Sunday, January 31, 2010

Past Glories-Quilt Cover

I found this in the linen cupboard yesterday and got all goo-ey over the memory of making it.  This is the first thing I ever patchworked. It's actually a quilt cover I made for my daughter's bedroom when she was about 8.  She also  had matching curtains and a valance, and I painted her room  bright pink. The stars are all appliqued on and so are the hearts and stars in the middle. I was so darn proud of myself when it was finished. She used it for about 18 months and I've just never been able to donate it to a thrift store when I've been having one of my annual cleanouts.

For some reason I was thinking about it last week, and it occured to me I could unpick the top from the backing and quilt it. At least then I could show it off.

Another project for the 2010 lineup....

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