Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday

With Mr. P off at "boys night "and Miss P and Little P having tea at Hogs Breath with a friend (how come nobody invited me to go for awesome steak, although I felt  vindicted when Miss P got home and told me her steak was AWFUL )  tonight I was at complete liberty to do whatever I wished without fear of whinging , except my own .

Why is it , that it never seems worth the effort to cook for just me? And does anyone else think this is the time I should be having lobster on the half shell or that really expensive beef we export to Japan since it's only me here for dinner?  Duh...I'm stupid. Maybe next week.

So with a complete disinterest in cooking I considered my options for things that would take 5 minutes or less to get on a plate. Macca's or KFC seemed like appealing options, but I was in my pyjamas , and I always worry that my car will break down in the drive through and I'll have to get out and everyone will see my daggy Elmo pj bottoms and point and laugh at me. I'm highly influenced by the idea of public ridicule.  Naturally getting changed back into actual pants is wayyyyyyyyyy too hard on Thursdays, so I nixed the Macca's /KFC plan.

Maybe this?

Nup....didn't  feel like basghetti (that is not a typo - that's what spaghetti is called at Casa Pyajmas)

While contemplating choices I had this for my entree...I had to keep my strength up.

No , that's not vegemite ...that's promite pretend retching please.

And eventually settled on soft boiled eggs with soldiers for mains


So I went for the  trifecta

Chips for Dessert

I was kinda disappointed with this effort until I realised eggs are from the meat group, toast is from the breads and  cereal group, butter on the toast counts as dairy, the potatoes in the chips are a vegetable,  and I'm sure somewhere in there is a fat or an oil item. I'm calling that a balanced diet. If I eat a sultana later -all will be square with the universe. That's fruit taken care of.

Go ME!


Lynda said...

My kids are all gone from home and my husband doesn't seem to want to eat after I get home from work so I cook for one most of the time. Your dinner looks a lot like my specialties too. Not exciting, not so nutritional, but filling. Eating at a restaurant...alone....always draws pity looks. Back to toast and peanut butter and jam for me!

Anonymous said...

I had a slack thursday, boiled eggs and soldiers are usually my fav lazy meal - breakfast for dinner is underated if you ask me. It was a toasty toasty for me tonight with baked beans and parmesan cheese. I would love some samboys now lol

Brenda said...

Your little toasts are so cute! (Maybe Miss P would fare better if she didn't eat at a place called "Hogs Breath").

Unknown said...

Mrs. P, when I saw the picture of, what I thought was Vegemite, I did gag. Then I read your comment after the post and almost peed myself from laughing. I don't think I will ever be able to look at Vegemite again.

I am not an egg eater, so your dinner is not that appealing to me. I do, however, agree with your breakdown of the meal and think that you had a well rounded meal. I remember reading somewhere that chips and french fries fall in the vegetable category (maybe I just made that up).

Lane said...

Looks good to me. And, what's the point of a night off if you have to cook a whole meal for yourself??? Lane

Shirley said...

Actually with the eggs in there you made it healthy. At least they're fresh real food... unless the chickens have been pumped with radiation to make them lay eggs the size of an Ostrich egg. If I'm on my own I go for the frozen fetticini - a nice Scottish dish - which I'm not sure is real food. Who knows what they do to frozen dinners. Cynthia is right. French Fries are a vegetable. That's starting to look like a vegetarian meal to me.

AnnieO said...

This sounds a little like what I practice, only I call mine "Refrigerator Smorgasboard", since I seem to be the only one who will eat leftovers that are more than 2 days old around here. Who knows what I'll have tonight when DH goes off to L.A. for his sales meeting and DD is at her boyfriend's. Its an adventure!

lw said...

My husband was out shooting pool with a buddy and eating bar food last night, so I made Lane's Migas! for dinner. It takes a while for the corn tortilla strips to brown up, but the rest of the meal is really easy. I used mild ortega salsa. Yummy!

Pass the salt-n-vinegar chips, will you?

TheLab said...

Soldiers? Is that what you call the toast cut in strips? If so, I LOVE IT! Please confirm. Because I fully intent to cut ALL toast in my house this way and call them soldiers! I am in love with that! We will be such an awesome, culturally aware family!

If that's not what the soldiers were, however, I will look like a big dip stick.

Marg said...

Mrs P, you have outdone yourself, and gone above and beyond the call of duty. I am VERY impressed. All the food groups in that meal, I hope you had the sultana to round it out.
I am not a big fan of eggs, so won't ever do that for dinner, but the rest, a good choice.

PS So you are not a hard core Vegemite user, you will have Promite too. Do you have a jar of Marmite hidden away in casa QIMP?

Pat Tillett said...

vegemite or promite, I've never tasted either of them. Looks kind of like mosasses.
I hit your link at Lindsay's blog. I'm liking what I see and will tag along, if you don't mind. I see you follow "the sassy crumudgeon."
she is the best...

Cynthia L. said...

Patrick, You have found a great blog, but please, please do not try the vegemite!!! Mrs. P will try to get you to try it. She will LIE and say it is good for you, makes you strong, grows hair on your chest (which since you are a man, it might not be so bad). Go to my blog and see what Americans think of vegemite!!

Elizabeth said...

bawhahahahah . . . balanced diet . . . square with the universe. Right. Oh, and promite looks as bad as vegemite (which brings me to wonder why it is called vegemite when there aren't any veggies in it?). Haven't you Aussies heard of peanut butter and jam for your toast?

vawriter said...

Balanced Diet=

An equal-sized portion of chocolate cake in each hand.

Dee said...

I looked t your toast and though'gag, vegemite that thick' but then read 'promite' and thought that 'I' could handle that.

Promite wins over vegemite here any day

Mistea said...

Right now I'm wishing there was some of that basghetty in my cupboard. Guess I really do need to go to the supermarket sometimes!

Sure you had a square meal - well done.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

We had fish fingers and oven fries tonight :-)

Shay said...

I'm pretty sure the reason these posts of mine are so popular is because they usually involve promite, sarcasm, and salty foods. You lot totally rock.

Leslie, yes toast finger are soldiers. Go forth and be multi-cultural my child with best wishes from Australia land of the toast soldiers.

Baa-Me, you are my hero, although you made it sound like a guilty confession. Loud and proud sistah..loud and proud.

Va- you need to share that cake- with an aussie mate.

Elizabeth- nut allergy . You may find peanut paste in my cupboard but I wont be within 5 feet of an open jar.

Pat, Vegemite rocks. I'm pretty sure Cynthia was faking disgust on her video. Oh and thanks for visiting!

Cynthia, I want you to repeat after me "Vegemite is the most awesome spread on the planet". I bet you can't do it without breaking into laughter or being struck dead with lightening.

Marg, I swear I dont have any Marmite here. That stuff is totally gross.

Passing lw the salt and vinegar chips. Katie will back me that Samboys are the best.

Brenda, Hogs Breath is awesome but confusing.The mascot is a pig but they dont serve pork.

Lynda, thanks for visiting. Maybe you can swing by here on Thursdays and we can eat crap together.

Shirley, It had never occured to me my eggs may have been radiated. Eggs are forthwith off the menu unless I personally know the chckens they came from.

Annie, thats called refrigerator roulette here. I was commenting to Marg earlier I have things in my fridge that have been there since the Crimean war.

Dee, thanks for popping by. Come again sometime. You , Marg and Cynthia can start a vegemite haters club.

Mistea, I sent you something infinitely better than basghetti today.

Lane , as always you are the voice of reason and brought me back to my senses. I will continue these awful dinners because they seem to bring so much pleasure to so many.

Anonymous said...

Mmm. Nice presentation with the eggy-weggies, but that promite is seriously scary looking. What is it again? And why can I only think of smushed up bugs?

Anonymous said...

Mrs. P, I will send you some none radiated eggs:-) I totally won't. I don't really lay eggs, you know that, right?

Shay said...

Promite is like the soft porn version of vegemite. Still has the potential to be nasty -but is less in your face. Maybe that is made of bugs...I havent checked the label.