Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Roundup

I heard a wild rumour that my  laundry floor  tiling may be started imminently.  There is nothing else left to do so I am left to assume this is not just scurrilous gossip.  Happy Day! Mr.P spent this weekend painting the internal and external doors. Indy and Lola helped by coming in and out as much as possible because the doors were open ,  so Mr. P had to keep touching up the paint work. Lola decided to stick her schnozz in the paint tray at one point. Consequently we have one white nosed dog and another with a racing stripe down his side.

In other news our house looks like a crime scene.

Actually it's for the planned murder of our kitchen  in about 12 weeks. (Aren't my floor tiles tres gorgeous. NOT.)

Mr. P and I  had the kitchen designer  in on  Friday and we have 3D computer images  of our new kitchen , but I just wasn't feeling it so we taped out some of the new planned cupboards to see if I can live with it.  This is a major renovation people . We are taking out benches and all the cupboards as well as bringing down a wall. In case you want to stop following my blog at that point - we'll be having the new kitchen installed in around 12 weeks. I have to say I'm REALLY excited about the new kitchen and the designer was marvellous, to the point where we aren't going to bother getting any other quotes, because for a change I'm happy. Saturday when we got the plans, I shot through three changes I wanted to make via email and she was back to me with updated plans within an hour. Let's hope the rest of it goes smoothly. So I'm off out to look for appliances over the next couple of weeks...Yahoooooooo! Finally a dishwasher! And we will be spending a considerable amount of time prepping the kitchen and dining room for the new cabinetry.Our kitchen has not had a major remodel in 30 years and we are still sporting cedar walls and pelmets, the beautiful brown floor tiles, a copper rangehood  and  pineapple decal  feature wall tiles, all of which need to come out before the new kitchen goes in.  Yes..I'm always selective when I show you pictures that I take in my kitchen.

Our football team lost spectacularly yesterday and to add insult to injury we were there...Mr. P is still cranky about it and even though it’s only round 4 of 22 for season 2010,  he is muttering about not bothering with season tickets for 2011.

For all of you that think I live a perfect life...When I woke up this mornng, my sewing room looked like this

 ...and I spent 45 minutes cleaning it before I could get in there

 to make this

I finished spray painting  the laundry hamper  and  the back board for the hooks for the laundry. And I'm pretty happy with how they both turned out.

I know I sound a bit like Martha with this post , but it IS unusual for me to actually get things done without a major incident or disaster.  It might never happen again so I thought I'd better post about it to appease whatever diety was sitting on my shoulder helping me out today. Thanks diety!

I won't be here tomorrow because Spandau Ballet and Tears for Fears are in town  so I'll be there bopping away and re-living my lost youth.  And lest you think I've turned into some obsessed woman who only talks house renovations I'm planning a Tuesday post that will bridge the cultural divide. Stay tuned and have a great Sunday and Monday!  

P.S.  I managed to stay in my pyjamas all day. Bonus!


Shevvy said...

glad you've felt productive and now you've made me flashback to the 80's.
I was more into Duran Duran than Spandau, but I remember one pointless saturday morning when my mates decided we should go and hang out in the road the Kemp brothers are from. Even though we knew they were flying back from the US that morning and they wouldn't be home for hours yet. Once we gave up on that it was hanging around outside BBC Radio 1 getting autographs from DJs.
That morning was the beginning and the end of my groupie - autograph hunting phase!
Are you going to gel up your hair and give out the diamante jewellery for the gig. And we wore back in the day what we called pyjama suits, you should fit right in.

Anonymous said...

That is one AWESOME ironing board cover you have there. I hope you've washed it recently:-) So excited for you regarding the new kitchen and can't wait to see the pictures. Love the new Pillow. Say hello to my youth if you see her.

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you. You will finally get your wash room and then a new kitchen! Please take a lot of before and after photos. I wish I could gut our kitchen, but the funds are just not there. We did some major work on our last house and spent major amounts of money. We had to sell the house when we moved and although we got the money back, we had to invest it in our new house. No such thing as 100% financing anymore. So we are still paying on old house stuff.

I have always wondered what it is about sewing rooms that also make them the room that everything gets tossed into. My room is always full of stuff that no one knows what to do with.

I was a child of the 70's. If Donna Summer ever did a concert (or Barry White) I would travel to the ends of the earth to be there! I used to think I was the disco queen. I am sure that my friends and I thought our local hot spot was very Club 54. Hope you enjoy your concerts.

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Wow, you were productive this weekend! Amazing! I bet it feels really good too. So when you get back, you should hop over to my blog where I'm hosting a Spring Studio Spruce Up event and you should add your link. I know it's not actually spring in Australia right now but since you already spruced up your studio, you fit in perfectly! Good luck with the kitchen re-do too. It will be exciting to see the end result.


Kirsten's Cooking said...

First, of all, I didn't know you were without a dishwasher!
Secondly, I don't think the tiles look bad at all!
Third, great job on your sewing room, it looks amazing.

I'm so excited to follow your journey through a kitchen remodel!

AnnieO said...

Good luck on all the kitchen reno--it will be hell for weeks but in the end you will enjoy even the washing up, with that dishwasher!

A clean sewing room is indeed a rarity I think! But the pillow looks great, as well as your painting projects. It feels good to cross things off a list (one of my favorite activities!)

Marg said...

Good luck on the kitchen reno. The "before" photos of your sewing room make me feel much better.
You must have been very busy yesterday. Love the cushion, and the hamper looks great.
I am going to see Spandau Ballet on 27 April in Brisbane. Although the reason I am going is Tears for Fears is playing as well, and I love their music. Bring back the 80s!!!!!!!! Not the hair or clothes though, I can live without them.

Lorraine said...

Love the before/after pics of the sewing whole house looks like your before pics at the moment...full on packing up mode...and in a couple of weeks the new house will look the same..but will at least be in unpacking mode....I am not a fan of moving so cant work out how come I have done it about 30 times.....!! Slow learner? You will love your new the idea of marking out the cupboards with tape....who are you using for the kitchen design? Those brown tiles really date the house don't they....I guess they will be saying that in 30 years about the expanses of white/cream tiles in today's new houses! Enjoy revisiting your youth...I have to go a bit further back to visit mine!

Brenda said...

I had to put tape in my kitchen to visualize what was going to happen, I need concrete visuals like that. Enjoy! (You can come and stay with me if it gets too bad before it gets better!)

Susan Entwistle said...

Congrats on the remodel. Can't wait to follow the details. I predict that once done, you'll be blogging on the culinary arts as opposed to the quilting arts for a spell (much to Mr. P's good fortune, however temporary). Good job on the studio clean-up, love the pillow.

TheLab said...

Tears for Fears!?!?!!?! AWESOME!!!

Oh my gosh, your sewing room looks AMAZING - I thought the photo was from a magazine, and then I realized those were the same fabrics that were on your floor! I'm in shock at how beautiful that room is! You must LOVE looking in there when it's that clean, I would!!!

Lissa Jane said...

Martha? who the stuff wants to be like that uptight twat??
Watched her show the other day and I wanted to smack her...
45mins is good, were you on some of my drugs perhaps??? or were you channeling speedy gonzales.. I would of had to of thought about it for more than 45mins before acting!
Kitchen Reno's, been there done that.. ended up with a bit of aproblem but do I love my kitchen? well its so-so, shame I had to mess it up and COOK in it! LOL

Simply UnFlabulous said...

I am super obsessed with that black and white pillow, and the hamper turned out magnificently! We renovated/built a brand new kitchen out of a dry storage room when we bought our house and I remember the joy of buying matching appliances, and the annoyance of renovation chaos! Good luck :)