy Happy Birthday...Lots of Lovely Goodies..
Have a Good Weekend.

Larri said...

♪♫Happy Birthday, dear Shay!♪♫
♫♪Happy Birthday to you!♫♪

Sung in my best bloggy voice...pinky promise.

Looks as if it was quite the happy birthday. Enjoy your weekend with your family. Ooh! Can't wait to see what techno gadget you decide to purchase. LOVE the Little P Frog Cake snap. He knows how to party with the big crowd! LOL

Happy Saturday, cause I'm late to the FTF party this week. ☺

Andrea said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!!!!!!!
I love all of your Friday fav's today. Especially the teapot and the 'bitch' present. That totally made me laugh! What kind of gadget are you going to get?

blog reading is super easy on the ipad... ;-)

Helsie said...

Happy Birthday you youthful young thing! Looks like it was a good one..... and an ipad!! You lucky thing! We'll wait till we go overseas again ( if that ever happens with the share market doing what it's doing at the mo !!!)

thea said...

Happy Birthday Shay! Looks like you really raked it in! You deserve it all. I was a little puzzled by Miss P's gift, until I saw the real one. What an amazing gift!

Those kinds of birthdays are the best .. many pleasant surprises spread over a long time.

btw, according to your way of calculating, I'm 28 .. :)

Unknown said...

Oh Gosh: I missed your birthday bash! I was away on a mini holiday this passed week. I see you took full advantage of the day! Good for you. I start to remind everyone about a month ahead and my day is coming next week. Sadly, being at the cottage, we are hunkered down to sick weather, but a phone call from my loves will suffice till they see me.
The best would have bee Little P coming to share the joy of your getting older! HA!

Elizabeth said...

Glad you had such a lovely birthday. Don't get your tablet yet because the iPad three is coming out shortly. Just sayin'.

And in the spirit of winding out your birthday for as long as you can, your birthday gift from me will not arrive until approximately the 1st of October {sorry it is late}.

Loved the crack about how to properly eat a frog cake. And the crack about just kidding. You are one awesome chick.

xo -E

shirley from oz said...

Happy Birthday Shay, I can see you had a lovely day.

Your quilt of solids is amazing, I love all those odd shapes and you have put them together beautifully.

Michelle said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Shay! Sure looks like you had a good one. :-)

Vesuviusmama said...

I missed your birthday!!! Too busy celebrating mine like the selfish 40 yr old that I am. Sounds like you raked in the booty - you've got them all very well trained!