Thursday, April 15, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday

I've been thinking a lot lately about ways to "theme  up" my blog because  I've noticed that lots of people have themes. I feel like I need to have one too. Random is great , but it is nice to have a bit of focus occasionally.
Having a theme seems like a great idea.  I did try this once with Meatless Mondays -but since I actually really  like meat and it makes up approximately  80% of my usual diet  , those posts turned into a bitch-fest crazy person  rant about mung beans and tofu and about how I was so hungry from lack of meat I was in danger of killing anyone who came within a 4 mile radius of my house even smelling like  steak.  Not pretty. I really did lack commitment to the meatless  cause. We only did  it for three weeks which is about how long my first marriage lasted and coincidentally the same amount of time it took for parenting to lose it's shine. (I'm sensing a theme right there )   I'm kidding Miss P....I'm kidding. We still love you after all this time. Honest. And when I tried to put you back under the cabbage leaves in the garden last week that was a joke too. I swear. And the stork doesnt do refunds ..we've been fibbing about that for years.

I have to say that by Thursdays most weeks I am absolutely shattered, and since it's Mr. P's night out and Miss P is usually out as well, I can't be bothered with actual food. It's an effort to cook, clean up and think about chewing food.  I can really only manage one of those things by Thursdays.  Chewing is always my first choice. And it's kind of nice to have salt and vinegar chips for dinner.

I've been giving a lot of thought to what my signature theme could be for a weekly post.  All the good themes are taken. I'm not classy enough to do a  vintage goodies post, and it's already done really well over at Colorado Lady. I'm not crafty enough to come up with a craft project every week Martha Stewart I am not.  Plus ,my projects always seem to go a bit awry. I just dont need the pressure of failure week after week. So what to do -what to do - what is it I excel at exactly?

And then like a beacon in the night  sky I had it-  "Slack  Tea Thursday" . I really would have preferred a T word to describe Thursday Tea but all I could come up with was "Torpid" or "Tardy" neither of which seemed to fit, so if you have any suggestions I'm happy to consider them.

I like this idea because actually requires very little effort on my part...I get to  eat crap and blog about it, nobody else seems to have thought of it , (maybe that means it's the most  awesome idea  EVER ) and  plus I get bragging rights because I have a series! Whoooooooo Hoooooooooooo! I'm all over it .

And to think it all started last week with a box of chocolates for dinner. And didn't Newton come up with the theory of gravity while he was slacking round under an apple tree? See ! Great ideas stem from utter  laziness. I rest my case.

So tonight Miss P was home ..and trying to talk me into going to Hungry Jacks (Australian Burger King)  to get dinner. I refused because I had already had to go back  out 10 minutes after arriving home from work  for milk because we were out plus  HJ's is a whole 10 minute drive away.  (Sometimes it would be easier to have a cow tethered in the back yard- if only I was confident the dogs wouldn't spend all day terrorising said cow, and if only I had mastered milking cows when my parents had a farm . And if I was sure the neighbours wouldn't dob me in to the local council for keeping a cow in  a residential area. Cows are kind of hard to hide) Plus I was feeling lazy - it's  Thursday after all and laziness is the whole point of this post.

So I refused to go and get tea ...and planned to make grilled cheese on toast instead. And then I got even lazier and just had this ...

Yes people, that is an Easter egg, a promite sandwich and a big glob of anchovies. For dinner.

Miss P gave in and made chips and steak for herself and I cadged some of her chips. Score! 

Ladies and Gentlemen it is with honour  I give you the birth of "Slack Tea Thursday".  I have months of these posts in me. I can just feel it.

P.S. And by the way Chicken, since your re-naming of Miss P she has been running round like a 4 year old insisting we call her "Mini P" - thanks. I once refused to answer to anyone who did not call me Sally for about a month - let's hope Mini P wears off quickly.


Kirsten's Cooking said...

First of all, what is a "promite" sandwich?

I have decided that I will not guilt myself into making "picture perfect" dinners every night of the week.

I actually toyed with the idea of instituting "tick off tuesdays" on my blog. Just share my politically incorrect opinions about a whole manner of things. But, thankfully, decided that might not be a great idea.

I like your idea much better! Can't wait for the next installment.

thanks for sharing your clever thoughts with all of us!

Shay said...

Oh Kirsten please please do Tick Off Tuesdays"! I think they would be fabulous posts to read!And you would probably find lots of people agreeing with your ideas.

Promite is a black , sandwich and toast spread made from all sorts of revolting things like yeast extract and vegetables. It's similar to vegemite but has a slightly sweeter taste.I dont think American's would like that any more than they like vegemite.

Janean said...

girl i laughed sooooooooooooooooo hard i had tears streaming down my face. your plate of anchovies (love them); sandwich & chocolate easter eggs just cracked me UP!

hugs for being real and YOU!!!!!!! hey, i'm with ya!

Elizabeth said...

Mrs. P, I just adore you! You are so funny. I love the sarcastic humor! It is very entertaining to put all the 'foreign' terms into context. I was about 2/3 of the way through the post when I finally figured out that when talking about 'tea' you were referring to what we non-vegemite loving Americans call 'dinner.' Your new theme is genius. Can't wait to read more (especially now that I've broken the language barrier -- lol).

Kris said...

This really could catch on, cause Thursday is like that! I made my other half go out and get kfc tonight. No way was I cooking (this after we had discussed never buying takeout again)Your meal was probably more nutritious than ours too! Bet you never expected anyone to say that. Looking forward to next Thursday's post. (I'm voting for the salt and vinegar chips!)

voiceofpendergrass said...

I love it!
Needed this today, thank you. :)
We all need a "Slack Tea" day. I will
be watching for more ideas on the matter.

voiceofpendergrass said... the quilt you have pictured!

Anonymous said...

Tipsy Thursday? You could add something a bit stronger to your tea. What is Promite? Is it like bacon? I think slack tea is a great theme. In my house, we have Junk Food Friday. It's always pizza or burger king.

Simply UnFlabulous said...

Salt and vinegar chip dinners are my idea of a good time. You are a slacker after my own heart!

Shannon said...

We are about a month into soccer season with three kids playing. My oldest daughter is also in a play and on the track team. Practices every night of the week and not home until after 7...blah...blah...blah. I'm having to train the family into not expecting oven baked dinners every night unless it's frozen pizza and fishsticks. My husband is the worst whiner. We've been living on microwave fast food, etc for the past month during the week and I don't see that changing until after soccer.

My problem is that I'm not selling the crap dinners well enough. Any tips?

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I don't think I could down am Easter Egg and then anchovies although both come under "my favourite food' heading....just not together!! I do have some weird food combinations tho, do you? There's another idea for your "Slack
Tea Thursdays" LOL

Paulette said...

Love the idea, and when my husband goes to second shift this fall, I may play along with you. Never had an anchovy and don't know what promite is, but I imagine it'd be on the order of my idea of a Slack Tea--peanut butter toast and pickled herring.

Marg said...

Brilliant idea. looking forward to next weeks installment.
Shay Shay Shay....promite??? I suppose at least it is a step up from Vegemite!
I too, love anchovies and chocolate but not sure I could face them in the one sitting, with a promite sandwich.
I just misspelt Vegemite and it gave me vegetate as the correct spelling, ha ha ha.
Maybe you could have Translation Tuesday to help out with "educating" the rest of the world on Aussieisms.

Anonymous said...

Mrs P.-Love Marge's idea of a post on Aussieisms. I second that motion.

Brenda said...

What is with the fishy things, ladies! Not a fishy-things lover myself. Anything chocolate is okay though, especially for dinner! (We usually have leftovers on Thursday, Friday is out to eat - date night)