Monday, April 18, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Little Miss Sunshine has started a linky party. It's in honour of the fact that everyone knows you're most creative when you're in your pyjamas. Pop on over and link up and show us what crafty goodness you got up to over the weekend. Pyjamas are optional.

It will come as no shock to anyone who reads my blog regularly  that I spend most of my weekend in my pyjamas. Last time Mr. P actually took me out socially was in about 2007, so I don't make a big fuss about getting clothes on anymore unless I have to go to work. Frankly if I thought I could get away with it-I'd wear my pyjamas there too but my boss has pre-empted me on that score by banning pyjamas as unsuitable work attire.

I piked on FNSI this month and spent Friday night gossiping on the phone , first to Miss Pyjamas, then to Mother of Pyjamas, then to sister of Pyjamas, and lastly to my friend Bec. Bec and I can yak the leg off a chair and that phone call lasted well over 3 hours and by the time it  was done it was almost Saturday.

I woke Saturday full of resolve and pressed the strips for the zig zag quilt and cut them into squares. Then I pressed them again and squared them all up. You all know I'm a perfectionist. 

Then I started the new project.

Sunday I got up and basted two quilts. And then I quilted both of them ....

The Christmas quilt was not without incident. The fabric I used for the back is slightly coated and dragged the entire time I was quilting. There was much profanity too when the tension on my machine kept playing up. Who knew changing bobbin type would be such a pain in the arse? These bobbins were recommended for my machine , and I got a real telling off for using the metal ones for the last 7 years (without incident I might add ). According to the sewing centre lady I'm only meant to use the plastic ones.  I went right back to using the metal ones today and had no problems after that . I wonder if bobbin washers would help with the plastic ones? I'm mega pissed I spent 20 bucks on useless bobbins and dont want to waste more cash I dont have on useless bobbin washers.

This is the quilt I started yesterday. Top done, quilting done, waiting for binding. It's an Adelaide Crows quilt and I wanted to start brainwashing educating  Little P nice and early about which Aussie Rules Football team he's going to support. His great grandfather, his grandfather and his father all  support this team and he is being expected to follow tradition. I'm planning to make one for Mr. P too and this was the prototype. This is not a technically brilliant quilt and neither is the quilting but I wanted to use the fabric this football season since I've been babbling on about making a Crows quilt for the last 5 years or so.

And to make sure Little P  loves this quilt and wants to use it all the time I backed it in this. Mr. P's probably won't have Elmo on the back when I finally get round to making it. 

Then I made a load of binding strips to go on both the quilts.

I fully intended to get those together before I went to bed but I have just woken up from falling asleep on the lounge at 9.30pm. It's now the middle of the night here and I can't get back to sleep. I wonder if the whirring of my sewing machine would wake Mr. P? Maybe making some fudge would be a bit quieter? Or I could pick up all the sewing crap  and put it away.  It looks like a crazy creative genius exploded in every single room of my house.  

By the way I didn't get out of my pyjamas until around 3.00pm both days this weekend. I would have stayed in them all day but I had to go Easter shopping.  A bra-less 44 year old woman wearing Cookie Monster Pyjamas in public is not a pretty sight...

Here's hoping the crafting Gods smile on you this week. Feel free to wander over and link up to the official Pyjama Party Sunday post.

My Goals for this week ...

Make and attach Binding to the Christmas Quilt and Little P's new quilt
Finish 4 Paper Pieced blocks for QAL.
Start and finish 3 stitchery blocks for Tis the Season Project
Make 10 circles for Dresden Centres and start sewing them on.  


thea said...

Wow! Maybe my problem with accomplishing things is that I don't spend all day in my pyjamas. You got so much done. Amazing. I love the Adelaide Crows quilt. That's not brainwashing -- it's ensuring harmony in the family.

Kirsten said...

Wow...I will never ever they you don´t get anything finished. You ARE wonderwoman! And I love the coin quilt...that is so beautiful!!

Marg said...

Shay thanks for linking to the Pyjama Party Sunday post.
I swear I get sooo much more accomplished when I stay in my pj's, I think it's because they are so comfortable and if I'm in my pj's I don't get distracted by going outside because I'm worried I'll frighten someone. At least I can go out on to the verandah and chill as no one can see me there, except for the people on the mountain, with binoculars.
Your Christmas quilt looks lovely.
I still say Little P's quilt is in the wrong colours, and I don't wee why you won't back Mr P's quilt with Elmo.
Darn it, I missed out on the fudge!

Unknown said...

WonderWoman......Fabulous Sunday You Had...Very Productive I'm Impressed!
Love the Elmo backing...Hope you get some of your Goals done.
Have a Good Week!

Kate said...

Love the Elmo backing for Little P's quilt. I agree with Thea, it's not brainwashing, it's a family harmony thing.

Glad someone had a good crafty weekend. My Tuesday challenge report is going to be really painful!

Anonymous said...

A creative genius DID explode all over your sewing room. Any more fudge left?

Lorraine said...

I would never accomplish anything if I stayed in my PJs .....I am just not ready for the day unless I am dressed....colour me weird I guess! Love all your stuff except for that one with the awful colours .....blech! :) you know the one I mean.....and you should let Little P make up his own mind who he follows in footy...LOLOLOL...he might even follow a real team like Collingwood! Love you to bits Mrs P.....but we will always differ on one thing!Looking forward to catching up again after Mother's day - because you are such a busy girl!!

Tracy said...

hah, in the winter I hardly ever get out of my jammies over the weekend! It's a great way to spend the weekend!
I love your quilts and while I love to sew I despise when my machine acts up with the tension; UGH!
thanks for visiting today...FYI: we have no school tomorrow with the downed power lines and trees still covering the roads.

Paulette said...

Wait, have I got this straight? You made 3 quilts this weekend? You are vying for the title of Overachiever of the Year, aren't you?

I'm really glad for all your quilting loveliness. Seriously, great work! I think that zigzag quilt will be brilliant. I don't know anything about the Crows, so I thought you were doing some tribute to Germany when I saw the black, yellow, and red. Carry on!

Sara said...

I sleep in my undies and a singlet, so technically, I'm always wearing my pajamas underneath, like superman's outfit. But I need to put clothes on over the top, lest I freeze my toosh off.

Mistea said...

PJ's sure are the best work clothes and you know then your clothes are clean and not covered in threads when you go out in public.

Love that Christmas quilt - too bad about the person who doesn't what is best for your machine! Glad you could get back to what you know works so well.

Footy quilts are an important part of our culture, which ever team they support as it is so cold during the playing season.

Enjoy those dresden circles.

melissa said...

Mmmm that fudge sounds good! i think its a shame that you cant go shopping in your pyjamas. Ive seen worse - have you ever checked out people of that is an eye opener!!!

Loving all your quiltiness, look forward to seeing the zigzag- i think it will look awesome! x

Nana B said...

Great post - you are amazing. I, of course you did my DD would say, loved the part about going to the store "underdressed". I find a vest hides a

Shay said...

Long coats tend to hide a lot too Nana! When I lived in the country I used to routinely go to the servo in my long coat and pyjamas...those were the days!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how much you accomplish in a limited period of time. You are inspirational. Yesterday I managed to complete free-motioning stitching of1/2 of a pretty quilt until I ran out of thread and our local shop has to reorder the colour that I am using.

As well, I finally finished hand quilting the last of the 63 blocks of an Ohio Star pieced quilt for our younger daughter. It has only taken me 3 years! I have a large divot in my right thumb that may require a *&@^# skin graft to close. My hand stitches aren't as small as they once were but I am not too unhappy with the result. Just have the borders to do and Marcie's quilt will be done - finally!

Keep posting "P.J. Girl." Reading your words starts my day off well.

Helen (Nanci's P.T.)

P.S. Love the coin quilt.

Larri said...

Wow! You are an amazing woman with all you accomplish. I'm going to try staying in my pyjamas all day today and see what I get done. Happy Monday night! :o)

rubyslipperz1052 said...

That SO cracked me up!!! "talking the leg off of a chair"...that is just HILL-air-ious! And, what is probably even funnier? well, i could probably talk several legs off of a chair!

You DID get quite a bit done... even with "yakking" on the side.


Brenda said...

BAHAHAHAHA! Braless- you are so funny! I am still not worthy to read your blog - you get so much done, but I think we're still friends, even if I can never keep up... Everything looks fantabulous, as usual.

Shay said...

Sure Brenda, Ive seen you making cupcakes and babysitting and all the other stuff you get done!

thea said...

I love that you set goals for the week too. I think I'll try it next week!

Elizabeth said...

A Crows quilt with Elmo on the back. Brilliant! Little P is the luckiest little boy!

And I really do love your Christmas Coins quilt. Congrats to you!

Oh, and I can't wait to see the zig-zag quilt. I love the fabrics you've chosen!

xo -E