Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday

Slack Tea Thursday is back for another week.

I've had a busy week at work and arrived home this afternoon to meet with someone to get  a final quote on my custom made blind for the kitchen.  She was horrible.  I checked they did bonded fabric roller blinds when I made the booking four weeks ago.  When she got here she was really off handed and told me they hadn't "done those in years".   I'd decided to go with one of the other companies before she even finished her quote.   And I called the other company to order it before the horrible chick was even out of my driveway. Even though they were 25% more expensive. I hope she heard me. And by the way lady if you read my blog you looked like an aging bar bitch.

Slack Tea Thursday.

I bought Mr. P some sushi and sashimi for tea before he wandered off for boys night  then I ate some as appetisers. He didn't need it all anyway.

This was dinner...

Apologies to the vegetarian contingent.

After 4 minutes in a frypan , this is what it looked like . I think 4 minutes still qualifies as slack.

Here is dessert...and I'm planning to eat the whole damn pack. These are anti smoking jubes, so named because when I give up smoking I eat 4 packs of these a week. So instead of dying from lung cancer - diabetes is going to get me.

Please wander by and have a look at Favourite Things Friday tomorrow. I have my 2010 all time favourite thing to share.


Unknown said...

I hope that aging bar bitch reads this , don't muck around with Shay lady !

Larri said...

Thanks for my morning giggle! :o) I love today's Slack Tea. Please tell me that's Beef, and not some exotic Aussie slab of meat. I'd love a huge steak right about now.

As for the roller-shade lady, you're spot on. Life's too demanding to deal with cruddy customer service. Apparently, the company is doing so well, they don't need business. Or perhaps they haven't done a spot-check out in the field with this particular agent. Good for you! I hope you gave her a swift kick on her way out your door.

Marg said...

Now that's what I call an interesting slack tea, very pretty and colourful. I love the combinations you come up with each week. You have covered every food group and there's even a hint of green in the entree and dessert! Way to go.

Oooh what could possibly beat all your other FTF's for your favourite for the year? Gee you like stringing us out don't you! That's not nice Shay.

Helsie said...

Good to see you are doing your bit for the cattle industry!

Mrs A said...

hehe, forget the diabetes, we will be waiting for you in the ED with the defibrillator!!!

Kate said...

Wow, the lady from the custom place must have been in desperate need of customer senstivity training.

Your Thursday Tea makes my Wednesday night dinner of Lean Cuisine look pretty pathetic!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Who is a cranky bitch then???? Giving up smoking is a real bastard isnt it ;-)

I agree with Mrs A...cardiac unit here we come, nothing like living on the edge!

Can't wait for the FTF....should make for a better day all round :-)

Mistea said...

Gotta say all that colour is just the thing for Thursday.
Your tea looks delicious considering what I ate for the entire day.
I'll be back shortly to check out that Favourite thing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. P. I hope her boss reads your blog:-) Slack Tea is not so slack this week, but it looks very fulfilling. Good luck with the smoking cessation. I just quit (again) too. Let's support each other. Usually, I go cold turkey, but I decided to use the patches this time and really try to make a permanent stab at it.

Paulette said...

Looks like you got your protein requirements for the day! I love a good steak, but tell me that's not a slab of butter on the top. I think one of my arteries just closed. Jube jellies, do what you've got to do, girl. I chewed toothpicks like a frickin' woodchuck.

Lisa said...

Ok, WHAT is that... thing next to the steak/beef roast/gigantic slab of meat? Is it a... neck? Or... ah... no. I don't think I want to know what it is. I am just going to hit back on my browser and pretend I never saw this post.

The candy looks ok, though. I'm all about diabetes over lung cancer! Good luck with The Cessation!

seabreezequilts said...

Had a similar experience with a roller shutter man a few months ago and then there was the mob who wouldn't come out unless my husband was there. I said we are not making a decision so just come out and give me a quote then the company kept ringing me to change the appointment because they couldn't make it. Rang them back and cancelled everything. What's with that don't they think a woman can make a decision. Does the crust of a pizza slice and a bowl of boysenberry icecream count as slack tea. Couldn't be bothered eating last night (which doesn't happen a lot).

Kirsten's Cooking said...

love this post and absolutely love your spunk! :)

can.not.wait. for the FTF reveal!!!

Shevvy said...

hmmm sushi! I used to have a great one local that did takeaway. It was my regular friday night treat and I always got enough for Saturday lunch. Then they closed! I miss them.