Saturday, January 01, 2011

Kicking 2010 to the Curb

Helllloooooooooooo 2011.

Mushy stuff out of the way first - so you can feel free to ignore the rest of this blog post if you have something more exciting to do- like pick the fluff balls off your socks or wash your cat.

According to my stats I did 251 posts last year. That means I send my own brand of crazy out into the blogisphere on average every 1.5 days. And people actually read it. And then sometimes comment. To say I'm blown away would be an understatement.

To everyone who has supported , nurtured , given advice,  taken the time to visit, email, follow or comment over the past year - Thankyou! Some of you have become real friends and have enriched my life in ways I never expected . I appreciate each and every one of you.

It was quite exciting to look back at my 2010 posts at the things I thought were important enough to share with you. I've realised I rattle on a lot about nothing much. However  this is my party place and that's just the way I roll.

So to re-cap 2010:

Grizzling and bitching my way through both the laundry and kitchen renovations took up a fair whack of 2010. Thanks for sticking with me ! On the list for this year is finishing the computer room renovation and doing something with our front yard (I hate gardening so be prepared for more wailing)

I tried my hand at furniture restoration , with the meat safe re-do and THE BLACKWOOD CHAIR. My funky ottoman was one of my favourite re-do's for 2010.

The desk for the computer room remains unfinished as do the chairs and table and french provincial buffet for our dining room. They're on the list for this year. Expect more whining.

Somewhere in there I had time to read  45 books.....

We started last year as a house of 4. In November Miss P moved into her own place with Little P leaving us kid-less for the first time in almost 20 years. Whoooooo Hoooooooooo. I can run naked through the house and do it on my kitchen table if I want.

Slack Tea Thursday, Translation Tuesdays, and Favourite Thing Fridays all made appearances in 2010. STT and TT have now been retired but  I have some other stuff planned for 2011. Favourite Things Friday will be back next week. Come and Play!

I finished all these quilts, and one mini quilt (not pictured here)

This years plan is to finish 10 full sized quilts, including my  three outstanding PhD's.  My quilting vows for this year are to name all my quilts, to label all my quilts, to challenge myself with trickier designs and to continue to buy every piece of fabric I clap eyes on.

Other craftiness included mug rugs, cushions, pot holders , diary and journal covers and curtain tie backs that  I'm too lazy to photo montage.

In February Miss P went back to school. In June she realised this was not her cup of tea. So, Miss P will be starting a two year hairdressing course in a couple of weeks. I hope she finishes because it will mean free hairdressing for the rest of my life.

I survived da whoopy cough, and the lump in my side I'd been ignoring for months. This year I'm going to get brave about going to the place where they take care of  your teeth. I think that's going to take some work since I can't even write the word. I'm going to work on losing the kilos I have put on in the last 2 weeks and then ditch a few more.

In the last year Little P walked, talked, earned his wings as an assistant baker, and helped Bella strip a desk. He celebrated his first birthday. That kid just gets cuter by the minute!

I did two tutorials. One of them is the most popular post I've ever written. The other one got Miss P to do her own washing after 10 weeks of  ignoring the growing pile that grew to rival Mount Everest and could be seen from space. Who knows what she was doing for undies by about week 5? Stay tuned for exciting tutorials in 2011 for picking up your own crap from around the house, and how to mop a floor.

One of my blog posts was re-printed in a genealogy publication. I'm a published author!

Mr. P lost his job which made for some very anxious weeks.  Mr. P started a new job which was the cause of much jubilation.

My entire food menu for the year came from reading your recipe posts. Notable favourites are Becks Burgers, Kirsten's Devil soup and Little Miss Sunshine's noodles. Keep 'em coming people. Maison Pyjamas is counting on your food creativity to keep us fed!

And if I had to pick one single moment in Blogland that stood out above all others I couldn't do it. For all the laughs and giggles , for all your support and comments, please know that it means so much to me to have you here sharing my stuff and letting me share yours.

And while I don't do resolutions , I'm going to try not to swear in 2011.

Oh who am I bloody kidding?

Happy 2011 everyone.


Deb said...

Scary visions of running through the house naked and doing it on the kitchen table. Think of your poor back (or side, or knees), they're not as young as they used to be and like a bit of padding below them. We love you just the way you are, so don't go changing (I feel a song somewhere in there)
Happy New Year hun!!!

seabreezequilts said...

Aren't you supposed to run naked through the house when you have kids. Its been great getting to know your internet self, looking forward to meeting up with the real you too. Here's to 2011 being a good one.

Char said...

That resolution didn't stand a chance!
In September I think I'll be running around the house naked myself.

Happy New Year Shay!

Kate said...

I'll have to remember the running naked through the house stuff for when our kiddo finally departs. I raed that part to my guy who asked what I was laughing about, he aksed "That would be hard on the kitchen table wouldn't it?." I'm not sure exactly what he meant by "hard" and thought it prudent not to ask for clarification!

I love all your quilting vows, but especailly like the last one on stash management. If you need moral support on that one let me know!

Have a Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

Best wishes for that you have broken your resolution, the rest of the year ahead should be plain sailing! You got the hard bit out of the way first!

Sara said...

Finding out that my grandfather occasionally reads my blog encouraged me to cut back on the swearing... not stop, but cut back.

Happy New Year.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Great start to the year, you know writing your resolutions only makes them harder to keep anyway!! Naked and the kitchen table just don't seem to gel in my minds eye....Pain is all I can think of. The naked is ok but the hard table OUCH!!

You were very productive in 2010, lets hope 2011 is as much fun...apart from that 'D' word that is :-)

Happy New year to you and best wishes for 2011 xx

45 books....I'm going to have to keep a tally this year, thats almost one a week...well done to you! Are you counting craft books??

Paulette said...

I love your 2010 wrap-up post. I had to go back and read your "I See Dead People" post, because I do too, though genealogy has s taken a back seat now in favor of other hobbies. Anyway, here's to 2011!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Again, I tell you (I'm certain I have in a previous comment somewhere) "bloody" is not swearing.

"FUCK" is swearing (sorry Ms. P's Momma but I cannot stand it when your daughter goes around showing her ignorance. I know you raised her better.)

Those burgers were da bomb and now I think I have to make them again but first, I have to get the hubs a grill.

I am pleased to have watched so many redos and experiments as part of your posts and would miss it greatly if you didn't just keep bringing your wit and a little bit of your life for this voyeur to see!

Happy New Year!
(ps - I heard Bakeralla was looking for a new assistant, maybe you can send Ethan over to help and he can finally make you all those wild and yummy looking desserts she posts about.)

AnnieO said...

It's been a blast to be part of your audience this past year. I'm sure there will be lots more whining and carrying on and ranting and we, your readers and blogfriends, will eat that shit up! Oops, I swore. It's your fault though! Hope your 2011 is a blast, without too many crazy ups and downs and plenty of quilty, crafty and delicious moments. And please don't ever give me mental pics of you and Mr P naked again.

Unknown said...

I'm so Glad I joined in to your blog this year...I Crack Up with every Post...I Love your Witt..& I'm with Deb.ouchy wowwa...go for it Girl if you Can...
I Think You did very well on the creativity side last Books & all thos Quilts & those reno's phew you must be Tired...better rest up 2011 has Started....
Happy New Year Shay...

Mistea said...

Nice lot of quilty goodness you completed in 2010 - Looking forward to the projects in this Year.

I also need to visit with that unsayable place, but my wallet is afraid to enter their hallowed halls!

Happy New Year to you - enjoy all of it.

Leanne said...

Happy 2011 ................2010 wasn't toooooo bad. It has been nice getting to know you in blogland however I am looking forward to meeting you in the flesh this year.

Kirsten said...

Wham..45 books?? I read maybe two. ) quilts competly finished - amazing - and here you are telling me I should be overwhelmed with what I did. You are outstanding. I am so glad I found you in the big www world. Your posts always make me smile and first thing in the morning I turn the computer to see whats new on the other side of the world. Unfortunately my english isn´t good enough to do long funny whacky posts, but I am sure glad you read mine anyways.
And about the kitchen table - works if you put a quilt on the table ... :-))

Mrs A said...

Happy New Year Shay hope all your dreams come true, if you do it on the kitchen table i'll bet Mr p's dream will have come true too!

Janean said...

i see we're all picked up on the *nekked* (as they say here in the south) part of the post. LOL! here's a dance for being published, living through renovations and trying new things.

you, dear one, have made me laugh and inspire. thank you for being YOU!

big hugs! happy 2011

Janice said...

Love your post and I agree about the joy and sorrow when grown children move in and out of your home. The running around naked and the thought of doing it on the kitchen counter is much better than the reality, but the freedom is great. Thanks for all of your musing this year. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings.

Anonymous said...

Real women don't whine. We express ourselves, vent, share our emotions with our friends, blow off some steam, etc. Feel free to do all of the above any time.

I admit freely that I miss your Translation Tuesdays, but I can go on the internet and search out Aussie fabulousness on my own, I suppose. For my sake, can you post a picture of a kangaroo, or a koala, or some other native Aussie creature now and then? Not the spiders, though. Yours are bigger than my dogs and that freaks me out.

Andrea said...

Holy moly you make me tired! Your 2010 was PACKED with things. I think my year fit into your month of production! LOL
Have a great one, I enjoy your candid blog posts...

Marg said...

Did you ever sleep in 2010. I am in awe of your list of accomplishments for the year. Working full time, reading 45 books, renovating, restoring furniture which included approx. 25 coats of paint on each piece, finishing all those gorgeous quilts, mug rugs, journal covers, blogging almost daily, plus countless hours emailing and skyping, there is no way you could have slept. A very productive year Shay, can't wait to see all the fun and excitement you have in store for us in 2011.

Happy New Year xx

Nana B said...

Reading your post was a wonderful send off to 2010. Our daughter and granddaughter live with us so the thought of all that freedom is blowing my mind. You and the mister do it wherever and whenever- bruises heal and aches go away (sooner with a nice massage).

pwl said...

Thank you for making me smile with your posts!

thea said...

How did you get all that done -- especially the 45 books? I don't think I read even one book last year.

Thanks for all your blogging. I think it was your Translation Tuesdays that first got me hooked to reading your blog -- I can't begin to tell you how much I laughed. And then your Slack Tea Thursdays ... it felt good to know that there was someone else whose meals are not always well rounded.

I am really looking forward to 2011 with you!

Larri said...

You are an amazing woman, Mrs. P! 2011 is going to be nothing but great for you and your family. I can't wait to see what you create and blog about. Looking foward to all your posts. Happy New Year, my friend! :o)

PS...I'm planning a Food Drop to send your way. What else can't you get over there?

melissa said...

Wow a lot of beautiful quilts made last year and what - 10 fullsize ones this year??!! crikey you will be busy! Ive nearly completed 3 so far! Heehee - theyre all leftovers from last year so thats cheating a bit isnt it?!

Its been wonderful getting to know you Shay and i wish you all the best in 2011! xx

Shevvy said...

I missed the genealogy post, can't believe that! I have half heartedly started a family tree, but not got very far. Its another thing on my list to do.

Elizabeth said...

Mrs. P, if you stop swearing, how will I ever improve my vocabulary?

LOVED your year in review. It was much, much more interesting than mine. Your quilts are very impressive; full of bright colors and interesting designs. They are really amazing.

I loved taking a walk down your memory lane.

xo -El

Helsie said...

A very productive year Shay. You've certainly set the bar pretty high. You aren't hyperactive are you? 'cos if you are then it's not fair. The rest of us need to sleep, eat, go to the loo etc some time and I think you must quilt or read books while you do all of those.
Anyway all the best for 2011, i'll be visiting often to keep track of your hi-jinks !!!

Brenda said...

Psst - don't tell any of the other blog-people that I read that yours is my favorite - keep up the good work!