Saturday, June 19, 2010

Theme-less in Blogland

I read a blog post recently where the blog owner was talking about her blog theme. The voices in my head started chatting to one another and the conversation got more frantic as each new thought emerged. "I don’t think I have a theme" "Am I supposed to have a theme?" "O.M.G I don’t have a theme" "Would I have more readers if I had a theme?" "Maybe if I had a theme I’d have a squillion readers and be totally famous" "I could win Australian Blogger of the Year, if I had a theme"  "If my blog had a theme we might attain world peace".

My name is Mrs. Pyjamas and I have come to the realisation I do indeed appear to be theme-less.

After I’d recovered from my panic over my theme-less state (Yes I really do need to get a life) I got to thinking about some of the blogs I follow and whether or not a blog theme is an integral part of being an interesting blogger.

There are blogs out there that have become widely read as the result of a particular theme. Bakerella, and Pioneer Woman both cook. Cluck Cluck Sew and Crazy Mom Quilts quilt, Better After and Miss Mustard Seed  renovate and restore. I enjoy reading these blogs but given that I’m pretty average at most things and not particularly brilliant at any one skill  any blog I would write with only one theme would be as boring as bat crap. I’m not a great  cook. You aren’t going to flock here to get my latest recipe. (I'm pretty sure a lot of you keep tuning in to see if SAJ and I have  burned another kitchen down)   My blog title implies that this is a quilting blog. If I only ever wrote about quilting, I’d  do about 6 posts a year,none of which would blind you with my creativity and brilliance.  I’m a fledgling quilter and all my quilting ideas are stolen from  inspired by the big guns.  And we all know how I feel about’s a necessary evil. I don’t actually enjoy the process. It’s a means to an end.  And  I'm not a fashionista or beauty expert  ( case in point - I'm writing this wearing my suck your guts in jeans , a white t-shirt and grey Nanna cardigan, and my black fluffy slippers with fake diamantes )  So, I don’t have any singular outstanding talent on which to base  my blog posts.

I'm not sure what this blog is about. I've never been sure. It’s about Translation Tuesday and Slack Tea Thursday, and my quilting misadventures and occasional successes , and ironing board covers, an occasional recipe if my family are lucky enough to have me cook, a run down of what I got up to on the weekend,  random rant posts and whatever else takes my fancy at any given moment. Just like my life - because my life is not about one thing. My life is multi faceted and I want you to share it.  My cakes don’t always rise, and my quilts don’t always work out. My husband isn't perfect and my house isn’t a show home.  I have successes and failures. Some days I'm awesome and some days I'm horrible.   I want you to share all the  aspects of my life. I want you to feel you’re getting to know me. A bit at a time. Just like an actual friendship. Even if some of you do live half way across the world and we'll probably never meet.   And I want for it to be a two way street. I want to know your stuff too. For me blogging is about connection. And there is no single   theme for connecting with the diverse range of wonderful people I've "met " through blogging. And to limit myself to one subject or interest , I feel like I'd be denying myself the opportunity to meet people who can enrich my life and show me new things and different ways of thinking.

So, why do you blog and what's your theme?

P.S. I’m not sure why people read my blog  but I’m totally stoked that people do. ( I swear I nearly peed my pants this week when I saw I have 58 people following me at the moment because never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that would happen –did 50 of you slip and add me by accident or what? )

 P.P.S. I know I was absent this week. I have a sick  note.


Marg said...

Woo hoo your'e back, yippee! Sorry don't want to sound like a crazy stalker, but good to see you back. Theme? What theme? I think my blog is turning into a diary of stuff that didn't quite work out how I had planned it, coupled with what was I thinking!
I read your blog because you are a very nice person (I hope), down to earth, I love pj's and I think it's awesome that you actually go out in public in them, and to top it off you can be very very funny. It's a pity you like Vegemite.

Bonnie said...

I found your blog because of the word quilting, but have continued to read it because you sound real. Your life is "real life".
Continue to tell it like it is.
I am half way round the world so your life reveals a different way of life to me.

Paulette said...

Hey, I missed you this week! Glad you're back, sick note, lack of a theme and all. At first I thought you meant theme as in those pretty backgrounds and gee-gaws every has but me (because I'm a minimalist).

But theme ? As in subject? Mine is supposed to be quilting/sewing, although I laugh at myself often because I'm not as prolific as many and I think my blog title would be more accurate as The Way I Sew It? = Nothing Fast or Fancy and Maybe Not At All.

I've blogged about thrifting and vintage stuff probably more than sewing, and now I've thrown a couple recipes into the mix, rambling about family, etc. I wish I could stick to the subject, but have you met me? I ramble. Now, for instance.

So keep on doing what you're doing. It's nice getting to know you, and having some great laughs along the way.

Coloradolady said...

I am pretty sure the very first time I read your blog, it was over that vintage sheet quilt....that you are not too fond of....that I loved! LOL I have a little secret too, I don't think I have a theme to my blog as well...just "THE TOTAL RANDOM THEME"

Funny, when I first started my blog, I thought it would go in one a cooking blog...and well, you and I know it ran the other direction....I post a recipe on there about once in three months!! LOL Maybe, the problem with that was I did not really even know what a blog was...I just knew I wanted one! I must sound like an idiot!!! I'm sure whom ever might read mine from time to time thinks at the very least, I have a lose screw or two!!!

Frankly, I'd drive myself nuts if I had only one subject to talk about...I mean, I'd run out of post in about a week and then that would be mix it up is my thoughts!

Girl, I love your your quilting, love everything else in between.....but what started it all for me, was that vintage sheet quilt....and for the record, I still have a pile of sheets here that I have not touched, I have not even started mine......hopefully soon!!!

Have a great weekend! Loved this post...just know you are not alone!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. P. Don't sell yourself short. You are awesome and so is your blog. I like it precisely because I never know what I'm going to get (except on Thursdays which I look forward to immensely). I've always liked surprises. The good ones. Besides, pretty sure DavidThorne doesn't have a theme and he's got 26,000 followers unless you count smart ass consistency. I guess that could be a theme. Anyway, blog on, themeless wonder. This Bud's for you. Or Fosters. Whichever.

Shevvy said...

Now you are sharing the worry around the world as well! Theme! do I have a theme? and I sticking to my theme? Blah!

I guess I did start my blog because of quilting. I was new to quilting and don't really have many people in real life who are into crafts that I could show my efforts to and say "look, is this okay?" or "wow, this turned out so much better than I expected". People who don't do crafts themselves never really get it I don't think.

I am slowly writing a few more bits about other things as well but its taking me a while to feel comfortable about that.

It will be a cold day in hell though before I post any pics of my garden, weeds aren't something to brag about.

I was going to say the same for cooking, but I've now set myself a little target to at least do one food post this year. I might have to bake a cake or something. I used to do that years ago!

And after all the waffling, it is your randomness that I enjoy reading about!

GaAm said...

Mrs. P--if you had a theme, I'd probably quit reading (not really). I love the variety of your posts. I love that you focus on many things. I love Translation Tuesdays and Slack Tea Thursdays, and everything else that falls in between. It's the stuff of life that happens in between any theme that's important.

Kris said...

Lol! I was "talking" (euphamism for emailing, obviously) to a blogger this week and she mentioned she was off to check out Slack Tea Thursday. I knew exactly what she meant, so theme or not, you got it going on! I love the bit at the top of Chookyblue's blog where she says it's all about her. Perhaps that's the theme of your blog. It's all about you!

PS I hope you've got a really good excuse on that sick note. Some of us were more than disappointed on Thursday night.

PPS Oh, and it was 59 followers when I saw it. You are reeling them in!

Lorraine said...

Theme .....nah.....I don't have one really....perhaps if rambling is a theme I could nail that one!...missed you on Thursday night...I had to make up my own Slack Tea Thursday was so awesome I can't even remember what it was! Always enjoy your posts...I also like Chookyblue's "it's all about me" quote....and really that's just as it should be... the "suck your guts in jeans" .....I am wearing my daggiest trackies!

Michelle said...
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Jenn said...

Haven't you heard??? Theme-less is IN! Who wants to be organized and themed and (ouch) 'pretty'!!!???? NOT ME! I'm glad you're themeless! I stopped reading Pioneer Woman because it was too theme-y!
Love ya!

AnnieO said...

When I read your blog I forget that the title says Quilting in it, because you make me laugh all through it (a biggie thumbs up always). I think your non-theme is Letting it All Hang Out In My Pyjamas. It's great.

I had 40 followers yesterday and today I have 39. Someone doesn't love me anymore :(

Michelle said...

Interesting questions Mrs. P. (I'm going to respond before I read everyone else's responses. I'll wait, and then say to myself, I wish I'd thought of that. ;-) ) First off, I LOVE your blog. You're incredibly funny (a talent that I admire immensely), and always put an interesting slant on whatever you choose to write about. I'm never bored. I thoroughly enjoy Translation Tuesday because you tell us things about life in Australia that isn't printed in some overall touristy summary of your country. And Slack Tea Thursday is just hilarious.

As for my blog, it is a quilty themed blog because I don't have your talent for making everyday happenings a hoot. However, I've noticed that I enjoy blogs where people write about a variety of things, so I'm trying to branch out a bit--especially since I'm no brilliant quilter either. At this point though, I have to have a focus otherwise I'd freeze up entirely. So I guess having a generalized theme is more for my comfort than anyone else's.

Alisa said...

I think you do have a theme. It is "making Alisa spit ice tea at her monitor everyday"
As a matter of fact, I think that should be somewhere on your header.
Problem solved.
My theme is my life. My blog is entirely for me, although I do get a tad excited when others read and leave comments. It's the little things I guess.

lw said...

My two favorite blogs are yours and Lane's over at "that man quilts." Neither of you have a stated theme, but you sure can write. If you and Lane do have a theme, it's honesty and humor, which is a good start toward that world peace idea you mentioned.

Deb said...

Hey your busy week has obviously calmed soooo much in fact you're hallucinating about things!! Blog theme- who on earth has a blog theme? I know my blog is ramblings really with a bit of quilting and stitching and other crap thrown in for good measure. Its my place of attempted sanity, you certainly don't read it for anything specific but what you get.
I agree with you, I think to have a theme means you are extremely talented on that theme and I know with themed-blogs I find I visit them for a reason and nowhere near as often as I would visit a blog of someone I want to get to know better like you Shay, keep prattling like you do, I love it.
hugs Deb

Brenda said...

Amen, sistah! That's what blogging is about for me too - connection with like minded individuals - you know - crazies, like me! P.S. I am going to want to see that note!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful post and all so real ! I loved it ! I am just a little worried now about my themeless blog but then again scattered could be called a theme , couldn't it ?

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Ooooh the hard questions....put on the spot!

I started my blog as a way of sharing my craft with other crafters but as time goes on (and my blog is quite new) I am finding that I like the way I can express myself on my blog. I guess it is like the real me, you either like me or you don't and I find that is how I rate the blogs I read as well. I prefer people who are real. Who write about their life, foibles and all. I like that none of us are perfect and none of us are the same. (I am also sitting here in my suck my guts in jeans and wondering why I haven't gone and got out the trackie pants yet?)

I think the biggest thing I have received from my blog is all the new friendships I have made. I live in quite an isolated area so blogging keeps me sane :-)

Keep up the themeless blog at least yours has personality!!

Jenny said...

Don't worry about being themeless - I love your blog anyway!!!

It was definitely no accident that you have 50+ followers :-)

Elizabeth said...

Mrs. P, I think that your blog theme is sarcasm with an emphasis in World Culture.

I love it here and I know exactly what you mean about wanting people to get to know you a bit at a time and it being a two way street. I follow a lot of blogs, but my favorites are the ones that the people share a bit about themselves and I find a reflection of those things in me.

And you have 59 followers now. None of them by accident.

xo -E

thea said...

I love your blog and totally look forward to translation tuesday! I think I'm a follower, but I do it anonymously. Thanks!

seabreezequilts said...

I honestly think a lot of those themes are really about navel gazing. I started mine because I was a stay at home mum at the time and it was a way to show off some stuff, instead of just talking to myself and going completely nuts... I still maybe talking to myself but at least I am kidding myself that I have a 1000+ readers. Your blog is always good for a belly laugh and you are very educational for those readers across the pond.

pwl said...

I read your blog because you make me laugh, and because I can totally relate to not being very good at a whole lot of things. I'm still trying to learn how to piece accurately. And I've been trying to quilt for over 5 years! I won't even bother telling you how few finishes I have!

Simply UnFlabulous said...

FYI - I DO think you are pretty awesome. I think you are hysterical, you leave the best comments and I dig the scapegoat meals you conjur up and post pics on. Rock on my Aussie friend, rock on.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

Who needs a theme? I think your theme is real life, with an emphasis on quilting and being hilarious....I think I'll speak for all that you do seem like a friend [halfway around the world].
Keep the translation tuesday and slack tea thursday posts coming!
and we love to see the progress in your house!
great job, mrs P!
Hope you feel better

AMW said...

Yeah, I'm pretty theme-less too. Unless random is a theme!?!? I never know what I'm gonna post about... I never know what you're gonna post about. That's one of the things I love about visiting your blog! Keep it up.