Friday, May 07, 2010

Houston.... We Have a Laundry

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Princess who wanted a sparkling new laundry. She had tired of having a laundry with a 1980's olive coloured sink , non descript paint, and peach floor tiles, not to mention a ceiling with mould spots because of inadequate ventilation. Aside from the ugliness of it all, it had become a health risk...

The Prince, who loved the Princess beyond all reason, wanted to make her happy, so he set about giving her a new laundry. He was looking  forward to the challenge and at least it didn't involve slaying dragons to prove his love. (those dragons are nasty beasts with smelly breath and a propensity to breathe fire at inopportune moments , and the Prince really didn't fancy getting burnt to a crisp or eaten by a dragon with a bad temper)

So the Prince set about doing some sums and came up with a budget of $500.00 to make the Princess's laundry trendy and gorgeous, and he worked out a time frame of around three weeks to complete this easy task.  

But alas, many misfortunes did befall the hapless Prince in his quest. (not the least of which was the whiny, nagging Princess who turned into a shrew around week 5 ) The poor put upon Prince could do nothing right, as walls fell down and grout refused to dry.  The final indignity for the Princess  came when she had to wash her knickers on the castle patio in full view of all the commoners.  Finally,  after 11 weeks, 6 days, 12 hours and 53 minutes, the Prince  reported the laundry completed, at a cost about double his original estimate.  It's kind of hard to believe the Prince works in International finance and deals with bazillions of dollars every day. Perhaps he thought he had that kind of budget for this project. Never Mind...all's well that ends well. 

The laundry is now a magical place with nary a mould spot in sight and is indeed a laundry fit for a Princess.




Same wall now , with a Princess-worthy decal.



Yukky tiles....

Tiles fit for a princess to step on

The Royal dogs charged in as this photo was taken leaving grotty paw marks on the royal tile.

The princess is currently being serenaded by the sweet sound of her washing machine and  laundry day can resume whenever she pleases without all the planning of a military campaign, or without fear that the neighbours will see that some of her underwear is pretty ordinary.  The Princess is happy.  Very Happy. She is off to stare at her laundry now.

P.S. The Prince is looking for dragons to slay in future figuring surely it's gotta be easier. 

P.P.S. Using the laundry renovation as a guide the Princess  almost pissed in her royal  pants when she  realised that probably means her  kitchen renovation will probably cost around $48,000 and will be completed sometime in 2014. 


Sarcastic Quilter said...


Beautiful laundry and he did a fantastic job, despite the delays. :)

Now, go clean all the sheets just so you can enjoy that room!

Marg said...

Bravo, worth the wait...............................for this blog post. Very impressive laundry, Princess P.

Unknown said...

Wonderful room! How nice that your husband can do all of this work! Is the little box over your washing machine a dryer? My cousin in England had a little dryer in her garage. I thought it was the cutest thing. Enjoy your laundry and good luck on the kitchen renovation!

AnnieO said...

The Royal Laundry looks very spiffy! Ok, gotta ask an American question: what is that hanging over your washer?

Love the decal, but where's the hooky thing?

Elizabeth said...

Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! That is amazing! Love the laundry! Makes the mundane task just a little bit more inviting, doesn't it?

TheLab said...

OH MY!!! Princess, this is priceless!

The Prince is quote valiant - and handy! This stuff is just astounding to me. This looks like it should be on TV. Truly. And he did it for an awesome price!

I'd love for you to do some of my laundry, Princess! (Actually, we can DO the laundry. It's the putting it away part that doesn't work for us.)

This was GREAT fun to read! I can't wait for your notes on the kitchen renovation!

Brenda said...

Hooray!!!! Enjoy!!! It is so nice to have a nice place to do the work that has to be done so often - the kitchen, laundry and bathroom come to mind.

Lane said...

Well, aren't you a lucky princess! I love how you told this story. You are so inventive and always a fun read. Lane

Vesuviusmama said...

My first visit to your blog, but I'll definitely be back after such an entertaining tale! Enjoy your laundry!

lw said...

It turned out beautifully! Congratulations!

Shay said...

Thank you everyone!

I'm so glad this is finished. Mr. P has this weekend off and then he's starting the kitchen.

Alrighty, I'm going to ask...what do tumble dryers look like when they aren't in Australia? That's what the box hanging over the washer is. I'm curious now what they look like in the US.

Annie, the hooky thing is over the sink so I can hang towels on it. Or children who misbehave.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

It is so beautiful! My laundry room is kind of my dumping ground, so no pictures will be forthcoming for a very long time.

I'm sure your kitchen will probably cost more than the estimate but will almost definitely be done before's hoping anyway!

Thanks for sharing...looks great, tell Mr P "great job".

vawriter said...

I'm telling your mum you said "piss"! Oh, that's right--she wouldn't care! Forgoing dobber activity for now. LOVE the new laundry, Miz P! Did you have a dryer before? Most of our dryers look much like the washer. Matched sets are the goal. I had a w/d set in my old house that was Candy Apple Red. I saw it in the store, sitting under spotlights, and I heard violins play. The Engineer got a red sporty car for his midlife crisis; I got a new washer and dryer. Of course, the people who bought the house wanted me to leave them. It was the first offer in 18 months, so I did. I now have white. Boring old white.

vawriter said...

I should have offered them the car.

Paulette said...

Wow, what a great renovation! Everything is so clean and new and pretty! I knew that was a dryer above the washer, but mine is a big, honkin' (a technical term), extra-large load holding piece of metal that's old enough to vote. I'm not going to call it ugly because I don't want it to get pissed and quit working.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

He is truly a Prince finishing off the laundry just in time for Mothers Day ;-) Because of course that's all us mothers do isn't it??

Unknown said...

Wow.! what a Transformation...your New Laundry looks Gorgeous...Congrats on the Finish.

Lisa said...

How exciting, it's beautiful!!! Definatley worth the wait! We're in the middle of a major remodeling right now, uggg. At first it seems so exciting, and all the fun ideas what you'll do, then you start and see the huge process. Good luck on the kitchen!