Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday Post

Bugger all (that's Aussie for nothing ) craftiness happened here during week.  I did drink some wine after work Wednesday. A friend turned up with a cold bottle of white Shiraz and who was I to say no? I felt creative while I was drinking and sleepy by the time the bottle was gone. It appears my motivation was fleeting, and fueled by the booze. Other de-motivating influences included going back to work and the weather.


Ann Marie over at 16 Muddy Feet posted about No Fabric February and I've committed to it. This is the brainchild of  Sara at SewSara and the idea is to commit to not buying any fabric for February. Since I shot my mouth off about buying only 100 yards of fabric in 2011 and  I'm 8% of the way the year and have somehow already used 20% of my fabric buying allowance  this is something I've decided I need to be a part of. If I keep buying at this rate I'll be out of allowance by the end of May. Imagine a world where I couldn't buy fabric for 7 months? I'd be a total cranky pants.  Anyway, I ignored 50% off jelly rolls at Spotlight yesterday and am feeling very virtuous so far. I can do this. Do I hear snickering from the peanut gallery?

In other news, I went to the dental hygienist Friday  (See how I can write dentist and dental now without puking up on my computer screen or needing therapy- that's progress)  I  got a gold star for teeth brushing.  My teeth are so white and sparkly I could do toothpaste commercials. Then off to the optometrist to have my eyes checked.  I ordered two new pairs of reading glasses , one for work and one for home. I went for funky because if I'm going blind, I'm going to do it in style.

I recall saying I was going to finish two quilts before I started something new. I'm a liar. I couldn't help myself and started something new on Friday. It hardly counts since I only did a little bit. Obviously this is for Little P.

I am half way through quilting "Loungin' Around" . I see a finish in my not too distant future. Mr. P left the house while I basted it this time around.

My dining room table is done. I'm into minimalist "table-scaping".

The French Provincial Dresser is next because my dining room currently looks stupid and non matching and is offending my decorating gene.  

I know you're all dying to know what I've done with the marshmallow creme. I made fantasy fudge. This stuff is utterly sinful. I can't stop eating it. Thank goodness we cant get marshmallow goop here because I'd be making this stuff every week. Like my backside really needs it.

For the uninitiated,  Marshmallow Creme looks and behaves a little like clag. I pretty much had to pry it out of the jar with a crow bar and it got on me and I had to chisel it off...but the fudge that resulted was pure heaven...thankyou again Elizabeth.

I had lunch with a bloggy mate today , and had a rip roaring time gossiping, trading stories. eating  and laughing . Thanks Loz. I had a blast. You are even awesomer in person than you are in Blogland. (I was too  busy talking to get pictures which is a pity because we're both stunningly gorgeous!)

And then as if that wasn't enough excitement for one day I headed down to the Grange Twilight Markets with Sister of Pyjamas to check out Amanda and Leanne's stall. Again no pictures - but it was seriously the best stall there. I got this drink bottle holder for Little P. Isn't this cute? Amanda was featured in the January edition of Homespun with this very pattern but as we all know I'm way too lazy to make my own and this way I can say "I have a SeaBreeze Original".

Amanda and Leanne, I hope you both survived tonight's market and that it was wildly successful. Everything about your stall was screaming class and gorgeous-ness. Your biggest problem might be selling out of stuff before you run out of market days!

I have more big news. Remember how Mr. P got me a 2 day workshop with Kellie Wulfsohn for Christmas?  That's happening in April.  As if that's not pee in your pants exciting enough , Little Miss Sunshine has decided to fly from her part of the country to my part of the country to do the class as well and to stay with me for 5 whole days! If it was physically possible I'd be flipping cartwheels in anticipation. As it is, I've had to content myself with the thought of all the fun and trouble we can get up to while she is here. I wonder if Marg has ever been arrested and taken a trip in the back of a paddy wagon before? 

If you're watching the Superbowl today - enjoy! Apparently calories consumed on Superbowl day don't count. Have some double cheese dip for me!

This weeks goals:

Finish Loungin' Around quilting and start on the binding
Make three more blocks for Dresden Heaven
Finish 8 blocks for Little P's un-named quilt


Larri said...

You certainly packed bunches into your weekend. What fun! Kudos on the dentist visit.

Your table is FABULOUS! LOVE it! I agreee. You must paint the dresser. (I'm assuming you mean the glassed thingie behind the table. We call that a China Hutch.)
I love the black/white scheme. Love it so much, I'm thinking I must redo a room in that color scheme.

And what a lucky, lucky girl you are. A workshop with a friend? I'm chartreuse with envy. I'd flip cartwheels for you, but the last time I tried, I really hurt myself. ;o) How about arms thrown high and shouts of joy instead? I'm doing that for you. Happy Sunday night! :o)

melissa said...

Your tablescaping is abolutely glorious and when i read that Marg is coming to do the workshop with you i just about choked on my cup of tea! OMG what mischief will you two get up to? I hope you guys wont be TOO disruptive - Im sure you will have an absolute ball (i am just a teensy bit jealous!)

Three Birds Inspired said...

Fantasy Fudge was my father's contribution to Christmas festivities for years. He hasn't made it for a long time. I think we need him to get cracking, do up several batches and begin to make amends for his laziness!

The table looks great and painting the hutch will bring everything together. I have a hutch that needs to be painted but I will need to have friends over to help and encourage and I will also need alcohol standing by...much alcohol!

My big Christmas gift was a storm door for my kitchen. I would much rather have received a retreat!

Unknown said...

Great Post...Love the New Table..Great Job!! You Probably already know that..Right!
wish I were a fly on the wall at Lunch...
Have a Good Week!

Lorraine said...

Had an awesome visit with you! wow.....a friend to visit for 5 days AND a workshop with kellie.....oh dear...havoc will be wreaked I am sure....LOLOLOL.....the workshop will be fantastic....I loved the one I went to!Have a fantastic week.....I am saving a piece of fudge for tomorrow.....maybe!

Sara said...

I think it was the week for not getting much done. But I think finishes are overrated. If everything else is about the journey, not the destination, then why not think the same about quilting?

Jelly Rolls are overrated too.

Donnie said...

I think I need to get another cup of coffee and reread a few more times to get my thoughts straight. Looks like you had a ball so far and was that only Saturday? I need a shot of Irish Cream in my coffee too. Such a fun post.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

you are the most popular girl in blogland!!!

you have five days to capture some pics of you and Marg - don't let us down!!!

love the new dining table and chairs - and love the minimal look! Are you painting the cupboard black, white, or something else?

sounds like a perfect weekend - who cares if you didn't do any work!

is that peanut butter fudge? it looks ridiculous!

Kate said...

Love the table and the "table-scaping".

Mr P's quilt is looking good.

Add in a fun, crafty times with friends, both now and promised. Wow, impossible to top that.

Good luck with the No Fabric February. It's a short month, you can do it.

Char said...

Wow, I don't know where to start!

Join the club, I know what you mean about the glasses. I have funky reading glasses all over the house. I need to go to the dentist as well but I'm putting it off a little longer as I hate going there more than the Doctor.

I absolutely love the dining room. Excellent job.
Can't wait to see the quilts finished, I told you it's ok if you start a new one.

I'm going to try and follow Sara too, but only because I've run out of space for fabric until September when the daughter goes to school!

AnnieO said...

Wow, that's a full post! Love the table finish, utterly classy dining room in the works.

Good luck on the no fabric thing. Note: when you are cutting and sewing you cannot poke buttons on websites! Looks you have a start on that already. Lucky Little P and Mr. P.

OMG I wish I had been there for you and Loz, what fun! And even more fun to come with Marg.

Looking forward to the next food post...

Kirsten said...

1, Love the table
2. Definetly need to do the cabinet
3. Love Mr. P´s quilt
4. Absolutely dislike you for having a quilting class with Marg and getting to stay with her for 5 days - life is not fair. Why do I not get invited???
:-) Can´t wait to hear about all the shit you guys will get into :-))

seabreezequilts said...

Great to see you Shay to bad we couldn't talk to much the sea of people there was nuts. We did ok but I don't have to sew for the rest of the Market's which is good because I am seriously over the production line stuff. Back to sewing for pleasure and I think I better give my sewing room another cleanout.

Marg said...

Wow no wonder you had bugger all craftiness happening you were too busy having a ball! Sounds like you had heaps of fun meeting up with Loz and then off to the markets.
I can't do no fab Feb as I've already bought something, ... on the 1st!!!
I'm going to have to lift my game, those glasses look fab and sparkly white teeth, I'll feel like I'm standing next to a Hollywood star!!!
Little P's quilt is looking good already, my Punctuation finally came in the mail 18 days after I ordered it, how come you get special treatment????
Snap I have the same placemats, the table and chairs look fabulous, you really are a star at transforming things.
Hmmm cooked clag....sounds umm interesting.

So much for my travelling incognito!!!!!!!!
I WAS soooooo excited to be visiting you BUT now hmmmm I'm a little bit I haven't been arrested before or been in the back of a paddy wagon.

Melissa - us disruptive? mwahh ha haaaaa
Kirsten - we will be angels, well I would have been but by the sounds of it, I think we are going to get into lots of shit!!!!!!!!

Paulette said...

Bless you for your minimalist tablescaping. I LOVE it!! The table and chairs are perfect together, and the whole scene needs nothing further to muck it up.

There is a lot to love about everything here today...the glasses (green with envy), the new blocks (cute!), the basted together quilt (love the color scheme of this). You deserved that Shiraz!

thea said...

thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend. the lounging around quilt is coming along great! How are you quilting it?

Helsie said...

Sounds like a busy weekend to me and what on earth is this marshmallow bream stuff? Never heard of it but the results sound great.
BTW love your hubbie's quilt looks great - same sort of colours that I'm using at the moment. I need to get mine all finished before we go on hols.

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely adore your dining table. That is so gorgeous! Nicely done!

And Mr. P's quilt is looking really nice as well. I love the colors! Good for you!

So glad you enjoyed the marshmallow creme! I'm wondering why I didn't buy some for myself, because now I'm craving fudge.

This was a really awesome post. Loved hearing all the fabulous things you're up to.

xo -El

Brenda said...

Your furniture looks fabulous!!! Love the white table and chairs.

Anonymous said...

Your table turned out absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

Good luck on the no Fab February. Consider it part of Frugal February, and you should be fine!

Myra said...

Hey Shay!
Loungin'Around is looking good!
Love the drink bottle holder! I need one of those! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Jenny said...

Hmmm....I think I need those reading glasses. Those are wicked cool.

I loved this whole post. I felt like we drank a pot of tea and talked and visited.

Thanks for the smile!