Friday, February 04, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Welcome to Favourite Things Friday for this week. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who visits the FTF posts, and comments , or links up and takes the time to write their own FTF post. Last week was huge and I really appreciate that people still took the time to get around and comment on as many posts as they could.  You're all just fabulous - and that's why I love you!

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Since this was my first week back at work , I am entirely thankful it's Friday and my day off. Couple 100F/38C + temperatures this week with going back  to work and what you end up with is  a real shock to the system!

And  since I've gone back to work and my time is not entirely my own,  I wanted to give thanks for something I truly love this week. My "ME" time.

Until just a few years ago, my  life used to rush on at a million miles a minute. I was always busy. I can hear those of you that visit regularly laughing because some of my posts have so much packed into them that it seems my life is still like that. I've slowed down a lot! Since I don't talk about work on my blog- you guys get a snap shot of what I do with my down time. With the exception of major renovations - the things you see are the things I actually do to relax.

Relaxing is different for everyone. Some people run marathons to relax. That's not my idea of relaxing at all. I like things that leave me alone with my own thoughts. Things that are largely solitary and controlled by me.  I figure hobbies and my down time  should actually make me happy and feel  a sense of peace and accomplishment.
So this week  I'd like to give thanks for the things I do when I'm not running round like a hairy goat. The things I enjoy when I'm not fixing every one else's problems.  The things that make me feel human and happy every week. The things I do to relax even if I can't bake like Bakerella or Nigella and even when my quilting is not as perfect as I would like.

Blogging - I spend a LOT of time on here .  

Reading. I read for fun every single day.

Tinkering with furniture. Stripping it, covering it , painting it.
Swearing at it , whinging about it, re-painting it when I stuff up.  

Cooking  (this is obviously a pilfered picture since I have never cooked anything so delicious looking in my life. I do remain hopeful )

Genealogy. The art of hunting down 400 year old dead people. Very relaxing. After all - they aren't going anywhere.  

Sewing. Gotta love a project you can start and finish in a day.  

 Quilting. All previous projects that I don't think you will have seen before.

And occasionally , to relax I have a glass or two of this ..

or one or two of these

If I don't do any of these things in a single week I'm liable to get very cranky. So today I want to sing the praises of my hobbies because I'm very thankful I have them to keep me sane.   

So what do you do to make sure you feel relaxed? What are your special things?

P.S. Yes I know FTF is very late this week ..that's what happens when you go back to work and then try to pack too many things into your first day off!


seabreezequilts said...

What's know the meaning of that word at the moment in fact I am the opposite at this point in time. Sorry my FTF is a bit of a downer but it was all that I could think of today. Thanks for reminding me that I do do most of the craft to relax it just isn't relaxing at the moment. Roll on Sunday and hopefully I will have enough stock for 3 weeks. I think will head out to the room and start sewing again tonight... just in case

Lisa said...

Love the craftiness to relax, can you imagine how insane I'd be without it? I don't even want to think about it. Thanks for posting, and being "real"! =)

Lorraine said...

my favourite thing for Friday - is Friday...yay...two whole days to spend doing whatever I like....or having people visit for lunch...LOLOLOL

thea said...

I for one am very glad that one of the things you do for your "me" time is blogging. Thanks.

Marg said...

I second Thea, if you didn't blog in your me time, we would never have found out about Slack Tea Thursdays, your fabulous renovations, gorgeous craftiness and most of all we would never have been able to be proud to say, yes we quilt in our pyjamas.
Personally my relaxing time is either being crafty or lying in my hammock, with either your second last or last photo, now thats relaxing.

Kate said...

Me time can not be undervalued!!! I'm also thankful that one of the things you do for relaxation is blog. Wishing you lots of "me time" during your 3 day weekend!

By the way send some of that heat in this direction! I'd be happy to send some of these chilly temperatues in your direction!

Unknown said...

I can be busy doing nothing! It's what I do best to have "me" time.

Janice said...

Thanks for all you do Shay!... I love seeing your renovations, and the furniture makeovers. I have done very many furniture projects, but your dining room makeover has inspired me. We will see if my plans take shape.

Donnie said...

I hope to join up with you next Friday because we're away but love your idea of Favorite Fridays. How do you have time to do all

Larri said...

Love that crafting is your favorite way to relax! Mine too. :o) Hope your weekend allows you time to craft your heart away before returning to the busy-ness of a new week. Happy Friday night! :o)

Brenda said...

I too love my hobbies, namely quilting. I have always loved to read too. (And I'm always up for eating cake) Maybe that's why I like you so much!

Sara said...

Firstly, does a hairy goat run around more than a hairless one? And if so, why? I would think the hairless one would be more aerodynamic, and also need to activity to keep himself warm.

We've always gone with the phrase running around like a headless chook, but I suppose a goat, with or without hair, would probably be more organised. Regular stops for chewing on tin cans, and all that.

Secondly, in my perfect world, all projects would be done in a day, all food would be delicious and cooked by someone else, and all drinks would have an umbrella in them.

We can dream, hey?

Kirsten said...

I´m with you. Most people I know cannot understand that I do all my crafty stuff to relax...and no...I don`t is not relaxing!

Barb H said...

Time. And what we do in it, is everything. We can get all caught up in how we "should" spend our time and forget to do the things that are enjoyable and relaxing to us. Keep reminding us of that.

Ann said...

I would be happy to join you in the glass of wine!!! It is Friday after all. I do the family genealogy thing, I read, I write, I knit to name a few.

Paulette said...

I love this post! I do a lot of the same things you do, but I think I need to increase the amount of time I spend doing them (the wine comes to mind, in particular, at the moment).

Anonymous said...

I got all excited..I saw my quilt here...

Kirsten's Cooking said...

You are one talented lady!

My vice is definitely reading or cooking - If I can't unwind in that way, I am definitely cranky. I think we all need some time to decompress.

Jenn said...

Sign me up for an empty house, something to read or a show to watch, or perhaps a personal sewing project and, oh yeah - add a glass of that wine, too, in a hot bubble bath!! I love an empty house and time to myself! I didn't get enough of that today.
Hope you're having a wonderfully sunny summer weekend!