Friday, October 30, 2009

Past Glories- String Quilt

One of my goals this year was to only use vintage, recycled or pre-loved fabric for quilting creations. I just feel it's more ecologically sustainable, the fabric is generally cheaper, and my quilts end up looking really unique (assuming I finish them)

I was given some vintage sheet fat quarters earlier in the year  and I was totally hooked.  I started haunting op shops with the zeal of a cult member and muttering about old sheets in my sleep. At last count I had about 40 vintage  sheets stacked (read - hidden) in my sewing room.

Anyway after I had made a quilt top from vintage sheets I had loads of scraps left over . I mused (since musing is one thing I do really well) about what to do with fabric that was too good to throw away - and since Google is my friend discovered there is a whole movement out there that makes string quilts. Sign me up!

I finished this one two weeks ago and I love it. It's also backed with a vibrant pink floral vintage sheet and I turned the backing over to the front to make the binding.

The idea of string quilts really appeals to me and there are so many possibilities. It was during the making of this one that I realised I'm a random quilter. I'm not into precision and form and complications. I kinda like to make it up as I go along.

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