Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You?

Apparently clothes maketh the man ...or woman as the case may be. I hope that’s not actually true because if it is , I am slob who likes pants with no actual waist bands, and I think we’ve already established my underwear collection is seriously not something that should be seen in public even on my washing line-mainly because I’m concerned about it disintegrating if the suns rays touch it such is the sad state of the elastic in it.

I envy the person who can chuck on Capri’s and strappy thongs and a plain tshirt and look like they just stepped out of the pages of Vogue. When I do that it looks like I just rolled out of the back of a turnip truck.
So as I sit here in my Cookie monster pyjamas wondering whether I am in fact, the worlds biggest dag, I’ve been pondering  whether I need to up my game a bit and just how much I’ve really let myself go. Some people can turf on a potato sack and look glamorous. I am not in that fortunate class. These days it takes hours and much expense to look even remotely glam.

I used to have a job where I wore suits to work. And heels. And makeup. Apparently I was the scion of style. Flash forward to this job. It’s hard to get a mother to trust and engage with you when you’re wearing a 150 dollar suit, full face makeup and minty fresh breath and they have weetbix in their hair and the last time they saw a toothbrush was last Tuesday. So I go casual. But now I’m thinking I need to make a bit more of an effort, lest I be mistaken for one of those middle aged ladies that has let herself go to pot. Maybe I’m too casual?

I admit I have a shoe fetish. I am well known for it. Last year I got the Imelda Marcos award at our office Christmas party. My girlfriends made me pose in front of a show shop sign that said “If the shoe fits – buy it in every colour”. The reason I love shoes is because my feet don’t get fat. It doesn’t matter whether I’m 150 pounds or 250 pounds my shoes still fit. And I don’t have to worry about whether my bum looks big in them either. I have the awesome-est collection of shoes in all of Australia. The rest of my wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired.

I hardly EVER wear makeup. I have a pot of mineral makeup I’ve had for about 5 years. It’s petrified in the container. I live in jeans even at work if I’m not in pyjamas at home. In fact I own about 20 pairs of jeans. I even wear camo pants to work.  And am I really hoping against hope that wearing your hair in a knotted twisty bun or a pony tail is in - because I do it about 4 times a week. And I don’t wear anything round my middle that shows off my three spare tyres. I think my style is middle aged don't give a crap Ive earned the right to be comfortable.

So what is your style ? I want pictures of what you’re wearing as you’re reading this post ...to see how I compare and to give me an indication of just how much I need to worry about this.  


Kris said...

Lol! Well, you've met me in real life so I can't really do the "Oh I am really stylish" thing! I do agree with you though. I do think that clothes and how you present yourself are important, I guess I just don't do it. Being fat really cramps any sartorial elegance you ever had. There are just fewer clothes to choose from. Fewer clothes shops and fewer clothes in those shops that fit.

I have a "Colour Me Beautiful" book which talks about your fashion style. Are you dramatic? Sporty casual? Romantic? Etc, etc. Hmm? Not sure. Out of the two racks of larger sizes that KMart has which one is the dramatic rack? Sporty casual? You get the picture.

So what am I wearing right now? (I would be worried about answering this question if I hadn't met you in real life. In the back of my mind would always be that nagging worry. Why does she want to know this? Is she maybe an old paunchy guy called Irving?) I have just gotten home from a walk on the beach so once I get some of this sand off me I will be putting on my nightie. Even more comfy than pajamas. Not even an elasticised waistband to worry about. My nightie is blue, with flowers on it.

Marg said...

I'm in my p'js and there is absolutely no way what so ever, hell will freeze over before I will send you a photo.
However I think I can give you a run for your money with the comfy clothes, I was going to say the shoes too, but now I'm worried that you just might have more shoes than me. I do wear make up though, never used to but I don't want to scare anyone when I go out in public.

Larri said...

I'm wearing my PJ's and I'm going to post it on my blog just for you! :o)

PS...I went through a fashion transformation a few years ago after I lost almost 40 pounds. I went through my closet and was ruthless! I held up each item and asked the following:

1. Do I love it?

2. Does it fit?

3. Does it make me feel good when I wear it?

If I couldn't answer those questions, I chucked it out! I do this once a season as I rotate my clothes. I don't have many outfits, but I love everything that's in my closet. It's one of the reasons I wear dresses and skirts. I discovered I like myself better when I'm wearing something 'girlie'. :o)

Shevvy said...

I too have loads of shoes but I never normally wear them, just the flat comfy ones.

I used to be all suited and booted for work as well, when I was first in offices 20 years ago girls still hardly ever wore trousers so it was skirt suits.

As the pounds have piled on my standard uniform now is black trousers and a loose top, most often black as well.

The rest of the time its jeans and tops. T shirts don't work for me, I'm too booby, I need tops with a bit of shaping.

Today, black long sleeved tunic with jeans!

Kate said...

My duaghter wants to nominate me for "What not to Wear". That's a TV show in the US where they go through some woman's closet and get rid of all her clothes and help her buy a new stylish wardrobe. I think that pretty much says it all!

I'm a jeans and T-shrt girl when not working. At work, I have to dress up, so it's slacks, shells and jackets or sweaters. I too am carry a few extra puonds, but places like JC Pennys and Kohls have "womens" sizes and you can find some stylish and pretty things to wear at a reasonable price.

I'm in my robe finishing off my first cup of coffee (it's 5:30 AM my time). Sorry no picture available!

melissa said...

Well ive got several pairs of thongs -( the double plugger kind ), Ive got one pair that i keep for going out,( stop sniggering) and a couple of crappier pairs that i keep in handy locations about the house. I cant actually remember the last time i wore a "proper" pair of shoes!

At the minute ive got a stained and paint splattered singlet and a pair of old trakky daks on - so i think youre in good company!

Unknown said...

I Love my PJ's & have just bought myself some new ones from Miller's..they make really nice soft comfy pj's...I'm wearing blue & lemon floral bottoms with blue top & embroidered flowers around the v neckline...I even have PJ Days & so does my DD...they are so comfy if I don't have to go to work or go out I just forget to get changed...oh that's until Mr.B walks in at 3:30pm & gives me that 'are you sick today' Look!!!

I do agree though I do make a big effort when we go shopping especially here on the Gold Coast I like to look like I can afford to live here..lol

Sara said...

Since I only wear a singlet and undies to bed instead of pajamas, no photos are forthcoming.

I too have about 20 pairs of jeans, because I shop mainly at the salvos, and they all cost me $7. But to be fair, I only ever wear the same 3 pairs over and over. Truth be told, I can't actually get into my cupboards, because there's tubs of fabric blocking them. My actual, used wardrobe is arranged on the end of my bed. And I work at woolies, so work clothes are the same every day.

Where we differ hugely is in the shoe thing. While I own a dozen or so pairs, in the last 6 months I have worn 3 pairs. And that would have only been two were it not for the fact that my work shoes fell apart a couple of weeks ago and I needed to buy new ones. I live in my boots. I would marry them, were it not for the fact that you can't marry inanimate objects, and I would probably marry my sewing machine, car or laptop first.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

umm, well here's the thing - I don't wear pj's unless it's during the morning - before I put my running clothing on - there is about a 50% chance that I'll go running anyway!

I buy new underwear every 6 months or so - and during the day I usually wear comfortable - jeans with long sleeved shirts for the winter and dressy casual if I go out. Yesterday it was capri yoga pants and a green long-sleeved shirt with knee high socks - smeared with flour - I was baking cinnamon buns - I was a little embarrassed when my brother-in-law showed up!

I have a bad habit of keeping clothing that "almost fits" - I do periodically purge (maybe every 6 months).

So, what is your game plan? What does Mr P think?

Marie said...

Ha ... it's 21' and falling 3" of fresh snow with ice underneath ... layers is the name of the game.

insulated longjohn's
fleece sweatshirt
warm socks
heavy shoes

I too used to dress much better for work -- but I've learned to dress for the weather -- long johns, denim skirts and tall boots work well too!

Judy said...

I will never win a style show thats for sure!!
We have 12 degrees and about 8" inches of new snow. I am normally found wearing jeans and either a tshirt or sweatshirt and some very warm socks with a pair of ropers for shoes/boots.
The shoe department at my house isn't big 3 pairs, but mainly wear the ropers(boots) for comfort. The other two are one dress up shoe and one pair of running shoes.
The make up use to be a very have to have on thing. But the last few years, have changed that to just when going somewhere or when the mood strikes other than mascara.
As to what have on now... Yep you guessed it Jeans and sweatshirt and warm socks for the toes.

Kirsten said...

Well since it is below zero and has been snowing for the last 24 hours, I am wearing my new sweater, a shortsleeve turtleneck underneath, a pair of jeans with long johns underneath and my handknitted socks. At least my feet are warm.
I started wearing more "buisiness like" clothes ever since I open my own little office. Even though a lot of my clientel is probably the same as yours, I still feel, they trust me more, when I wear nice, goog fitting clothes and make up. The plus ist, those mothers usually think I´m a lot younger than I really are. :-)
Well, why don`t you hop on over and we´ll do a fashion make over?

Paulette said...

Cute pjs!

I can't believe I just did this, but here you go. http://thewayisewit.blogspot.com/2010/11/things-i-do-for-you-mrs-p.html

Brenda said...

Well, I go walking most mornings with a girlfriend, so I hang out in my "walking clothes" as long as I possibly can (loose t-shirt, sport bra, loose capri pants). Since I started working this past summer, my wardrobe is waaaay fancier than it used to be - I have a brown and a black pair of pants that I rotate, plus a few skirts and dresses. Weekends- jeans and t-shirts all the time. I think I look better than I actually do - I get dressed thinking I'm "all that" and then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror later and I'm surprised that I'm sort of a frumpy, middle-aged lady...

Elizabeth said...

Cute Eyeore pyjamas! The fabric looks really nice. I think that when you're at home, you can wear whatever you want. For instance, I'm wearing a pretty ugly pair of flannel pyjamas with orange and green and red and blue stripes. They are warm. And ugly. But then again, it is only 8:48 am. Sometime in the next two hours I'll shower and get dressed; probably in jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt because that is all that is clean.

About 3 1/2 years ago, I gained 30 pounds, almost instantaneously. It was horrendous. And nothing in my closet fit. I look horrible. So, I started watching 'What Not To Wear' and paying close attention when someone had my body type. On the show they give some poor, unsuspecting fashion flunkie $5000, take their old wardrobe, break them down to nothing, give them fashion rules and then set them out to shop for a new wardrobe in New York. Everybody always comes out so fantastic in the end, so I thought I'd play along. I completely gutted my closet {which made sense, because nothing fit anyway}. Only I didn't have $5000 for a new wardrobe. It was more like $500. Any maybe not even that. I got a handful of nice summer outfits, but ran out of money and interest in the project when winter and snow and cold hit. So, here I am a few years later with the same six summer outfits, and winter is upon us. I really have nothing to wear. Which is why I'm stay in my pyjamas until 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning.

xo -E

Elizabeth said...

P.S. I wear make-up every day, whether I'm going out or not. I feel better about myself and much less like a zombie when the hugely dark circles under my eyes are covered up.

Barb H said...

I'm one of those who's battling snow today. At work, I usually wear nice slacks and a nice top--no suits--and I don't think I even own a skirt or dress anymore. Today I'm in a sweater and jeans since it's bad driving out there. Make up? No more. I used to do the Mary Kay cosmetics thing and one day I decided to stop wearing all that makeup. I felt instantly liberated! So my face is what it is. Shoes are not big on my list--I wear a size 8.5 double or triple wide. So, I only have a few pair that actually fit me! I would live to be on What Not to Wear--but it's so PUBLIC!

AnnieO said...

No photos of me either! But I am ready to start Job #1, my Jammie Job where I work from home, so its appropriate that I'm not dressed yet. For my other day job, Office Manager for a doctor, I wear nice slacks usually, with button up or Tee shirts with a sweater or jacket. I love jackets because they instantly dress up anything and look professional, even if the jacket is courderoy or twill, and even if you're wearing jeans on the bottom half. Also, I think wearing color is more friendly so I like scarves, and wear colored tops with my neutral slacks. I always wear makeup and fix my hair but seldom wear heels, as I am already 5'9". The compliment of my life was when oldest DD told me she wished I dressed badly so that she could nominate me for What Not to Wear and get a $5000 wardrobe!

Char said...

Well, just like most days I'm sitting here in yoga pants, a T-shirt and a Hoodie. When my daughter came home from school yesterday I was wearing the same getup and she said, "Mom, you look a mess!" Which must mean I look a mess everyday!
I used to wear suits and makeup everyday, I'm so glad I don't have to anymore. I only wear make up now if I'm going out.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Oh, I am sending you an email right now because as I'm reading this, I'm actually dressed slightly better than normal.

Usually, I am like you but I had this discussion with myself about 3 months ago. Since then I average about 2 days a week where I don't feel I'm slumming it. Lol today is one of them, even if I have no make up on.

Besides you know I work from home and often lice in jammies until noon. Besides that, it's athletic pants or jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. I'm tryin to use weight loss as motivation for new and stylish clothes but I haven't cared enough yet to make THAT happen.

Cheers! Beck

Lane said...

Hmm. Used to be suits and ties. Then, it was jeans, for years and years. Then, back to slacks and dress shirts. My career has taken several moves over time. Today, I'm dressed in navy slacks and a gold, well pressed, dress shirt. Spiffy, but still very comfortable. Lane

seabreezequilts said...

My work attire is smart casual, I think the boss is probably too scared to say anything if he doesn't like what I am wearing. At the moment I'll wear what fits as I seem to have had a growth spurt over winter. I usually don't bother with make up on my days off and only usually wear foundation and eyeliner when I go to work. I am a shoe person and probably a bag person as well, but my main personal grooming must have is my nails done, which happens every 3 weeks and then they are usually beautiful for 2 1/2 weeks sometimes less depending on how creative i have been and what muck that creating intails. Have been using the craft glue this weekend and that eats nail polish off better than nail polish remover but they are getting done again tomorrow so that's ok.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Yep no way you are going to get a photo of me as I have just put Henna in my hair and it is wrapped in plastic and I am wearing the oldest towel in the house!!!!! Pure Glamour :-)

I like comfy clothes and menopause is changing my shape so nothing in my wardrobe fits anymore....its a real bummer! I go to get ready to go to town (home it is all shorts and old shirts so I can deal with all the animals and not worry about wrecking my clothes) and have an outfit in mind and when I put it on it doesn't fit SHIT! Try figuring out plan B when you are in a hurry! Bohemian would be more my style I guess, cotton in earthy colours in skirts and dresses for summer and some capris and jeans and tops in winter with a shrug. Shoes Crocs rule for the wet season and boots for winter. Any spare time in the house is usually PJ's....love my PJ's :-)

Michelle said...

LOL! Right now, I'm in sweats. It's my home attire for winter. But I think you've hit upon an important point--your attire depends on what you're doing. When I'm just hanging out at home, it's no make-up and sweats for me. When I go out and about, it's casual and make-up if I have time. I went for years without make-up because I worked with my dad, and he'd suddenly decide we needed run an errand, and was out the door in two minutes. If I'd complain about not having enough time, I'd get: "You look fine."

Before that, I worked as a medical technologist, and my work uniform was scrubs and a lab coat. Actually pretty cool since scrubs are about as comfortable as sweats. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, here's the thing. If those are pyjamas, you are rockin' the haute couture compared to me. I do not have pyjamas. I have sweatpants. They are like the indoor/outdoor rug of clothing as far as I am concerned. There are some weekends when....nah, I'm not ready to admit that yet. Still have to make an effort at work, though, so that keeps me from going off the deep end. If anyone ever gives me a job working at home, it will be the end of any fashion sense I have.

Unknown said...

Well, I am ashamed to say this but I am dressed in Ralph Lauren slacks with a Gucci turtle neck and my brand new pair of Manolo Blahnick's on! What is wrong with all of you? Don't you watch Desperate Housewives? I thought we all looked that way!

Not really, I have a long cotton nightgown on and a sweater on the standby in case I get cold!

Love your jammies Mrs. P.

lw said...

I'm currently wearing a pair of blue jeans and an Eddie Bauer corduroy shirt with a ruffle on the placket. And socks. My little black flats are over by the sofa. My hair is usually in a pony tail, which is clean room friendly and goes up under a bouffant bonnet quickly. These are my work clothes for days I don't have to go to meetings with customers or managers. I always wear earrings and little bit of lipstick.

Susan Entwistle said...

Khakis, tank top under a long sleeve shirt and actual shoes. I hate shoes. I can't walk in heels and I wear flip flops from May through October. My dress up pants require heels (chunky) so the hems don't drag on the ground, and I can keep those on my feet for, oh, about 8 hours and then I can't walk any more. I love makeup and think I look so much better in it, but I don't always have time to put it on. I keep telling myself that one day I'll get in shape, drop a couple of sizes and become one of those women who don't bat a single lash extension at paying $300 for a pair of jeans....or not.

thea said...

How fun! I love reading all the comments your readers have left. I am a jeans and t-shirt girl (woman at this point). My older daughter tells me that my clothes don't fit -- probably because I like to be sure my bulges aren't showing, so my t-shirts are baggy. I'd post a picture but I'm the one behind the camera :) (that's my excuse anyway). For work I mostly wear suits but change the minute I get home.

One of my goals this year it so spend a day in my pjs (being sick doesn't count). Somehow I just can't do it .. I need to shower and change first thing. But I'm working on it.

I would describe myself as middle aged and frumpy .. and I can live with that.

Shay said...

I cant tell you how gratified I am to read you're all pretty much like me (and so many others that love their pyjamas ) I'm almost overcome.

With the exception of Cynthia's brief desperate housewives fantasy, I can imagine you all dagging round like me.

Extra points to those of you that emailed me pictures or blog posted pj pics. You rock . (oh and for those of you that emailed -I double deleted those emails so I wouldnt be tempted to use them against you when I'm having an evil day in the future. See how much I love you?

Your comments mean I dont have to try any harder than I already am...

Unknown said...

I look stunning as usual, need you really know more ? Ugg boots are in you know !

Janean said...

okay, giggling so hard that a soft drink comes out one's nose is not classy. (i need a kleenex here!)

you just crack me up the way you describe everything so well.

isn't life is full of seasons and cycles? enjoy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have four types of clothes that I wear. For work, because I usually freeze, and we are supposed to sort of dress up, I wear slacks (usually black or navy, because it's easier to dress in the morning if your clothes are all basically the same color and you don't have to think about it) with high heels, some sort of shirt I can just pull on over my head, and a cardigan of some sort. For weekends when I have to leave the house: jeans, one of my over the head shirts, and a cardigan (I get cold very easily). For church: a dress or a skirt, with a cardigan (and I'd bring my Snuggie to church if people wouldn't look at me funny, cuz I'm usually cold in church). At home, lounge pants and t-shirts, a sweater or snuggie, or just one of the dogs to keep me warm.

Having said all of that, I think I need to do something to up my metabolism so I'm not cold all the time. Clearly I have issues.

Hair? Usually pulled up and back because I hate it in my face, but don't want to cut it short because then I'd have to take the time to do something with it to make it look nice.

Make up? Once in a while, and then my husband says, "are you okay?" because me wearing make up apparently means I'm depressed or something.

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm at work. It is freezing, so today it is a turtleneck that I bought at a thrift store in 1996 and cordoroy slacks. My brown boots are banging, though! I'm with you on the shoes! Love em! I greet a very discerning public daily, so I'm supposed to look nice. I push the envelope every chance I get. I wear suits, but usually only on the days when I am presenting in front of 50 or more people. I've learned to love those stretchy rayon/polyester dresses that you can scrunch up and put in your pocket and when you take them out there are no wrinkles. I have a million of them for work wear during the spring, summer and fall. But now it is winter and I am cold and stodgy - looking. Oh well. I don't even shave my legs this time of year because I want the extra layer of insulation. When I get home, I immediately change into jeans (my favorite) or cotton sweatpants. I just hope my husband meant the whole "better or worse" thing, because I'm looking worse and worse as the years go by...