Monday, January 03, 2011

Long Weekend Roundup Post

All evidence of Christmas was erased from Maison Pyjamas on Saturday. It's always exciting to put all the decorations up but I'm equally happy to take them down again when it's all over. A little bit of Christmas goes a long way and rarely makes it past the first of the new year here.

I finished blocks 5-7 for Dresden Heaven.   All of the quilts I have in the concept/development stage at the moment actually have names.

I started thinking about  a quilt for Mr. P. since my husband has never scored a quilt  from my efforts.  So "Loungin' Around" was born. This is going to be simple and fast. Unlike the other two quilts I have on the go at the moment.


Miss P bought me this cookbook for Christmas. I felt like baking yesterday and thought Jam Donut Cupcakes sounded yummy. They were. Past tense. 

I've set myself a challenge this year to try some new recipes and food combinations.   I want to break out and eat something new at least once a week.  Tonight's delight was Little Miss Sunshine's  Kon Loh Mee or if you're as unclassy as we are at Casa Pyjamas -2 minute noodles with prawns. Delicious no matter what you call it.  

One of the indisputable facts of my life  is that Mr. P is a hoarder and a bower bird. This had pleasant consequences this week when he came home toting this freebie.  Before you get all " Good Grief,  she's going to spin her own wool. Everybody run and hide " , this is for decoration only , which is just as well because it has bits missing. However, Mother of Pyjamas has two of these in case I ever feel the urge to knit socks from wool I spun from dog and cat fur I picked up from my very own carpets.

My week last week  was made complete by the arrival of a parcel  from the beautiful Beck over at Sarcastic Quilter. I would like to publicly announce Becks is an Oreo pusher. That girl knows all my weaknesses. There was fluffy fabric too but lets all just bathe in the gloriousness of the Oreo's shall we?

I haven't re-touched this photo at all. Can you imagine the consequences that red dye is having on my ability to sleep at night. Mr P has rationed me to three Oreo's a day. It's like he's the Oreo Warden or something.

I've been on a fabric buying spree lately (40 yards in two weeks at last count) so thanks to a brilliant idea from Kate at Life in Pieces  I've decided to put myself on a yardage allowance for 2011.  I'm committing to buying under 100 yards this year. I'm feeling panicky just thinking about it. Isn't it good to know you're influencing the world for good and not evil Kate?

I am back to work tomorrow for three days then on holidays for several weeks. I'm planning for creativity and fun to abound while I'm not at work.  Words fail to adequately describe how delighted I am at the prospect.

I hope your week is fabulous!


Sara said...

You dirty sellout. Last post you were making me feel better about not being the only one buying all the fabric I could and this week you've decided to ration yourself. You do realise that's less than 2 yards a week don't you!

Shay said... do realise I have 500 yards in my sewing room already though? And if I died tomorrow Miss P and Mr. P would probably give it all to the salvos.

And when I can finally buy again with impunity in 2012 , all the stuff I wanted to buy in 2011 will be on sale and I'll get twice as much for half the money.

Wow that sounded like excuse making and justifying even to me...

Helsie said...

Firstly the Dresden blocks are lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing.
Secondly I love the quilt that you have started for Mr P - masculine and not fussy. I'm going to do one for my son and in those colours too. Thought I might try a diamondish pattern of squares but your's looks very nice too so I'm inspired!
And lastly on the food front - no Oreos allowed here though we did develop a taste for them when we were in England and the supermarket kept have them on a buy-one-get-one-free special! It's salad time here from TOMORROW!

Marg said...

The Dresden's look fabulous and I love the name Dresden Heaven.
Mr P is very lucky, that layout is looking very nice, and you have been busy on the quilting front. I still think you don't sleep, it's got to be the only way you achieve so much.
Jam Donut Cupcakes sounds really great, so do Oreos but I am going to abstain from those for the next few months.
I had a friend who used to spin Samoyed fur, I'm sure all your fur babies wouldn't mind being brushed to within an inch of their lives so you could give it a try. It's a pity Lola and Indy's hair is so short, because it might take an awfully long time.
40 yds in two weeks makes me feel SO much better. You realise that would be almost 6 months worth of fabric purchases. I don't think I could handle the pressure of sticking to that, especially after your fabulous tip the other day on where I could find the fabric I was after, thank you. So I will sit on the sidelines and watch with admiration.
Can you please include me in your will, I will gladly take your fabric stash off Mr P and Miss P's hands. Don't worry I'm not planning your early demise. xxxxx

seabreezequilts said...

Love the dresden's have one cut out somewhere in the pit known as the sewing room. Might have stolen the fabric for something else by now though. I have the fabric you have for Mr P quilt in the stash ready for a gail pan pattern, don't ask when that will get done and I have never had oreo's and I don't need another food vise at the moment. I think I need a few weeks off as well but have to go back to work next week, think I will be burning the midnight oil to get all my sewing done for feb.

thea said...

The spinning wheel is great. I wouldn't have room for it in my house, but my cats shed so much I seriously have thought about making yarn from their fur. I feel like it's something we should know how to do, y'know, just in case.

What is a "bower bird"?

I don't buy oreo cookies because I don't have any will power and my husband won't ration me -- you are lucky Mr. P will do that for you.

Mistea said...

Mmm - those oreos look delicious and jam donut cup cakes sound delicious - lucky you made short work of those.

Pretty Dresdens you've been making.

Hope work is quiet for you this week so you can be relaxed and ready for your break at the end of it.


Unknown said...

Enjoy your Week.

Nana B said...

The Dresden Heaven looks like fun - a lot of work-but fun.

My DD gave me Cake Pops by Bakerella. She is an artist with chocolate (Bakerella that is). We can't get the supplies here on our little island so my cake pop making is limited to well planned shopping trips to the "main land" or ta da the internet.

For a brain dead moment I wondered why you would take a few weeks off in the winter but you will be enjoying your summer! That is still hard for me to wrap my head around. Enjoy!

Lorraine said...

I love dresden plates...I have a top in 30's fabrics I made about 10 years ago ....all hand pieced..LOL..I should really quilt it - Hmmm....I cleaned (tidied) my sewing room today...and will not be buying anything in the sewing line for a very long time.....way too much stuff to use up before I buy another inch of kids know not to throw all my stuff out if I fall off the perch...I have friends who will take care of it for me!....those Oreo's look deadly! Enjoy your holidays...I am back to work next week for a month then looking at taking a few weeks off in late Feb....can't wait! I have enjoyed the time off work over the Christmas/New Year pottering around my makes me to the Patchwork Apple tomorrow...but only as support crew for a buying for me....!

Leanne said...

If you need any Jack Russel fur to spin just give me a call I have buckets of it. If I could find a by product for it I would be rich. Fabric diet I hear hope it's not like my food diet or it might not last long.

Marie said...

100 yards. good luck Shay!!!! I'm on the "no more pre-cut" diet ... so far so good ~~

love the dresden's can't wait to see it to the end .. they are fun aren't they -- must be the gizmo ruler!

Larri said...

Your dresden's are gorgeous! I have no desire to do something so tedious. As for your fabric diet, I wish you the best. I'm kinda on a fat-quarter feast. I love the smorgasbord of fabric choices. Can I just limit purchases to 100 fat quarters?

Enjoy your 3 Oreo's today! Happy Monday! :o)

Kirsten said...

Hihi...I will have some OREOs later...but we can only get the originals here.
For right now I´m stuffed with peach tarte I made today.
I really like the quilt for Mr.P. Looks very I envy you for the weeks off your going to have. My last week just started today :-(

Unknown said...

Well, you think you have a lot of to Hills Creek Quilting on my sidebar...I can't do the forwarding stuff and she has a site that think you have a lot of stash? OMG. over the top and as Helen said, mortgage payment just on the boxes.
You will feel wonderful!

Kate said...

The Dresden plates are lovely and I like the layout for your guy's quilt. You've been busy. Kiddo loves Oreo's too. Kiddo begged me for the same kind last time we went to the store (so far I've only snuck 6 cookies from the package).

Since you decided to adopt a fabric budget for 2011, does that mean you are passing on the opportunity to be the Empress of Stash Enhancement? I was planning to make you a button for your blog with a crown and so forth. I guess from now on I need to keep my brillant ideas to myself! Oh well, maybe Marge wants to assume the title of Empress of Stash Enhancement?

Kris said...

Don't do it!

Spin dog hair I mean. My friend did and the sad thing is that it never loses that doggy smell. Which you might like, but it is weird for any piece of clothing to have it's own peculiar smell.

Other than that I have no enlightening comments for you. Enjoy your three days at work. Roll on holidays!

Paulette said...

I was into the quilt naming thing so when I got to "Jam Donut Cupcakes" I thought I was going to see a quilt with that name. Don't you agree it'd be a fabulous one?

Love the Dresdens and the Loungin' so far!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE Dresden Heaven. That is seriously beautiful. And I'm drooling over your fabrics for Mr. P's quilt. That is going to be fabulous. You seriously are Wonder Woman.

Glad you go on holidays soon! I hope you get a ton done!

xo -El

P.S. The cupcakes look fabulous.

Cory Blystone said...

LIMIT yourself to under 100 yards this year?! I understand I don't do nearly as much quilting as you, but this certainly makes me feel better about my little obsession and current dilemma of being unable to even open the closet door in my craft room... afraid I'll have to pry it off. I guess that means I need to start making and stop buying, huh?

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I'm loving the Dresden quilt it looks really fiddly though! I can relate with the stash problem, can't open the cupboards in the bedroom without wool falling out...maybe I could make a rule to knit or crochet something from stash wool before I buy any more?? Nope I am kidding myself that would be torture :-) Spinning wheels and I are not friends at the moment mine is misbehaving herself!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I can't believe Mr. P is limiting you. And to think I used to defend that man. LOL
I love the dresdens. I love the naming and I am intrigued by the idea of a Jam Donut Quilt!

Vesuviusmama said...

Lots to comment on, but you know my first comment is "40 yards!?!" Enough said. Your dresdens - definitely heavenly. Love the name "Lounging around". I wish the mail didn't take so long so you could send me samples of all the yumminess you are going to make this year - I guess photos online will do. And how you can put that red ick into your mouth is beyond me, but then, I've seen your slack tea posts so, never mind, I guess I understand. Enjoy your holidays! I'm very jealous over here, as I just started back and realized today that I like being on holiday much better than being at work.

Anonymous said...

My husband said I should spin our dogs' fur into yarn and knit it, since I do knit and crochet. I always thought if I did that, it would be like Cruella DeVil, except my dogs would be alive to keep providing me with lots and lots (and lots and lots) of fur. If you want some, let me know. I'll pop it in the mail for you. (Let customs wonder about that package.) I don't have a spinning wheel so it kind of goes to waste here.


Brenda said...

Oreo warden - Bahahahaha. (Have you tried the chocolate covered ones rolled in crushed candy canes? - Delish!)

Marilyn W said...

Is that 100 yds before or after the 40 you've just said you've bought? That only leaves you 60 yards FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR?

oh, I'll pray for have stregnth to resist.

Another trick to help you...I taped sticky's with notes to myself on the fronts of ALL my credit/debit cards...purchase reminders. Last minute reality checks if you please.


Alisa said...

Wow, you've been busy! Just don't expect me to jump on the yarn wagon. I refuse to limit my yarn purchases. More is better. Unless it's kids. More kids is insane.
If you like those oreos, we'll have to send you some of the Trader Joe's peppermint crunch version. Those are too die for.

Michelle said...

And I thought my mom and I were bad for the 28 yds we bought (on sale mind you) just before Christmas.

Those Dresden Plates are coming along beautifully.