Sunday, April 03, 2011

Weekend Adventures

Mr. P went back to study this week for the first time since 1984. It's weird having a student in the house and hearing him whine "I need the computer for my assignment". When Miss P used to say that, "homework" was really Facebook. I'm just so used to turning this darn thing on first thing in the morning and hopping on it every 5 minutes it's been quite an adjustment. It's not all bad though because it's given me extra sewing time which I used to finish "Saturday with Sara". I love the end result. These photo's are pre-crinkling.

I am equally in love with the back.

And this is what was left of the 10 fat quarters Sara gifted to me by the time I was finished. Aside from selvages there's about an 8 x 9 inch square of fabric left over. And since I keep selvages even they'll get used at some point . Those other bits will end up in a scrap quilt.  And I kept all the offcuts from squaring up. Maybe I can stuff a pillow or something..or just throw out the scraps like a normal person. Whatever.

And because I was on a mission to use every little scrap of this fabric  I pieced  parts of the binding from leftovers too. Some people call that anal.

(Erin, you will recognise the main binding fabric as something you sent to me a while ago. It was perfect for this quilt)

Saturday I went out for lunch and a stitching session with some of the loveliest people I know. Val , who hosted, Claire, Kris , Loz and I  stitched the afternoon away. I would like to publically announce I am probably the quietest member of this group. It's kind of nice to be the quiet one for a change. It's also something I never thought  I'd be able to say since I kind of adore talking.Naturally I charged the camera and then left it at home. But if you hop on over Loz and Val's blogs they were organised enough to catch some snaps of the day. I managed to finish two blocks from the "I'm not actually doing the Stitchalong " stitchalong. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon among crafting royalty.

I started a couple of new things, both of which are technically more challenging than my usual projects. I'm sure there will be a lot of profane language during the making of both those quilts.  More on that in the next couple of weeks. Progress reports - not swearing reports.


Dee said...

I love this quilt and I don't normally like pastels/pales.
I may have to seriously look at some.

I really like pieced bindings too, very often the easiest way to get a matching binding.

I only throw out scraps when they are less than 1" square

Sara said...

When I made Alan my toy lobster I was running low on stuffing so I chopped the scraps of fabric and batting into teeny tiny bits and use it to stuff his claws.

But other than that, I throw out all my squaring up. If I have any actual bits leftover, they are usually used on the backing. I used to make everything with squares, but I realised rectangles work just as well most of the time, and they don't leave any significant waste from an 18x22" fat quarter, whereas making a square often does.

I think a swearing report would be excellent. You could invent new swear words and we could vote for which one we want to add to popular culture, see how long it takes for the world to catch on.

Paulette said...

I love the half square triangle quilt. And you knocked it out quickly, wow. You sure make some pretty quilts, Shay.

AnnieO said...

Love the soft 30's pretty, Shay! You did a wonderful job on the finishing--love the scrappy binding. Yay!

YOU were the quiet one? Well, blue moons do happen! Glad you had a great time.

Hope Mr. P's studies earn him A's!

thea said...

The quilt looks great! and I love the binding and the way you used most of the fabric. Your stitching looks great.

Looks like you had a great afternoon with your friends!

Looking forward to the swearing reports!

Lorraine said...

Love your finish!! ......very pretty ! It was a lovely day yesterday...truly good for the soul.

Deb said...

Hi babe, love love love your half square traingle quilt Shay. It is delightful and the fabrics great. How wonderful spending time with the girls and not sure I believe the bit about you being the quiet one??????
Big hgs for you sweet, missing my bloggy friends but life is a bit flat at present and not quite "in the zone". I know you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Awww Shay, don't be a spoilt sport - we want the swearing reports. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous - those fabrics are so pretty and your arrangement of them is perfect. I piece bindings!!! Are you saying I'm anal?? (pmsl) loving your stitchery blocks too. Have a wonderful day :-)

Shevvy said...

No throwing away of the scraps! No! Until they are less than 1in square and disintergrating!

Poor Mr P. I feel for him I really do. I thought I was bad - it was 1986 since I last studied properly. Its very different choosing to study as an adult from having to do it as a kid. I'm sure he will do great.

Kirsten said...

So Mr. P is really doing Lucky least you can sew while the computer is in use. And if all turns out as pretty as the Sara Quilt there is nothing bad about going back to study :-)
I still don´t have any finishes :-(
You must havea way to duplicate time :-))

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Fabulous are so quick!! Love the binding and the backing :-)
When does your visitor arrive??

Mistea said...

Beautiful quilt you have produced there - lovely fabrics in that combination. Keep up the good work, I may be inspired to turn the sewing machine back on.
Those stitcheries sure are pretty, love the green one.
Stitchy friends are the best, so glad you got to play.

Marg said...

I am still amazed at how quickly you can turn out a fabulous quilt, I love the HST quilt, very pretty indeed.
You are really coming along with the embroidery too, and I'm another one that finds it very hard to believe that you were the quiet one.
I think a swearing report is an excellent idea, although this week may not be the best week to start it!!
Good luck to Mr P and his studies he might want to do a swearing report too.

Larri said...

Good luck to the new student! When DH went back to school about 4 years ago, it almost killed me staying up to help write those papers. LOL

Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the pastel colors. You are amazing, I tell ya!

What fun to sit and stitch with friends. Can't wait to see what you put together when all those squares are completed. When are y'all going to hop across the ocean and come for a visit? I'll even secure a place at the beach for us!

Add the swear reports. I'm conducting a survey and wondering which swear words are unique and which are universally known. ;o)

Happy Sunday night!

Kate said...

The Saturday with Sara quilt is gorgeous! I've never done a scrappy binding, your's looks great. Very cool that you did it all with left overs. Did you put a label on it?

The Stitchalong sounds fun. Like the blocks you've got going. I don't find it hard to believe you'd be the quiet one. Since you were doing something fairly new, it's hard to stitch and formulate coherent conversation at the same time.

Interesting collection of strips in that last photo. Can't wait to see what you are doing with them.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I love the quilt and yeah! You don't hate pastels. :D You only hate it when they turn sad.

The stitching looks great also. Well done!

Shay said...

Thanks Dee, Im not usually a pastel person either but these weren't typical pastels and I loved making this quilt. I'd never pieced a binding before and I loved the effect it gave.

It seems a swearing report could be popular...however I will restrain myself and be a lady for a change.

Thank you P- I think this quilt is pretty and yes it did come together quickly. I guess I'm getting more confident about my quilting.

Kate I didnt put a label on ...yet.'s so good to spend time with freinds who share a common interest. All my RL friends just look at me like Im a freak when I start to talk craftiness.

Larri-I'll email you a list of swear words ....I have particular favourites. Nothing really bad. Ok -one really bad one.

Shev-I'll have Mr. P email you for adult study tips. I finished my last diploma in 1998!

Kirsten- wouldnt it be cool to be able to duplicate time? I keep saying there should be 30 hours in a day!

seabreezequilts said...

thought that looked like you over at Granny Loz's post mind you I didn't read every word usually just skim some posts in the morning. Your stitchery is coming along quite nicely.

Unknown said...

Good for Mr. P for going back to school. One can never get enough education!

I love, love, love the quilt. I was never fond of the 30's fabric, but it seems to be growing on me. I am thinking I may need to break down and buy some. Your quilt is really lovely!

Lisa said...

I love your quilt. And the pieced binding, those are always so much fun! Looks like that is a pattern I need to use for scrap reduction (scraps, not stash), it's nice to keep them under control- and would be a great way to get some practice at HST's. Until a couple years ago, I was scared to death of triangles (because the fabric stretches); but they look so nice!

melissa said...

Another gorgeous finish there Shay , i love those '30s fabrics and i love how you keep all your scraps - youre nana would be proud!
Have a great week! x

Brenda said...

Everything looks fabulous and it sounds like lots of fun and I'm glad there was no vegemite in sight...(An American's opinion - he he)

Tracy said...

Oh Shay,
This is a gorgeous quilt...gosh, I wish I could do that! and I probably could because I'm a sewer but it's the patience I lack.

Vesuviusmama said...

Yay! Glad to see that fabric found a purpose!