Sunday, June 02, 2013

Thoughts That Wont Leave My Head

Last week at work was taken up with starting to get ready for the roll out of Australia's new disability scheme since I work in one of the trial sites. It was an insane week and I finally finished the last thing at 20 seconds to 5pm on Friday night. I let out of whoop of joy so loud that I'm sure they heard me cheering about 5 kilometres away. I was home by 5.15,  in my pyjamas by 5.30pm and I crashed out on the lounge embarrassingly early. I'm going to make an awesome old person because I already have the pyjamas/sleeping/napping/ grouchy thing down pat.

I made a conscious decision early in the week to do something a little crafty every day to maintain my sanity. Progress was made on apple cores, my infinity scarf (I'm really a bit over that now and I bought 4 of them over the weekend- so there's no rush to finish now) and I did some more of the appliqu├ęd hexie flowers. 

This weekend I finally basted Superheroes 2 and did some more work on the recycled shirt quilt too. I'm hoping that this time next week at least one of those will be finished. 

I did slip yesterday. I ended up spending the morning making three stroller blankets. 

I was curious how long they would take to make and how much I might be able to sell them for. I've been consumed all weekend by thoughts of running a market stall later in the year. For those of you that have done it - any pointers? And for those of you that have thought about doing it and haven't - what were your reasons for discarding the idea?  I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to shake this idea until I do something about it. Feel free to talk me out of it. 

Retail therapy this afternoon included these lovelies (as well as a pile of Minky in chocolate, a soft taupe and some pink fur- I dont even want to guess what kind of animal that came from)

In other scintillating news from Maison Pyjamas I cleaned out my freezer this weekend and discarded some meat that was practically prehistoric.  Fortunately Indy and Lola don't care if you give them dinosaur meat. I also found some frozen berries that have been there so long that I cant even recall buying them (I'm vaguely recalling 2011) so I made a raspberry-blueberry-pear pie. And then made Mr. P eat it first in case they were poison berries.   

This week I'm going to be working on this secret project (another idea that wont leave my head!) Cardygirl has been making us playing guessing games with one of her projects so I'm going to ask for guesses about you think this is going to be  (assuming I dont mess it up so badly it becomes a pot holder) 


Sooli said...

Friday in Adelaide was a great day to be home in your jammies sewing, alas I also was forced to go to work in a room with no windows from which to enjoy the rainy, rainy day. Yes, that's right I'm the weirdo out in the rain smiling away as it pours down - never enough rainy days in Adelaide!

Your pie looks luscious and I'm guessing Mr P survived as I don't recall a news item about a women in PJs being arrested for poisoning her spouse for the insurance money. I too recently cleaned out my freezer (so much room now!) and made some muffins with fruit of spurious origin and my lot survived too (actually they were pretty good - might have been the addition of white choc chips!).

Not many clues to go on for that last photo so I'll say pillow for the $6M cat!

Paulette said...

I trust Mr. P survived. I wholeheartedly agree with your testing strategy.

I haven't the first clue what you're making there with the doily on linen. A bag? Can't want to see how it turns out (and what it is).

Terri said...

I'm thinking a bulletin board. I just saw one that made a lace pocket on it... Whatever it turns out to be, you will show it???? Please!!! We will want to know.


Katy Cameron said...

Just after I graduated from uni, while waiting for a job in my field to become available, I ended up working as an admin for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Unfortunately people didn't know the difference between us and environmental health, so I ended up taking a call one day from an old lady who had found a steak at the bottom of her freezer that had been there for at least a year, and wondering whether it was safe to eat. Was so tempting to tell her to cook it and see ;o)

thea said...

How is Mr P? I liked the suggestion of a bed for the $6M cat, but I can't imagine doing that so I don't think that's it. Maybe a new bedspread/quilt for your bed. sounds like you accomplished a lot this week.

Kate said...

Glad the mojo seems to be sticking. Love your new acquisitions. The pie looks yummy. Hope this next week is a bit calmer.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

A stroller cover made with repurposed wool blanket?


Rachaeldaisy said...

A sewing machine cover? You managed to get heaps done this week, no wonder you crashed early on Friday night. That pie looks yummy, hope Mr P hasn't keeled over.

Sheila said...

Yummy pie picture.
Understand what you are saying. Our quilt guild will have a table of items for sale at a fall quilt show. We are encourage to make and bring things for that table. Wondering what I could make that anyone would want to buy. Knitted dishcloths? Scrappy pot holders? Home made charm packs, packs of 2.5" squares, 2.5" jelly roll strips in plastic baggies? Must think of something.

Jennifer said...

As I understand it (not from having done it myself but from talking to folks who have) people who buy from market stalls want to pay very little and get a lot. I don't know what your project is, but the lace doyley is really pretty.

Mistea said...

Looks like your making a pretty notice board to make your workplace just a little more fun to be in for all those hours, or am I the only person who does things like that?
This could be the first of many apliqued doilies which become a couch quilt or big pillow.

If you sell at a handmade market or one specifically for little people, you will get a better response. It pays to go along to a few to get an idea what the competition looks like.

Your little blankets are sweet and the new fabric is gorgeous.

audrey said...

Sounds like some great progress! Love how you rewarded yourself after a long stressful week too.:)

Lorraine said...

you are on a roll with your creative-ness are making something awesome for your friend for her big birthday later this year?? use your time to make stuff for yourself or charity - I agree with the comment that people expect imported champagne for beer prices at markets so if you expect to cover the cost for your time, effort and fabrics you will be disappointed (in the main) but don't let me put you off if it is something that you want to might have just hit upon the thing that will be a must-have for every market goer and make squillions! And I think I have the old person thing covered as well...I do nanna naps on the couch very well!!....and I have a perfectly fine grumpy old person just lurking beneath the surface! - ok, ok....sometimes on the surface :)

Quiltn Mama said...

Making the mister eat the pie first was brilliant...I'll have to remember that little jewel of wisdom. As for your craft, I'm guessing....a cat mat, a table runner, a pot holder. Okay, I've no idea!

Cindy said...

Glad you met your deadline! And the retail my my...pretty sweet sister! You'll have to do a recap on the pie and let us all know everyone in the house is OK. :)

Sarah said...

Haven't ever done a market still. People wouldn't pay me what I woulda want for quilts. And since I don't make bags or bibs or fiddly little things I'm not going to bother. Plus it's a bloody exhausting day. My thinking is people don't want to spend over $50 on an item at a market so what could I make for that or less?

quiltygal said...

Glad that your insane week is over & that all the hard work is rewarded amazed that you managed to even sew !! I had some of that raindrop/Easter egg material. I think the last pic will be a bag :)

Canadian Abroad said...

Laughing about the meat thing. My MIL once gave us some meat out of her freezer. As it was deer that John had hunted before he ever spent time in Canada we worked out it was at least seven years old. We threw it out after she left. We joked for a long time that she was going to bring us mastodon the next time she came.

Elizabeth said...

Poisoned berries or not, that pie looks delicious!

I love the fabrics you picked up. And your stroller blankets are adorable (you can link them up, if you like :). The chenille on the back is awesome.

I will guess that your mystery project is a cushion cover.

xo -E

Anonymous said...

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AnnieO said...

Crossing off a bad busy week leaves no one sorry! Glad you were able to put the last dot in place. Good stuff happening in your crafting world! So happy that stitching is figuring in your free hours.

Mr. P is a brave man. In so many more ways than I can imagine, I'm sure :)

Vesuviusmama said...

It sounds like folks are poo-pooing your idea for a market stall. I'm not sure quite what that means on your sides of the world, but advice if you do (since I'm an EXPERT after having done a whopping FOUR of them!):
Talk to people - the people I engaged were much more likely to buy
Wrk on something, a hand sewing project - it gets people into your stall, curious, and makes your day productive, even if financially it is a flop
Have items from lots of different price points - some people have money, some don't, but I think everyone would like to buy something. On one occasion last year, I sold every single $1 fabric bookmark I had, all my $3 travel tissue holders, several $12 journal covers, a quilt top for $50, a completed baby quilt for $65, and a bed sized quilt for $600. Something for everyone.
Again, not sure what market stall means - is that flea market alongside people selling secondhand goods? If so, your new and awesome items are less likely to sell because people are there looking for a bargain. Is it a crafts person marketplace where everyone is selling their new creations? If so, people will be much more likely to come prepared to spend good money.

Hope this helps. I think you are making a bulletin board, too.

Unknown said...

Love that you have a personal the queen! I would have tasted the pie!
I think that the craft table cost is relevant to what you want to make. Just inquired about one close to the city (Ontario) and it was $300.00 for a, just a tad too high for what we wanted to present.
I think it is a lot of work myself, and I never see me making too many things over and over again. Except the "man" bags or cosmetic bags I made last year. The would do well, but as to the pricing, haven't a clue. I tend to price low, and see others that price too high in my thinking, but then, I don't often go to craft shows either.
Sounds like a lot of work for very little return...just thinking here.