Monday, July 19, 2010

Snowball Night-Week 6 and 7 and Other Projects.

Since I was computer-less last Monday, I'm doing a two for one post this week and doubling up to tell you about  some other sewing I've been doing. I  am  amazed at the fact I can fit all this  stuff in, maintain a blog, work,  run our household, and renovate a kitchen all at once!  And we even have clean underpants to wear occasionally - I am truly superwoman. And so are all of you. Unless you're a man - in which case you're superman. Obviously.

When we last checked my snowball progress, I had 74 snowballs left to get done and a mother load of squaring up to do.  In the last two weeks I've managed to do 15 more snowballs and give my rotary cutter a workout squaring about 50 snowballs up. I was kind of hoping to get more done but that's the way life is from time to time.

 And this is what a stack of snowball blocks looks like...109 of them to be precise.

And this is what the guardian of the snowballs looks like.

I also managed to get this pretty quilt top together for the Spread the Cheer project. Cot quilts come together fast which is very cool.  Considering this was my first attempt at triangle piecing I'm pretty happy with the way it's coming together. I'm less pleased with my blurry photo..but meh ...

And the unpicker and I got jiggy  while I fixed some mistakes from my aborted attempt at spray basting on Little P's quilt and the subsequent two lines of quilting I managed to do  before the glue decided that it didnt want to stick. Back to the drawing board on this one , with some taping to the floor and pin basting. I've always pinned on my kitchen floor but since I dont have one at the moment I'm going to have to find an alternative. Finding a clean space at the moment is also a challenge.

I decided to make Indy and Lola a new quilt and started with the idea of wonky blocks from my scrap stash. I got this far and decided it wasn't wonky enough, and that it just looked a bit cobbled together. I'm putting this one on the backburner for a while until I sort it out in my head. It just looks wrong. Maybe I should just go for a string quilt instead. Log Cabin and I have never had a warm and cordial relationship.

I've set goals for all my WIP's and if I don't wind up dead from stress, you should be seeing lots of quilting finishes between now and the end of August. It's  really important for me to have a pleasurable  creative outlet at the moment that I can disappear off  and do for a while every now and then.  And on that note  I've decided to put Translation Tuesdays on hold for a while until things are a bit more settled here too. I just need to be real about what's manageable for me  at the moment.

Happy Creating !


Alisa said...

Holy Cow! You have been a busy, busy woman. No wonder you're stressing, kitchen reno and all that sewing. Just the sewing alone would do me in. Love the keeper of the snowballs.

Brenda said...

I think you are an amazing superwoman for sure! I am amazed that you can even wrap your brain around quilting with the house all torn up! (When we were remodeling, I mostly sat in the corner and slowly rocked back and forth, muttering to myself.) BTW so glad you're back online - I missed you when you were gone!

Lisa said...

Wow, you are amazing getting all this done, AND blogging about it!! I can deal with some blogging, kids, remodeling, quilting..... but ALL of them at once?!
I feel for you in the kitchen messiness and work, brings back "interesting" and close-to-insane memories, I don't want to go there again! Good luck, 3 weeks doesn't sound too bad. And yes- quilting is an excellent distraction! =)

Lisa said...

P.S. I LOVE the pinks and oranges cot quilt- simple but beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Mrs. P, I totally love your Snowballs. You are Superwoman.

That crib quilt {we call a cot a crib in the States and a cot is what they sleep in on the old TV show M*A*S*H. I always feel sorry for babies in Australia when I hear they're sleeping in cots (lol).} is SO darling. I love the colors. and you did a great job with the triangles. What is that fabric line called again?

I pin baste on the living room floor {you'd call it a lounge room} with my cutting mat underneath to keep from pinning the quilt to the carpet. I just slide it around underneath the quilt to the area where I'm pinning. I don't know if that is helpful or not, but there it is.

I'm so glad you're getting lots done!

xo -E

AnnieO said...

Pretty pretty pretty! Oh, and I like the non-furry portion of the pics too :) You are accomplishing a lot. Must be because you are not cooking, right?

Shay said...

lol...but I AM cooking Annie. I did hash browns with eggs for dinner. And since I still officially have a kitchen (until Friday week ) I have no excuse.

E- It's Love U by Deb Strain. It's such cute fabric.

Awwwwwwwwwwww Brenda, I'm truly a technology nut - being offline almost killed me. Amd if I could find a corner not covered in debri I would be so there baby!

Lisa- I'm pretty sure I'm one minor disaster away from a breakdown at the moment, somethings gotta give. Besides I'm only partially responsible for one kid on this house, so you probably had a harder time than me.

Alisa...I'll send you the keeper of the snowballs. The sewing is the only thing keeping me sane...

Michelle said...

I'm surprised you've had time to do any quilting at all. Way to go Mrs. P.!

Your snowballs are mounting up and looking great. It's a good thing you've got the snowball guardian or some other snowball maker might just come in and snatch a few. :-)

Great looking cot quilt too.

Can't help you with the wonky. I don't do wonky. I admire people who can, but for me it's got to be straight lines and symmetry. Maybe being a Capricorn has something to do with it. I don't know.

Marg said...

Michelle.... (in a whiney voice) you blew my cover. I was going to sneak Mrs P's snowballs to use for my snowball project. I have been trying to slip past Mordecai so I could whisk them away when Mrs P wasn't looking. I was sure she wouldn't notice, say 50 or so were missing. Thanks! Darn it, now I'll have to make my own.
Mrs P, lovely snowballs, and the Spread the Cheer quilt top is really pretty, that is sure to be a cheerful addition to the orphanage.
I used spray baste on the table runner and it was great, so maybe it's only good on small projects.
Umm on your wonky log cabin block. I was thinking about trying that for my next quilt, but now I'm not so sure.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Wow I love all your quilts!!! I personally cannot judge a straight line so the log cabin block looks great to me (that was an arse backwards compliment if there ever was one :-) ) I reckon that after you have done a few it will all come together and look fantastic....I'm all for mixing it up a bit!!

Shirley said...

You really ARE superwoman... wow. Your snowballs turned out really well. I can never get mine straight. By the way for spray baste you need to use 505 Spray if you can get it there. It's the only one that sticks all the way through and it doesn't crackle later or turn the white fabrics yellow.

Vesuviusmama said...

109 snowballs is quite the stockpile - how fun if they were real snow and you were hiding behind your fort waiting for some unsuspecting soul to walk by...