Sunday, July 03, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Fueled by 9 Little Debbie Snack cakes and a pack of Hershey's nuggets for breakfast  (those things are as addictive as crack I swear )  I spent some of today making a test block for a Christmas quilt. This is based on a Kate Spain design called Flurry.  Mrs. Seams Inspired , Little Miss Sunshine and I have decided to do the same quilt at the same time as a kind of mini quiltalong. You can get the pattern here as a free PDF download if you want to join in.  

And because the test block was not a disaster I decided to forge ahead and start cutting fabrics for the  real blocks. Yes ! It's July so that must mean the start of some Christmas projects....Thea and I are planning a Christmas stocking assault in a couple of weeks.

I finished the Dresden quilt top which was not without swearing when the sashing didn't line up and I had to unpick it. Several times. I hate sashing that has to match up.

I sewed all of the sashing onto the BWR quilt too.  I just keep liking this quilt more and more.  Maybe I'll keep it for myself.

Mr. P made me a light box so I can trace my stitcheries without taping paper and fabric to the one window in our house that gets good light for about 15 minutes a day. It works beautifully!

I've been thinking lately I'm utterly sick of myself. I look like a dag, I dress like a dag and I'm turning into a middle aged dag. Gone is the bloom of my youth and I'm firmly stuck in frumpy-ville. Time for drastic change.

That is me...raw and without the benefit of makeup, my straightening iron or photoshop yesterday morning. Even I didn't know how bad I looked until I saw this photo.

I've been contemplating a new look for the last 18 months but haven't had the guts to do it . Yesterday I took the plunge. 3 hours and many bucks later this was the result. Now I just need to start wearing makeup.

And that sums up my weekend. To check out other people's weekends hop on over to Marg's for a peek at Pyjama Party Sunday.

To all my American friends Happy July 4th for tomorrow. Have fun eating fried chicken and hot dogs and watching fireworks.

P.S. This post has absolutely no sparkle. I'm down with a rotten cold and I'm completely devoid of vim and vigour unless it's Hershey fueled. Oh! Did someone say chocolate?


Larri said...

Ack! I need to cut out my fabric. ☺

The Dresden's are beautiful. How in the world did you accomplish so much while down with a cold?

LOVE the new look. You are gorgeous! ☺

PS...Little Debbie has an awesome variety of snacks. What would you like to try next? Oatmeal Cream Pies, Nutty Bars, Swiss Rolls? ☺

Sarcastic Quilter said...

First, love the new look and never thought you looked like a frump. As a matter of fact, I've alawys felt frump-like chatting with you in my pyjamas while you were fully clothed!

Love the new look, though and think it suits the sassy personality (with a bit o sheek thrown in).

Dresdens are beautiful, still. Red quilt is going to be stunning and that mini-QAL might be a great use of 1/4 of the Christmas fabric my mom has dumped on me. :) I have a special Christmas project I'll be "sneak peaking" in a couple of weeks but no more about that because it really is a secret (and SMALL) project. :D

Hmm, I need another project like I need a new hole in my head but I'm going to consider it anyway. lol

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Larri, don't send FUDGE ROUNDS! Those are the food of the devil and she'll blame you forever for her lack of resolve and her eating them all in 3 seconds flat!

Oh wait, nevermind. That's me...

Please pardon the interruption and have a nice day. I'm moving on.

Marg said...

Firstly, love the new haircut, it really looks great. I'm so glad you finally took the plunge even though it has only taken 18 months of you talking about it. However, OMG you never looked like your before shot when I was there, what has Lucy done to you? Which also begs the question what have you done to Lucy?
Isn't that cheating, starting your Xmas blocks without telling us? Now I'm going to have to frantically cut out all my blocks, aaaarrrrggghhhhhh.
Wow the Dresden quilt looks stunning. You must be so pleased with it even though the sashing has given you a little bit of grief.
Yay for Mr P making you a light box, that will make life so much easier.

Larri said...

Beck - I've never tried the Fudge Rounds. Hmmm...I'm putting them on my list. I may need them to get through this QAL! LOL

Marg - I'm SO HAPPY to know you haven't cut out your fabric. I was feeling very behind in our little project. ☺

Shay - Don't finish that Christmas quilt all in one week!

Mistea said...

Now that is some light box.

Funny I decided this week that I'm over trying to look anything other than I am - I think I'm going to try the natural white look real soon. Great new look by the way - hope you had some handstitching to keep you busy while the stylist worked her magic.

Hey - lovely progress on all those projects you're showing. Love the red one still. The dresdens turned out real pretty - they'll get over the swearing.

Hope that cold leaves you real soon. At least now you've got hot water you don't have to do the camping thing going out in the cold extra times each day.

Pat said...

Love the dresden quilt. Sashing can be tricky but it looks great. A dresden is on my list of quilts to try.

Cindy said...

Look at you!! What a hottie! And I'm so impressed that you're starting a Christmas quilt. One of these years I'm going to start a Christmas quilt in July. Yeah...those Hershey's chocolates with nuggets... those ARE The devil!

Canadian Abroad said...

Oh you give me hope! Because I look like a dag, dress like a dag and generally feel like a dag most days - but I haven't had my hair cut in fear that it won't fix everything and despite it all I will still be a DAG!! But you did it and you look wonderful, but then you have a better building block to do it on than I do! I really must stop trimming my fringe with the kitchen scissors and disappointing my ten year old to the point that she wants to take me clothes shopping and suggests that a hair brush and make up might do wonders.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Goodness those little sugar bombs sure work don't they!!! What creativity...fabulous! Please don't mention christmas I can't stand it!

I hope Lucy didn't do that to you? I think it was having to deal with all the vegetables ;-) LOVE the new hairdo, it really suits you. I have no one to blame for my hair except myself either, can't do much about the style except get a buzz cut, but I think it is time to do something about the silver streaks!! LOL

Jennifer said...

Love the new look! When you get rid of the cold you will be a new woman. You certainly accomplished heaps considering you are feeling poorly, and probably on your death bed.

Three Birds Inspired said...

BWR quilt is lovely. And I love the new look!

Bonnie said...

Your Dresden quilt is beautiful as is the BWR quilt. The new hairdo is very sleek. Wish I looked as good without makeup.
Maybe I should eat chocolate for breakfast when I see what you have accomplished!

Marie said...

love the new do! Wow, you had a productive day! If that's what chocolate will do I'd better start looking for some! Love the BWR --

Unknown said...

Well You have been Productive & Both Quilts look Great....
LOVE the New Do..Woohoo it Really Suits You & You are Smiling so that means You Must Love it Too!!
Have a Good Week.

Jackie's Stitches said...

I struggle with anything that has to match up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Ugh!

Love your new haircut. I find it very difficult to try something new. I did go short several years ago and one thing I really like about it is that it doesn't take a lot of effort. As I get older, I don't want to spend 40 minutes "doing" my hair in the morning!

Paulette said...

So many beautiful things to see here today, most of all YOU! Love the new haircut. I find the less time I have to spend fussing with my hair, the better. It really needs color, but at the moment I can't be bothered.

Your Dresden top is so pretty, as are all your other quilty projects in the works. I have a Christmas table runner I have been meaning to sew in July, so maybe I'll join you on a Christmas themed project.

Helsie said...

1. A bravery award for putting up a photo without applying a ton of makeup and hairspray!!
2. Another bravery award for doing it TWICE!!!
3. A medal of honour for being brave enough to try out a new look that involves serious hair CUTTING!!... that has worked a treat . Lovely!
4. Love, love, love the dresden quilt. So pretty.
Enough complements - don't want your head to swell and spoil your new glamorous look!!

OzRose said...

Love the new hairstyle Shay! Well done, not easy taking the plunge for a change is it? Hugs Val

Marti said...

I love your new hair style. It totally changed your look.

I feel your pain on the sashing, but your Dresden plate quilt looks awesome.

thea said...

I agree with everyone on the new look, it's fantastic!

as for the crafty stuff. How do you have the time? How do you get it all done? Maybe I'm just ADD or ADHD or something or don't have the drive or motivation... or some combination of that. And you with a cold and feeling lousy ..

Love the dresdens .. the sashing looks great. (I would think it makes all the frustration worthwhile when it ends up looking so good.) and the BWR quilt is gorgeous.

Love the light box too. How great that Mr. P did that for you!

Now on to Christmas .. the quilt looks amazing. I've saved the pattern and am thinking about joining.

I guess I'm really committed to the stocking thing now that it's in print .. I better get some Christmas fabric soon :). It's all 50% off at Joann's (and I need to go there to get some fusible something later today).

Thanks for the encouragement to get something done today.

p.s. I'm not brave enough to put myself out there, with or without makeup.

Kate said...

Love the new do! Hope it banishes all "dagness" from your life. (What is a dag?) You will never have worry about being frumpy, you have a definite non-frumpy attitude and that makes all the difference. (If you start blogging about Metamucil, then you can worry).

I don't have a Christmas project on my "quilting plan" for this year, but I love that pattern! If you, Mrs. Seams Inspired and Little Miss Sunshine don't mind the company, I'd like to join in.

You did get serious quilting done this week. I love the Dresden plate, the unpicking was well worth the effort. The BWR quilt is looking great too.

Char said...

Great progress on the quilts. Can't wait to see the BWR quilt finished.
Love the new look! I'm almost down to no hair! (hate summer too hot)
I hope you're feeling better soon.

Brenda said...

LOVE your new cut! Good for you! Plus, you keep just getting more and more done - you rock!

Anonymous said...

Your new look is fabulous... I know where you're coming from as I did the same a couple of weeks back only it was cos I felt like a hag. Dag is an equally good description of that bleugh frumpling feeling. Well done on taking the plunge. I've always thought you looked very undag like in any photos you've posted!

Yeay on finishing the dresdons - even if the air was blue during the process. And try and not consume too much sugar - you'll be bouncing off the walls!

AnnieO said...

Love the test block! Good on you for getting started with Christmas things. AND Dresdens, AND RWB, you are on a great roll. That chocolate is working magic in the sewing department.

You are too cruel to yourself--especially taking photos from below the chin. You need to look UP into the camera, dearie. LOVE the new cut and color. Definitely takes years off.

Feel better.

Michelle said...

Great new look! But yeah, wearing make-up can be a bitch. LOL!

Love, love, love that Dresden plate. I want to make one!!!

The BR&W quilt is stunning.

I admire that you can even think about Christmas now. :-)

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a lot of quilty loveliness!! That Christmas block is Fun!! I love seeing all your fabrics cut out and organised. Your Dresdens are so pretty, I think I did sashing once and haven't want to revisit. I'm busting to see that RW&B quilt!
And Such fancy new hair!! It looks fabulous, very stylish!! If I had hair like that I'd walk around like I was in a fancy shampoo ad!

Leanne said...

It is a brave women who puts herself out there with no photoshoping. The new hair cut looks great I hope the cold gets better quickly. The dresden plates looks almost finished what will take it's place.

Dee said...

Love the new look, maybe I should try something like that, trouble is I have such fine hair that it wouldn't look half as good on me.

I always feel so lazy when I read what you have achieved for the week.

Lisa said...

Oooooh, the dresden quilt just keeps getting better and better! Simply beautiful, I love those colors.
What I really like about the second picture of you, is the hint of a smile- what the first was lacking. So glad you are happy with it, it's nice to feel good! Keep on smilin'. =)

Lisa said...

p.s. I finally gave up on fighting with my curly hair, and decided to stop trying to make it straighter. Works great in AK, we'll see what happens when I get back to central oregon and the dry heat. Sometimes I wish we all didn't have hair to worry about!

Kristie said...

Va-va-va-VOOOMM!! Love the new lid! Now, would it kill you to smile? Is this a mug shot? ;) I PROMISE, the chocolate is coming!!!

Your dresden- amazing. And I likely the Christmas quilt pattern. Was just thinking of starting to get out my Christmas check list myself...just have to determine who is naughty and who is nice....

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi Shay

Love the new look. I'm a short hair girl. I notice my friends with longer hair always struggle with change. Bet it feels nice to have less hair?I have heard that life is too short to stuff a mushroom - I think that should change to life is too short to cope with long hair!



Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi Shay
May I add more- love your dresden plates. So pretty. Black white and red fab too. I have just used this colour combo for the first time. I am sposed to be making it as a gift but I think it's going to have to stay home with me.


seabreezequilts said...

I like the new DOO in need of one myself, but have been growing it for so long and haven't been happy with my hairdresser for so long I don't know what to do with it. I think everyone in Adelaide but me must have the lurgey, Hubby is off for 2 days this week with a shocker and squid was home today as well. Roll on summer I don't have time for a cold lol. The dresdan looks fantastic. Get better soon

Kirsten's Cooking said...

love, love, love the cut and color! It is chic, that's for sure!

Hope you feel better soon - I know you have a busy week coming up!

I would request swiss cake rolls in the little debbie department - sure, the chocolate tastes a little waxy, but they are gooood.

Pokey said...

That dresden is grand, sashing and all! Mine is still on the shelf, and looks to dwell there for the rest of the year.
Your new do is great, money well spent! My hairdresser keeps hinting that I should put color on the gray showing up these days, how does that happen to us young girls?!? Hope you're feeling great soon!

Jenn said...

Hey Shay...I love your new look! You're gorgeous and I wish I could do a re-do on myself but I believe my hair is absolutely helpless.

Elizabeth said...

First, you are beautiful. Even in your before picture. I really love your new hair cut! It is super cute!

Second, LOVE the dresden quilt. That is SO gorgeous! I love the sashing and center choice. It really ties the whole thing together.

Third, that BWR quilt is really a lot of fun too! Can't wait to see it come together.

Yay for Mr. P and your new light table and good for you for getting started on the Christmas projects. I've been looking at that Sparkle All The Way layer cake and wanting to do something with it. I printed out a quilt that looked like would be a lot of fun to do, but it is also a lot of work. While I was looking up a quilt-along I'd done a while back, I found another quilt-along by the same blogger using a layer cake. It look like it goes together really quickly and so I've been contemplating throwing it together. I have everything I need for the quilt top. Decisions, decisions.

xo -E

melissa said...

Your haircut looks gorgeous! I always put it off too just because of the expense mostly ( imagine how much fabric you could buy for a haircut/colour??) but once you have it done you wonder why you put it off for sooo long!

Im loving all your quilty goodness, the present block is too sweet!


Jindi's Cottage said...

Oh you poor thing having a cold...and the weather going from awesome to awful in the course of a weekend wouldn't be at all helpful in that regard...good thing you had medicinal chocolate on hand (I have no idea what those snack cake jobs are but I know that Hershey is chocolate)...hope you are feeling better now...
great new hairstyle...
love your Dresdan Plate quilt top...and your light'll be stitchery-ing up a storm now you don't have to resort to the tracing on the window...

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I think your new look is great! Love the Christmas block too.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you have been very busy- not to mention productive at all that sewing. What a fantastic dresden!
And your new look is fantastic. You have inspired me to get off my butt and go to the hairdresser. I have been wearing a very daggy mum pony tail for way too long. Xx

Kirsten said...

You look great (always have, but now even better than before)
Love your quilts, all of them...are you feeling better? Sure hope so !

Michelle Ridgway said...

Hair!GORGEOUS! Glad you've let the Goddess out to play. It is a very lovely face by the way. When I feel frumpy I just think of all the fun I've had to get me to look like this LOL!I am in love with your Dresden plates. What a nice husband to be so useful! You'll be away now with the stitcheries...a light box makes it all so much easier.

Vesuviusmama said...

I like the new look, but you know, the old look wasn't half bad! You do realize that you are your own worst critic. Meanwhile, I ACCIDENTALLY gave myself a new look. I have short hair anyway, but this weekend, after touching up my sons' summer mohawks (yeah, they are badass with their mohawks and earrings!), I thought I'd touch up my own haircut, too (I'm too cheap to get it done professionally). Only problem is that I forgot to attach the bigger attachment to the clippers before I began. BUZZ! I'm wearing low cut shirts and huge earrings to distract people from my bald head this week... Sheesh!