Friday, April 30, 2010

Quilting News: New EQ7 coming!

The quilting world has been abuzz with news about EQ7 which is being released in June.

I've wanted  EQ since I started seriously quilting. One of my quilting limitations is sometimes ending up with quilts that don't look exactly  the way I envisaged in my head. Who could forget the devil quilt from early 2010?  If I'd had EQ that would never have happened and I've been insanely jealous of everyone who already has EQ. Yes- My name is Shay and I've had EQ envy. If I had EQ I could see what my creations were going to look like before I made my first cut.  However I've also realised that at the rate I buy fabric, and what with laundry and kitchen reno's going on here at Maison Pyjamas  I might have to live to be 100 years old before I get my own copy of EQ. scheming little brain has been thinking about how to get around my fabric obsession /house renovation/ need for EQ dilemma.

Enter  those wonderful EQ people,  who may be about to make my dreams and possibly your dreams come  true.

EQ are giving 10 incredibly lucky bloggers the chance to give away a copy of the new EQ7  on their blog and receive a copy of their very own.  I love to share , you guys love to win, and I want a copy of this program. Frankly this seems like win /win situation to me.

This version  of EQ has a ton of features. You can check them all out here  and apparently it's packed full of stuff for newbies like me. Yay!  Sign me up and let's start quilting.

So, hopefully  the EQ people are stalking my blog right now deciding to make me one of the 10 bloggers chosen to give away a copy of this program to one of you!

And because I'm nice and don't like to hog all the chances to win ..if you want the chance to give away a copy on your blog you can go here and get all the EQ gossip!


Paulette said...

Hope you get chosen to give one away!

I had EQ5 a few years ago, but we never quite bonded. Guess I found it not as user-friendly as I needed it to be at that time. I'm ready to give the newest version a go now, though!

Elizabeth said...

When I found out that EQ7 was up, I was so glad that Santa hadn't brought me EQ6. That would have been akin to my Flora & Fauna Fabric Incident. Thanks for the heads-up on the giveaway! So checking it out! Oh, and you'll get props for it on my blog, too!

seabreezequilts said...

I put in my order for an upgrade yesterday. Have only gone back to it recently was debating on putting it on my mac and didn't want to use up an extra activation and the whole installing windows on my mac was an issue. Put it on the kids pc instead. Might look into getting it on the mac later as you can have it on 2 pc's now.

Marg said...

Aaaaaarggghhhhhh, I only have a Mac, and no Windows or Vista.......not fair!
I hope you are chosen for the giveaway though. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get one Mrs. P!!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Your Blog is definitely a can you not win. My fingers and toes are crossed for you! Anyone who can get an American to taste Vegemite has got to be on a winning streak ;-) You are also desperate, so I implore the powers that be to give Mrs P her EQ7 and put her out of her misery...PLEASE!!