Thursday, July 01, 2010

Slack Tea Thursday

I know this looks schmick, and like something you'd serve up at a high class dinner party (please don't call me delusional  to my face -it's rude and hurts my feelings)  but it was dead easy. And fast. And therefore slack.

Tonight I took these ingredients and  turned them into something magical. Ignore my grotty bench tops and let the food speak for itself.

I started to prepare this complicated recipe 

And in slightly less time than it takes to make two minute noodles (which is actually false advertising because two minute noodles take wayyyyyy longer than two minutes  to cook)

I was eating dinner....

Do you like my  napkin? Draining Paper. It's all class in the Pyjamas household.

And I even had time to do dessert...

For the un-initiated - that's a Finger Bun. They are delicious. I bet everyone wishes they were me right now.

Later, for supper I'm going to challenge myself to eat this entire pack of snowballs. Unaided.  

Yeah I caved in and bought some. I can only resist the voices in my head for so long. I'm on a roll today. I have managed to eat a milky way bar and a pack of salt and vinegar chips as well. What more damage can I do with a couple of snowballs ...right?

P.S. Are the  word verification words on comments getting harder or am I getting dumber?

P.P.S. I'll let you in on a secret. I planned to make enough of these to share with you  all, and went to Foodland (brilliant name for a shop don't you think?)  after I finished work to get more marinated feta. I decided to try a different brand . Bad Mistake. I got it home and popped the lid and that feta had the consistency of chalk. Blerk. Life is too short to eat bad feta and I don't want you all gossiping about me behind my back, so I  sent it off to Boy's Night with Mr. P as snacks along with a box of Jatz I found in the back of the pantry and some metwurst we bought while doing our shopping last night that I don't like either.  Score - now he thinks I'm wife of the Year because I said " I've made an antipasto platter for you for Boys Night" .  I hope he's lost my blog address because if he hasn't - I just outted myself.

And if I seem a little crazy tonight - it's because I'm on a dairy high. Can someone email me in an hour to make sure I'm not dead of a  snowball overdose....


Marg said...

Anchovies? with marinated fetta?
We love South Cape marinated fetta and Mersey Valley cheese, yumm. I can't believe that there is something that you eat that we eat here too.
You can keep the anchovies.
Finger bun, yummmmmm, I haven't had one of those for a while.
I agree the word verifications are harder. Either that or we are both getting dumber.
Please don't o d on snowballs.
I thought Mr P thought you were wife of the year already.

GaAm said...

I love your high class napkins. They would go very well in our high class home.

Snowballs....mmmmmmmmm....We don't have that particular brand here, but something close enough that screams at me from the cookie aisle whenever I walk into our local grocery store. I'm amazed no one else can hear them. They are very loud.

Elizabeth said...

Nevermind the slack tea. Are you just making words up? Schmick, grotty, blerk, jatz, metwurst. Or are you swearing in Aussie and I just repeated the most rude, foul-mouthed sentence in the history of ever?

Oh, and Foodland may be a brilliant name for a grocery store, but I think Fabricville is where I want to live. Betcha can't guess what they sell there.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

That looks like a perfect tea! I love marinated fetta. My napkins come from the same high class joint and we have finger buns all the time, or at least the kids do.....I don't get a look in!

This comment will be published if I can figure out the word verification word!!

Kris said...

Elizabeth, those are not random made up words. I uttered "grotty" myself tonight. (As in "Why do you have the grotty pajamas on son?" Disgusting/grotty) Schmick doesn't get uttered too often around here. (Different cultural heritage maybe?) Blerk has been used here in the past month (Meaning implied by the sound of the word) and Jatz and metwurst are food items purchased at Foodland. (Crackers and a German sausage)

I have a problem with the snowballs. Don't do it!!! Blerk! They are really gross. I did just have a chocolate fix, a dark choc toblerone so it's not that I don't like chocolate, but snowballs just make me feel like I'm going to chunder!!! (Indelicate, I know. Perhaps upchuck? Or the old technicolour yawn?) Good luck!

AnnieO said...

Slack or no, it's still a sight. The thought of all those foods in your stomach at once is making ME a little queasy! You must have an iron gastric system.

Glad your reputation as an uberwife has been upheld.

Michelle said...

I rely on crackers and cheese at times myself, although I'll be the first to admit, you've gone all out in that dept. :-) that coconut on top of the fingerbun or the hide off a white rabbit? ;-)

And yes, it does seem to the verification words are harder and longer.

Unknown said...

Oh you Aussies have some wierd combinations of food and wierd sayings that sometimes we in Canada know you really are foreigners!
We get some great crackers here that have nuts, cranberries etc in them...very expensive....too expensive for my sweetie to suddenly develope a love of them!
marinated feta....?

vawriter said...

Elizabeth, I can verify that those words are not Aussie swears--simply because I tricked Miz P into telling me ALL of the words which are.

I'm holding that particular emai in reserve in case I need some blackmail fodder one day.

Lisa said...

Those "eskimo snowballs" look yummy, but they certainly don't look like the ones we have up here in Alaska.... if they were that brown color we surely wouldn't be eating them!! =P JK, actually I've never had those, but they look yummy! And those fabric snowballs look awefully nice too, you've been busy having fun!

Shirley said...

Okay, now for your Translation Day post you'll need to explain some of those words. I thought it wasn't English but it seems other Aussies understand it so maybe it is. We don't have any of those things here in Canada although we do have Feta cheese... which really, really, doesn't like me... I can't eat Greek salad. Not fair cause I love it. I tried it once. Then some of the others explained some of the words. We do have anchovies here too but I'll pass on those too. Snowballs look like some of the pulverised processed dessert foods that I did used to like when I was younger like Ding Dongs. The words? Yes, I quite often have to retype cause I did them wrong. I thought it was just me.

Kirsten's Cooking said...

you have been very naughty! Come clean, how many snowballs did you eat? I'm exactly like you, once I start eating junk, I just keep going and going and going.

Deb said...

Get me a bucket, anchovies and marinated feta, blah. Give me crackers and marmite anyday. Don't mind the bun or the snowballs though.
hugs Deb

pwl said...

The marinated feta sounds yummy, but the anchovies, not so much. But DH loves them on his pizza, so I guess they're not all bad. LOL As for the rest of it - I'm with you on the salt and vinegar chips. The rest of it - doesn't do my diabetes much good. (The chips don't either, but I can't give up EVERYTHING!)

Michelle said...

Love it and very classy! I love the idea for your husband's get together!

Paulette said...

Blogger ate my comment! How rude! Hi anyway!

Mistea said...

There is no chance of overdosing on snowballs when you only have one packet, I hope you have more in the pantry!

That dinner looks delicious and quick is always good.

Shay said...

Marg, doubt Mr. P thinks I;m wife of the year today ,but that's another story.

JKP- I hear things at the shops talking to me all the time. I think we're soul sisters!

E- what DO they sell at fabricland..I'm a bit thick.

BaaMe- word verification IS getting harder...blogger is making us all think. I come here for a good time not a bleeding education!

Kris- thanks for the back up babe, but not the vomit visuals.

Annie, I actually have areally sensitive stomach and no gallbladder, so I'll share just with you the fact that I paid for all that dairy this morning.

Michelle, thats white rabbit hide and it was DELICIOUS!

Nanci, you're supposed to back us Aussies because apparently we're like canadians. Laid back, cool and an awesome people.

vawriter-I'm crying foul. That was personal email and I was educating you. Oh who am I kidding? I just wanted a legitimate excuse to swear in an email without sounding like a cracker with limited language skills...

Lisa they come in white as well, which if I;m reading you right is probably even weirder- ghost poo?

Shirley- I have now had to write ding dongs on my list of odd foods to try before I die. I'm going to google them shortly.

Kirsten - in the end I didnt eat a single snowball. Pathetic !

Deb, I sent you a bucket. Enjoy!

pwl- I think chips are a healthy choice for someone with diabetes. You go girl!

Michelle, it's all about the way you present it to husbands I've found. It wouldnt have sounded half as appealing if I'd said, "I've got leftovers and manky sandwich meat I want to get rid of "

P- make blogger give it back !

Mistea- sounds like you're challenging me and I'm almost immature enough to accept the challenge... And I did only have one packet.

Marg said...

Just checking back in to make sure you didn't overdose, and see you didn't even eat one...wuss!

Cynthia L. said...

Everything but the anchovies looks good to me. Is the finger thingie filled with something? Last night I finished off a package of mini eclairs. I purchased them at Aldi in the frozen dept. I was so desperate for a sweet, I ate them frozen!!

I wish I could have more Slack meals, Big requires a lot of protien at each meal, so I do a lot of cookies. Slack for us might be a homemade hamburer or nachos!

Shay said...

"Is the finger thingie filled with something?"...Yes Cynthia - it's filled with about 1/2 a pound of butter. Lord knows what that did to my arteries.

Vesuviusmama said...

Whenever I'm feeling down, all I have to do is read one of your posts and a smile just appears on my face!