Sunday, January 16, 2011

The "D" Word and Other Stuff

You'd think with me being on holidays I would have spent this week being a whirling dervish getting all sorts of things done. I managed to get some annual cupboard cleaning done but I lost my puff by about Wednesday.  I'm calling that my down time for the holidays. Expect activity/results this week.

I spent two and a half days this week sulking and holding my own little pity party about having to go to the dentist. But I went.  I want to acknowledge that I know my dislike of the D word is completely irrational. For a grown woman to be throwing up in fear the morning of a dental appointment is so not cool. I've got my big girl panties on and am going back Tuesday. And next week too. I am about to make at least 6 months worth of payments on this dude's beamer or fund his next holiday overseas. 

In other news, I finished the table runner for the outdoor table. The outdoor table currently has the dining table on top of it - so I had to improvise for my photo shoot.

The horror of the kitchen renovation has started to fade and I'm tired of looking at my dark wood dining room furniture so all aboard the renovation train. Next stop - the dining room.  Decision made -I was on it this weekend.

I bought this table two years ago thinking it would be a nice table to refinish. It spent 18 months on the back patio when I decided I didn't like it after all and now the kitchen is finished I've decided  it's perfect for the dining room.  It was cheap , and it came with chairs which Miss P has since inherited along with our old dining table.

Here it is with one coat of primer. Since I'm thinking two coats of primer and three top coats and then curing time this is going to take a while.  I don't want to poly it when it's done because of yellowing ...any other suggestions to protect it, from you experienced painting type people out there? I'm going to distress it because Little P likes to use his spoon to play drums on my dining room furniture at mealtimes. Any experiences you'd care to share about how else I can make sure the paint doesn't peel off 4 minutes after it's finished will be most gratefully accepted.

I did the mental maths on cleaning the existing upholstery on the dining chairs I bought last week versus whether it was cheaper to bite the bullet and re-upholster them.  I can attest there are some truly ugly upholstery fabrics out there. I saw most of them yesterday. I found something perfect ...eventually.

I have RSI from pulling all the old staples and upholstery off. I know this is not going to be everyone's cup of tea and doubtless some of you are thinking "Has that girl lost her marbles?" Wait until you see the whole room finished. It's going to rock.

I've never had an actual light shade in my dining room. Yep-we're so classy we've had the bare bulb hanging out of  the batten for 9 years. I defy anyone to say I'm high maintenance. The hunt is now on for the perfect light fitting.

I whipped up a cover this week for my work diary and then shoved it straight back in the cupboard. Touching it while I am on holidays seemed almost sacrilegious.

I got all Betty Crocker this afternoon and baked Neenish cupcakes. I'm trying to lose some weight so obviously I had a brain snap when I decided to bake freakin' cupcakes.

Mr. P and I popped off to the movies last night to see "The Dilemma". Not being a Vince Vaughan fan I wasn't expecting too much . I wasn't disappointed. Save your money and go see Harry Potter twice.  
My goals for this week - my poor neglected Dresden's and some movement on Mr. P's quilt. Watch this space!

I hope your weekend has been wonderful.  


Dee said...

I have been told the the Cabots range
of products doesn't yellow. May be worth looking into.

melissa said...

Loving what your doing with your table, sorry cant offer any advice in that department!

Have fun with your quilts ( love the runner) and dont forget to brush your teeth!!!

Kate said...

Great redo on the dining room chairs. I need to re-upholstery our dining room chairs, for some reason the chair kiddo usually sits on has developed a couple of bare spots. How?

Sorry no advice on the table refinisihing. I have been officially dubbed as "painting impaired" by my spouse who after painting a basement and living room ceiling with me won't let me touch a paint brush!

Lorraine said...

Love the table...and the chairs rock! Can't help with any advice on the painting of the table.....I don't paint...have no idea about it and never want to do it again..once was enough. I envy your refurbishing abilities....! Have a great week......holidays go fast don't they!

Janice said...

Hi Shay -

Love the chair fabric. I think your room is going to "rock" as well. I don't paint, so no help here.

Luscious cupcakes when you are on a "D*@+!" That wasn't smart. I have been changing my eating habits. 38lbs down. Have to stay away from those cupcakes.

Unknown said...

Wow you have a lot going on there !
Believe me a bare light bulb around here would be considered classy !

Three Birds Inspired said...

I LOVE it when someone asks for advice. I haven't any to offer but I do love that you asked! Seriously, if you primed before you painted, no chipping should occur. The important thing is to let it dry completely between coats. If you do decide to topcoat, use a polycrylic - it won't yellow. Can't wait to see your new light fixture!

Kirsten said...

You mean you did all of that by Wednesday?? It would have probaply taken me a year to get all of those things done. I love the table in white...looks really classy and the chairs will look just awesome with that...ohhh I cannot wait to see the whole room.
Have fun with your quilts this upcoming week and keep enjoying your vacation even though you have those dentist apointments. You will survive!! I promise!!

Quiet Quilter said...

I like the table runner and hope your table gets down where it belongs soon. Sounds like you have had a busy holiday..

Leanne said...

I am soooooo with you on the whole dentist thing. Love the new chairs and my advice on painting is I hate so no help from me.

Larri said...

Love the chairs! Can't wait to see the whole room put together. It's going to be gorgeous. :o)

Now about that paint...BIL is a painting guru. He's always told me that if I used a high-gloss paint for the final coat, that I didn't need to use a poly clear coat. I've never had problems with anything chipping or stripping, but I've also never painted a dining table before. When I see him today, I'll ask him what he suggests.

I love the table runner too! What are the sizes of your squares? I need a runner for one of my end tables, and think this would be the perfect design.

Enjoy all the productiveness the week should bring you. Sorry about the dentist. Hope his beamer finds a new dent in it! LOL

Happy Sunday night! :o)

PS...So not a fan of Vince Vaughn! Glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't like him.

Sara said...

While I personally am not afraid of the dentist, my bank balance quakes in fear at the mention of him/her/it.

Oddly, my bank balance also quakes in fear at the thought of going to the movies, so I definitely wont be going the see The Dilemma anyway. I will be saving my money and going to the fabric shop.

Brenda said...

"The horror of the kitchen remodel is starting to fade" - Hahahahahahahaha - I can soooo relate to that remark! I still can't figure out how you get so much done!!! You go, girl!

Char said...

Sorry I don't have any advice for the table.
Love the chairs. Great fabric choice.
Good luck with the light fixture search. After 11 years I still don't have one I like!

Lisa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the chairs!!!

I have never found any product that does not yellow. I have heard that Mod Podge doesn't, but I have not tried it and don't know if it's practical for a large application like that.

Will the dentist give you a Valium or something ahead of time? Some of ours will do that for the scaredy-cats. I mean the nervous folks.

thea said...

My dentist drives a mercedes .. and is putting her two kids through college. It's important that I see her twice a year - and that I send my 5 kids to her too!

The chairs are looking good! the staple pulling was definitely worth it. Can't wait to see the pics of the finished product.

seabreezequilts said...

Are you supposed to clean your cupboards out every year, obviously I have been doing it wrong all these years I thought you just chucked stuff in them and jammed the door shut after you. Love the table and the chairs are fantastic. I did an old dressing table chair in zebra faux fur once a long long time ago, it rocked for ages I think though now it may have gone to hard rubbish collection, unless my hubby has horded it in the shed with everything else.

Paulette said...

I love those chairs!! That is going to look so awesome with your refurbish table. That table (pre-paint) looks almost identical to the one we used to have in our kitchen. The paint job looks great so far. You have been kickin' ass and taking names!

Anonymous said...

I think the table is fabulous, and the chairs rock! I love the fabric you've chosen and I can't wait to see everything when it is done!

Cynhtia L. said...

Hello old friend.

Wish I would have read your comment about the Vince Vaughn movie. We went to see it today and were disappointed! It looked like it would be so funny.

I love the table and think the chairs rock. The table runner is really beautiful. I am wanting to make one for my dinning room table and this one looks like it would go!

I have missed you and hope to hear from you soon.

Deb said...

How exciting, you're doing more furniture, I so love watching you "redo" things.

Andrea said...

You're supposed to clean cupboards??? *gasp*
I love the look of your new table and the chair covers rock!
As for the dentist, I actually don't mind it now. There's a new mouthwash you should ask for before they work on you. You just swish a small amount in your mouth and spit it out. Within one minute your whole teeth and gums are frozen and it lasts about half an hour. Bliss! Well not really but better than before...

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Good on you for being brave and facing the dreaded D! I love the chair covers, you are right they are going to rock with that table.....v nice!! I thought you were having a quiet week....compared to you I am dead ;-)

Michelle said...

Awesome table-runner!

Everybody has her fears. The dentist doesn't bother me, but I hate going to the doctor.

Good for you for starting on the new table.

AnnieO said...

I'm very proud of you--all the work you've been getting up to and reporting must feel terrific!