Friday, October 30, 2009

Past Glories -Butterfly quilt

Since my blog is new and I won't have any crafty goodness to show until my next quilt is finished I thought I would share  some of my previous work. I'm not a prolific quilter by any means so when I actually get something finished it's quite an achievement!

The quilt below was made for my sister for Christmas three years ago- a collaborative effort between me and my Mum.


It started off as a wall hanging for my house, then we re-painted, and it sadly didn't match the house anymore.  It sat in my spare room unfinished for about 18 months.  My Mum said "If we did 3 more of those panels, and a border and some sashing we could give it to Liane!" (Sure - it's a walk in the park)

My sister had previously seen it as a partially finished project and joked "Hey can you make me one of those but in bed size?"

I hand cut and hand appliqued all the butterflies, machine sewed those feelers on,  sewed them into panels and did the border (which you can't see very well in any of these pictures)

Mum hand quilted it together, and we sent it to my sister, who cried on Christmas morning when she opened it.

I stil have some of those hand cut butterflies left over and when I get over my applique phobia I'll think of something cute to to do with them.

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