Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Thankyou Post

I've had about 10 cracks at doing this post and Blogger keeps eating my photos and words. Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Why does Blogger hate me?

So many nice things have happened to me in the last couple of weeks. As you know it's been kind of crazy here so these sunshiny things that have  happened have really given me a lift in spirits during what has been a very busy time. So, I wanted to do some special thankyou's.

Cynthia over at Home Matters 1st did a post a while back about a gift she knitted for her cousin Helga. You can see her post here . I commented on it  and Cynthia surprised me by knitting one and sending it Down Under. I can't show it in it's glorious entirety here  because my blog isn't R rated.  (Just a tip if you go to Cynthia's blog she has a link to this project - but don't go there if you're faint hearted or easily offended )

Thanks Cynthia. This will making wiping my  benches endless fun instead of a dreary chore. I just hope Mr. P doesn't feel his manhood is being  threatened.

A while back Jenni at Baa Me Kniits, had a giveaway on her blog. I was the lucky winner. My gorgeous shawl arrived last week . It was accompanied by two pairs of crochet slippers (one for me and one for SOP- who is still freezing here in Adelaide after living in Darwin ) which I haven't taken off since they arrived. I'm getting weird looks when I wear them to work. Perhaps they would look "righter" with pyjamas? I cannot tell you how much I adore these slippers. And Jenni also sent me this cute needle case. ( I needed a needle case too, because everyone knows that a needle case makes you look like a serious sewing type person ) Thank you Jenni. It's all so beautiful.

P over at The Way I Sew It graced me with a versatile blogger award recently. Awwwwwwwww thanks P. I think you rock too. I don't think I'm in a place right now where I can commit to handing the award on and telling previously  untold stuff about moi-self so my effusive thanks will have to suffice. And for those of you who haven't made P's acquaintance she is practically royalty having had one of her quilts recently featured at Quilt Story. So hop on over to P's blog for a sticky beak at her featured quilt.

And lastly, Shruti at 13 Woodhouse Road had a giveaway for a silk sari bedspread recently and I was the lucky winner. I can't wait for it to arrive! Shruti is the coordinator of the Spread the Cheer project that I'm part of. Thanks Shruti. It looks so beautiful.

And, to everyone who emailed or left comments during my recent enforced absence -thanks - it's so great to know people actually notice when I'm not here ! I felt very cut off from this community for a while there. I think I'm addicted to you all. Do you think that's a problem?

P.S. As far as the room that must not be named thing  goes,  it's going slowly, with the inevitable delays beyond my control.  But we're getting there and I'm determined not to grizzle (too loudly)  Hopefully I'll have something to show you in the next few days. I have started unpacking around all the things that still need doing, but still don't have a functional kitchen. (insert grizzly kind of eye roll and deep sighing here )


Paulette said...

You got some sweet goodies! I love that green dishcloth. I think I would be inclined to tidy up a bit more if I could just (ahem) grab one of those.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

You are welcome :-)

You deserve all those nice goodies after all the **** you have to put up with with the renos!

Love the dishcloth, It would make a good xmas present for someone who has everything don't you think?? :-)

Marg said...

Oooh how fabulous receiving all those lovely things. Jenni and Cynthia are so lovely, aren't they. (hint) he he

Being addicted to blogging, a problem, noooooooo. Because if it is I'm in big trouble.

AnnieO said...

And so now you have hit a lucky streak! Congrats. Love the slippers and the handmade goodies. It's so lovely to win stuff, innit?

The kitchen saga has nothing to do with luck, obviously.

Elizabeth said...

LM*O at the dish cloth Cynthia knitted for you. I especially liked the name of it. I wonder if . . . wait. I'd better not go there. Anyway, laughing.

xo -E

Unknown said...

Mrs. P, thanks for the thanks and I am glad you enjoyed the dishcloth. I am willing to make more for all of those who are drooling over it!

You are one lucky and special woman and deserve everything you get.