Saturday, May 29, 2010

And So the Madness Begins

If you are a regular reader of my blog , you'll know I barely made it with my tenuous sanity intact through the recent  laundry renovation, which took what felt like 3 years but in reality was around 12 weeks. (which was 120,960 minutes of pure hell- see,  I'm still not quite over it  ) I'm sure at one point  some of you were planning a "stop-whinging" -intervention for me. Thankfully we completed the laundry before most of you had the chance to buy your plane tickets.

Lest I alienate my blog friends I have decided not to post blow by blow descriptions every time we put in a new screw or touch a paintbrush for the kitchen reno. I can hear many contented sighs from blogland.

With our new cabinetry being installed in around  8 weeks barring unforseen delays and other misadventures,   I wanted to announce that today is the day the kitchen renovation  officially commences. In honour of this momentous occasion, for which I have been waiting approximately 8 years people, I'm posting  some  pictures of my currently very ungorgeous kitchen, so you can all be amazed, stunned and blown away when we finally get to the end. (which is months away, but let's not focus on that)

By the time we finish there will not be one thing left in this kitchen that is there now. That's going to include the gorgeous cedar panelled wall and pelmets you will see in the following pictures. They're coming out this weekend. For all you recycling people, we're planning to make the cedar panels into an outdoor table.  In around 2016.

So without further ado:

Cedar wall...dark in here much?

I'm sure some people could make a blue kitchen look  pretty and stylish. Unfortunately I'm not in that creative class.

Those vegetable and fruit tiles on the splash backs are probably collectors items now. And yes that's a beaten copper rangehood. We can probably sell that to fund the kitchen renovation.

Cedar pelmets? What were they thinking?  I guess we're about to find out what's behind them. I bet it wont be pretty...

So that's my starting point. I kinda figure no matter what we do from here  it can't look any worse.

I should probably wander off and start sanding  a chair or something now....


GaAm said...

I can't wait to see the after pictures!

Copper range hood and fruit and veggie tiles + Ebay = $$$

Brenda said...

So exciting!!! We did a complete kitchen remodel - if you are dying to see the pics, go to 2008 on my blog (scroll down on the left) the before pics are the first post that comes up. You'll need to go through SEVERAL posts to find the 'afters', since it DID take forever! Good luck - keep us all posted - maybe every OTHER screw. Also - you leave such sweet comments on my blog, I'm seriously tempted to hop on a plane and visit!! (Didn't mean to scare you)

Deb said...

Yep I can see why you are looking forward to a new kitchen but only because your kitchen is dated. Darling really compared to ours you have got absolutely NOTHING to worry about, ours is dated and revolting twice over.
We don't have fruit and vege tiles though- I'll let you win on those. LOL
hugs Deb

Lorraine said...

....and I was so looking forward to your screw by screw commentary of the kitchen reno......ripped off!!

Paulette said...

Will we hear more about the plan, or are we to be surprised? Either one works for me. I do like that cedar wall. Cool that you're going to recycle it into something else. I'm looking forward to seeing the transformation!

Shay said...

P- I'll post periodic posts about our progress. (Probably with some cussing involved, although I'm trying not to swear for the month of June)

Loz, I'll email you every single time we walk into the kitchen I promise.

Deb, I can send you the fruit and vegie tiles as a gift when we take them off.

Brenda, your kitchen transformation is amazing. I just keep hoping when ours is finished we'll love it as much as I love the ideas in my head. And if you want to come visit - feel free- your husband is handy with tools right? Now would be a great time to stop by.

JKP- I dont even think ebay would let me list these tiles they are so disgusting. However we will be selling the rangehood!

Michelle said...

So exciting! Actually your blue kitchen is really rather attractive, but my gut says there is something wrong with blue being in a kitchen. It's probably related to the psychology mentioned in a recent article I read that said, if you want to eat less, dye your food blue. There are no naturally occurring blue foods, so your body will lose it's appetite. Or maybe that's all crap. ;-)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Having just read your other post I can tell you that when you get fed up with the time it is taking to do the reno you can just pop over and see your sister and cry on her shoulder! ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Blue is one of my favorite colors, but there's something just a little off about those cabinets. I'm really excited about your kitchen reno, and I'm sure it will provide much fodder for future QIMP blog posts. I can't wait!

Unknown said...

Oh gosh we did the kitchen at the cottage a while back. I really missed the dark brown walls, the falling cabinets the way it worked....about 0 seconds. Now my white kitchen and new counter tops just makes it a wow factor, but best of all, the dishwasher. It just doesn't get any better than that. Ok, the pot drawers, the wide drawers, the lazy susan. yep a new kitchen. doesn't get much better than that once the mess is gone and no more two burner cooking.