Sunday, May 30, 2010


When I was younger, there was  this  really  annoying little kid in the neighbourhood  that used to hang around me  all the time.  She always wanted to do what I did,  and sometimes because she was a couple of years younger that was a right royal pain in the patootie. I  don't have a memory of when she moved into our street exactly - it just seemed like she was always there ,being needy, wanting to join in, and spending her bus money on lollies and expecting me to give her mine so she didn't have to walk home from school.  Sometimes we'd spend my bus money, I'd share my loot and we'd walk home together.

Despite the odds we became friends.  We did things together. We became mates. We had "sleepovers". We shared secrets.   

In our teens we drifted apart.   Got separate friends. We fought.  We hated one another. With nothing in common we were suddenly as different as chalk and cheese. Joint activities and interests fell by the wayside (aside from that one time we "borrowed" my Mum's car )   Life choices were made. Different paths were chosen.  Still in touch but out of touch with one another.

Flash forward about 7 years. We  re-connected  for a few years sharing our lives based on new  commonalities, like  marriage , subsequent divorces and juggling work and having kids.  And then 12 years ago she moved to another part of the state and I moved away in the opposite direction, which increased the physical distance. Four years ago she moved to another state.  Australia is a big place and she moved clear across the other side of the country 3600 kilometres away.  We've stayed in touch. Gifts, and gossip.  Phone calls and visits.   It's not quite the same but it's  better than nothing.

On reflection, sisters are annoying things that your parents bring home from the hospital that scream all the time and hog all the attention and limelight. Deep down you still know you're the coolest kid your parents have so it's all good. Sisters ride their bike into the rose bushes, and you'll both be banned from riding your bikes on the verandah. She'll  be your partner in crime but  dob on you to save her  own skin. You'll share chicken pox and your mother's wrath.   She'll  steal your makeup and read your personal diary when you're 15 and in love with Steve Hughes.  You will  love each other ferociously , but hate each other  at times with about the same measure  of emotion. But when your sister is gone and you're all grown up- and nobody gets you quite like your family does - you realise how much you miss her. At some point I realised the relationship I  have with my sister  is going to be the longest relationship I'll ever have. So for the past 12 years I feel like I've been cut off from someone  who knows all about me and loves me in spite of that knowledge , and that I'm missing sharing  all my crap with her and  I've realised that she makes me laugh and feel strong and right about my life. Even when I doubt myself.

I’ve been waiting for the right time to do this post.  Waiting to see if it would really happen and if I should get excited.   And now it's official.

Sister of Pyjamas is coming home. And instead of  a 4 day drive she's going to be 15 minutes away. For good.  I'm counting down the days.

Go  and call your know you want to.

Love you L


Michelle said...

Totally awesome! I'm so glad you got to write this post. You'll have to invite her over for Slack Tea Thursday. Maybe you two can have ice cream straight out of the container. ;-)

GaAm said...

How wonderful! I was not blessed with a sister (who resided in our home--it's one of those odd, crazy, mixed family things, and she, my half-siser, was raised, and eventually adopted by an aunt). Instead, I grew up with three brothers, so I never had the experience of bonding with a sister. Now I'm wondering if I'm missing something.

Mistea said...

Beautiful post and I am glad you are excited about your sister moving back. Can just imagine you'll be up to more mischief together as that is what sisters do best. I should know I have 3 sisters. I like that it's okay to drop in unannounced and stay for lots of cups of tea, even when it is late at night.
I tried last Friday - I dropped by my sisters afer work and left at 1am.

Enjoy family they are the best aren't they?

vawriter said...

I'm so jealous.
I'm also very happy for you, Miz P.
My "almost sister" is coming to visit for a few days Tuesday. Yeah, she "gets me"!

Nice post and lucky ladies. I can't wait to have her start appearing in your bloggy adventures!

AnnieO said...

I always say that I could only tolerate my sister after she moved halfway across the country and matured, LOL! Oh, how I wish now that she would only be 15 minutes away now, especially since I was the one who drew her into the quilting cult.

Brenda said...

I miss both of my sisters, they live in the same city - 10 hours away from me! It's my fault though, I'm the one who moved away (husband's family, etc.) I feel VERY fortunate to have them both - Plus I've been blessed with 6 great sister-in-laws - I love all of my sisters!

Paulette said...

Sweet post, and so exciting that your sister will once again be close. Sisters do share a special bond through thick and thin. Glad mine moved back from California many years ago.

Anonymous said...

I do want to. All four of them. I'm so happy for you, Mrs. P.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

That is so nice, it brought a tear to my eye! I am not blessed with a sister but have many friends who have sisters so have seen them in action....enjoy the reunion, lovely news!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Awwww...that pulled at the heart strings sis! I was mean to be going out to breakfast with 'my girls' and I had to re-do the makeup ; )
Okay..I'm going to dob now!

Dear Bloggers,
The above picture of my dear sister and I was taken on my 40th birthday party. My beautiful and wonderful sister arranged to surprise me by coming to my party (remember I am 3,600 km away). To cut a long and very interesting story short (I've cut out the middle bits, sort of like bleeping them). QIMP and I were forced to sit in the back of my husband's ute as we were 'very happy' and he refused to let us in the car. Eventually..this said husband of mine allowed us in the car after tormenting us (in good humour) where we sought revenge from the back seat by singing 80's themed songs very loudly and very badly, while clicking our heels together on their head rests.I loved that night and will never forget it. No doubt there will be lots of new adventures of the Two Sisters that you will hear about because I certainly intend of creating many of them with my sister.

Love you too S. x x x

Shay said...

I'm so glad my sister bleeped the middle bits... it's taken me months to craft this uber-cool blog persona .I'd hate to be "outed" now!

Elizabeth said...

This post makes me smile. I've got three sisters so I totally get it . . . x3!

Vesuviusmama said...

You are so lucky! I have an identical twin sister and she lives entirely too far away. We get together several times a year, usually for 3 - 7 days at a stretch, but it isn't like being able to pop over on the spur of the moment. Enjoy having your sister around!

I have a younger sister, too, and while we aren't as close, she is too far away to visit on a whim, too. :( But the happy news is that she is in labor right now with her first baby. Of course, she's been in labor since Sunday, and it is now Tuesday, poor thing!