Thursday, May 20, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday

There is  one among you that would have me believe this effort is simply not slack enough for Slack Tea Thursday . And I quote "Thai takeaway does not sound like slack tea Thursday". Anonymous disbeliever- I'm not going to out you - you know who you are.     I was discussing this with my work buddy Nerida today,  in our lunch break since we would not waste valuable employer  time on such topics, and she said  "What's  slacker than takeaway?" I love Nerida. 

I did consider having something else. Something slacker. Like pickles straight from the jar or a bowl of frosties. Or both. Together. In the same bowl.   But by then my brain was screaming "I want Shallot Pancakes" (really loudly ) and who am I to argue with my brain? My brain is the boss and generally makes awesome decisions, except for around 5 days of the month when lovely Ms. Hormones kicks in and then it's a free for all. At that point nobody appears to be in charge. It's actually quite scary.

The slackness in this dinner  was going to be in the details. I could have written a letter to the Thai takeaway placing my order , but I used a phone. I could have walked to the shops to pick it up - but I drove my car. I took the bigger car - the one that uses the most petrol because it was a mere 18 inches closer when I walked into the garage.I could have taken my own recyclable bag to pick it up, but I dug my heels in and made them give me a plastic bag instead. Do you see the lack of real effort  just oozing out of every action?  So far - so good.  

Then the universe thought it would be funny to conspire against me.   This is the bag I made them give me to bring my dinner home.

Except when I got home, my dinner wasn't in it.   Someone else's dinner was ... Thanks, but no thanks - I don't eat pork whatever, and slimy green stuff with octopus tentacles.  So I had to call the takeaway to  let them know I had someone else's dinner, and then drive 10 minutes back to the shops to return someone else's dinner and get my actual dinner. Then drive back home again. Universe 1 - Pyjamas -0 .

By the time I got back home, I was ready to eat the leg off a chair. Then I remembered I have an awesome Chinese dinner set I never use, but forgot it was slack tea Thursday and I should have been eating out of the takeout containers.  Universe 2- Pyjamas -0 . Obviously I was thrown by the-having-to-pick-my-dinner-up-twice experience.

I redeemed myself with cheesecake from the freezer for dessert - eaten out of the container, with the takeaway spoon. I'm giving myself  double points since I didn't wait for it to thaw out.   Universe 2- Pyjamas - 2 . But with the end of the meal rapidly approaching the Universe and I were still neck and neck.  I started to plan my final attack.

As part of my dastardly plan to outwit the universe, I threw out the dishes instead of washing them.  We hardly ever use that dinner set anyway. Take that universe. Pyjamas 3- Universe - 2.

The last word on the subject goes to Miss Pyjamas who said (and I quote) "it's not really slack dinner is it?".  I think she's right. Frankly trying to outwit  the universe some days is exhausting. And last night's dinner  was wayyyyyyyy slacker. I had a fritz and sauce sandwich.


Sarcastic Quilter said...

mmm... It's a half slacking sort of day, though. I'd go with that. Me, I'm all about DELIVERY. I am in TN and there's only 2 places that deliver and really, only pizza. I miss NoVA where I can get a few more options delivered at least. lol So, slack halfway or full, it doesn't matter as long as you didn't have to cook it! :D

Shay said...

And that attitude is why I love you so much. You totally get me. lol

Elizabeth said...

Takeaway is totally slack. But please tell me you took those dishes out of the trash after you snapped the photo? And what is a fritz and sauce sandwich?

Alisa said...

Pshaw! Come visit me in CA (cuz I sure as heck am not going to Australia after the other post) and I will teach you the proper way to slack.
As usual, you crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Well, except for the driving back and forth, it was pretty slack. I like the throwing out of the dishes. That was a nice touch! I've decided to adopt your slack Thursday ritual, but I'm going to do the same thing every week (and I'm not going to blog about it you are welcome) pancakes and bacon. The pancakes are from a mix-that is what makes it slack. That and I'm making my boys cook it. Insert evil laugh here.

Brenda said...

I force them to give me oodles of plastic bags every time I go to the grocery store! (although I do re-use them or recycle them) I can't believe you threw your dishes away - it did make a nice picture, but did you fish them out afterwards?

Michelle said...

I must say that this week your "slackness" took a lot of effort. The universe truly was trying to trick you with the double trip to the take out place. I can see why you lost your mind and forgot and used the dishes. But I'd say you made up for it nicely. You are such a hoot!

AnnieO said...

One criteria for slacking was not mentioned in your post: were you in pyjamas?

Marg said...

Oh great now I am famous for doubting you, thanks!!! Except for the first two sentences, which were crap, another outstanding post, Mrs P.

I love the sound of the Shallot Pancakes - another food item that is not available in my neck of the woods. Aaargh. I will be threatening to visit you soon, just so I can get my fix of Haigh's, Shallot Pancakes and other SA things.

Shirley said...

I had to force myself to be "ungreen" when I was visiting my sister last year. She wants the plastic bags for when she walks her dog. My dog died so I don't have that duty anymore. It's very hard to get used to plastic even on a slack day. On a slack day I'll just shove stuff in my purse. Don't think I'd like Octopus tentacles in there... and at first I didn't read it as tentacles :O

Shay said...

For all of you who are worried about the fate of the dishes...they are safely tucked back in their box in my kitchen dresser.

Elizabeth, Fritz is processed meat. I dont even want to think about what it really is - because I could probably never eat it again.

Brenda, we have to pay for plastic bags in this state because they are illegal. That's actually true.

Bugger- I was going to do pancakes next I have to change my plans.Or -you could send me your boys to cook my pancakes Chicken, which would make my dinner spectacularly slack.

Michelle, I know ! Too much effort in my opinion for a slack dinner. Next week it's pickles on a plate I swear. Dont tell Marg I said so but takeaway is almost cheating.

Annie, sadly, I was not in my pyjamas. It had simply not occured to me to do that. Which I'm actually ashamed of now. Maybe next week.

Marg, I think the part of your comment you need to focus on is the "Great -I'm famous" part. Let's not dwell on the fact you were a doubting Thomas about my ability to make Thai look slack. You can come here anytime and we will eat mountains of shallot panckes together. Haighs also run tours you know. You get free chocolate.

Shirley, thats twice this week you have completely cracked me up. I dont think octopuses have any of the other things I think you thought I wrote....If I gave out a comment of the week award this one would win it "Don't know how you could provoke it any other way other than commenting on what nice shoes it would make". That was absolute Gold!