Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Am The Quilting Queen Of The World!

My post title works so much better if you can conjure a mental image of me standing on my sewing table screaming that sentence  at the top of my lungs...

My working week is now over and I am free to be me for the next 3 days. Op shopping with Miss and Little P is planned for tomorrow and then we are going to come back here to do a craft project which I may or may not show depending on how it all works out.

My vow this week was to sew my little heart out - even after work - no matter how tired I was, and try to spend less time on the computer and more time achieving concrete things with my life. I know many of you think I get stacks done but the truth is I still spend at least  40 hours a week on the computer at home. Imagine how much more I could achieve if I spent that time doing other things! This week I decided to put that to the test.

So this week after work I got all of Little P's ABC blocks finished . See that block in the front at the left. I'm seriously thinking about trying hand stitching something on that. It could get ugly!

The Lounging Around quilt binding got cut, sewn and pressed

I sewed 65 more Dresden fans.  

And Lounging Around got squared up and the excess fabric and batting was cut off.

Tuesday night I turned 65 Dresden fans  right side out and pressed them. When I get rich I'm going to hire a presser to do all my seams and other quilting related ironing...Mr. P already does my clothes so the only time I touch an iron is when I'm quilting.

I machine sewed the binding to the front of " Lounging Around" and contemplated the upcoming horror of hand stitching it to the back.

On Wednesday night I  designed and printed my first ever  quilt label for Mr. P's quilt. Kate sent me fabric sheets to play with. Bless you Kate and thankyou again. I'm a convert.  I cant show you the label  -it's a secret until the official unveiling of the finished quilt. I also made two more Dresden fan circles. I would have made more but my machine was being temperamental and by 10pm so was I.

I'm looking forward to Friday Night Sew In. I'm going to work on this box of neglected snowballs. I see another PhD finish in my future. You will note I am avoiding the Christmas quilt I started last August. Why didn't someone have the guts to tell me it was truly ugly when I proudly showed it off?

Maybe tonight I'll treat myself and veg out in front of the TV, with a bag of something snowballs.

P.S. I was a guest blogger at 13 Woodhouse Road this week. Pop on over for a look.


melissa said...

Are you serious??? Your husband does your ironing? Mine wouldnt even know what one was!! Im loving Little 'P's quilt i think i told you before but i love that punctuation fabric . Read your guest post - you are spoiled rotten! Your hubby buys you a sewing cabinet, DOES your ironing AND buys you a workshop with Kellie Wulfsohn! ( does he have a brother???)

thea said...

Okay, I was hoping to be the first to comment but I'm not quick enough. You certainly are the queen in my book. You got so much done this week. If I'd seen this when I got home from yoga, I probably would have accomplished more than watching TV with my husband and father. There's always tomorrow. Can't wait to see finished lounging around.

Marg said...

You ARE THE queen! I am forever amazed at how much you achieve even if you are spending 47.5 hours on the computer each week.
I can't wait to start on my Punctuation quilt, Little P's is looking fabulous already and yes you should definitely try some embroidery, that's a great idea.
I'm going to have to go and search for your Xmas quilt as I do not remember it being ugly, I would have told you if I thought it was.
Woo hoo Lounging Around is on the home stretch, I want to see photos soon!
Still really loving your Dresden's.
Do you think Mr P could come and do some ironing for me?
I'm wondering whether he has a brother too????

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

OK, you do realise that after shouting "I'm the queen of quilting".... your boat sinks????? ha ha, just kidding!!

Wow, no wonder you have been "all quiet on the blogging front"!!! I'm loving everything!

I have a wonderful iron that steams endlessly, blows cool air under the cover and beeps when it needs more water! how fun is that! so I don't mind ironing! but yes, it is usually quilt related. Every now and then I find a pair of trousers that should have been ironed ages ago but were covered up with fat quarters!!

Leanne said...

You certainly are Quilting Queen of the World.

Three Birds Inspired said...

I wish you had not written "snowballs" because it reminded me of a quilt that I started when I moved in the house. Actually, it was supposed to become my shower curtain. It has been sitting in a plastic tub for more than 2 years. I will drag it out and finish it on Friday night. Well, maybe I won't FINISH it but I will drag it out anyway!

Unknown said...

Snowballs or not you are a star !

Lorraine said... win - you ARE the queen of quilting....I have managed some hand stitching after work this week...but that's it! hopefully over my HOLIDAYS I might get some stuff done...but I probably wont get as much done in FOUR weeks as you got done in four evenings!....and you are above all a show-off...LOLOL

Kirsten said...

wow you are the wonderwoman...I am so proud of you for staying away from the computer...I wish I could accomplish that.

Mistea said...

Well done on turning away from the computer, it sure makes a difference to the amount of time to play with fabric.
Love your projects. Little P's quilt is looking amazing already. Look forward to your hand stitching attempt, if it doesn't work out how you think it should just applique something over it.
Pretty dresdens, waiting patiently for the label unveil.

Kate said...

Wow, you really did get things done this week. Love the binding for Mr. P's quilt (great photo of that by the way). Can't wait to see what you did for the label.

I've been a complete slug this week on the sewing front, I've not been in my sewing room since last Thursday! Now I really feel like a slug after reading about your quilting greatness.

Enjoy the Friday Night Quilt along. Sew some for me will you?

Jennifer said...

You have been a very busy little vegemite, haven't you! Your achievements put mine to shame this week.....I could spend less time on the computer too......

Sara said...

I press in front of the telly. It makes it easier to not notice how much more I have still to do. Also, I'm annoyingly good at fractions and percentages, and I tend to calculate how much of my pressing I have done and how much I still have to do unless I have something to distract me.

And I too recoil in horror from hand sewn bindings, straight to machine stitched bindings where the pain is just as bad, but over much more quickly.

Congrats on the progress. I know the feeling of having multiple projects that seem to exist solely to get in the way of each other's progress. I like to conveniently "forget" that some of them exist.

Donnie said...

You are the quilting queen and all this after work too. I'm tired just reading about it all.

Colleen said...

I loved reading this post, I have you pictured as the Queen and I am giving you lots of applause!!! Because you have worked on soooo many projects in your after work hours. I have been very busy sewing this week as my car is in the shop and cant go anywhere, now that is my idea of a VACATION, nobody can need me!
Hope you have a fabulous time on your days off!!!

Paulette said...

All hail the Queen! Ho.Lee.Sh*t, you got a lot accomplished! I would machine sew the binding to the back by stitching in the ditch from the front, but that's just me and my disdain for large amounts of hand-sewing. My mind wanders and I think of all I could be doing if I were done already. Rule on, Queenie!

Kirsten's Cooking said...

that's so awesome that Mr P irons! Rob is a much better iron-er than I am - thankfully we can send his shirts to the dry cleaners!

how were the snowballs?

you're a sewing rock star!!

Brenda said...

Gadzooks! You are amazing. When I get rich I am going to pay someone to make my quilt backs for me.

Janice said...

You got so much done, you are the queen or at least the princess. I love the dresdens and Little P's quilt is precious. After seeing your quilt and the others using this panel I almost ordered the panel, and would have if I had not been on a fabric diet. I am going to use some of what I have. I am running out of room for fabric and cannot afford a bigger house. I too have been staying off the computer more and actually getting some sewing done. I will share later. Back to my sewing machine. Thanks for the inspiration.

Unknown said...

Well look how much you have achieved by setting your mind to it..Fantastic..and Mr.P does WHAT!
Hmmm..No Comment.
have a good weekend Quilting Queen.